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Tone Color Academy

Performing Art Learning Center, Enrichment Classes

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No instrument? do not worry, we can rent students to learn. Individual and group are available.

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Following are some of the areas through which the language programme in Japanese is conducted. Starting from the history and cultural background of the country then moving on to the basic structure and component of the language like the word, vocabulary building, sentence formation, ways of expression, grammatical syntax, modes of expressions all are incorporated in this programme.

In the training program, the pupils are involved in several interactive sessions where they are made to communicate with each other in Japanese. The communications may involve simple discussion on any topic.

Our Japanese language course has been designed to enable our students to improve the knowledge of the language, and to reach a level of speaking and writing Japanese where they can communicate with ease among people in the Japanese language.

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We offer advanced learning with in-depth knowledge in the Mandarin language.

We deliver techniques and tools for better learning with value-added tips and reviews at an affordable cost.

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If you have it in you, then you might as well explore with us the vast scope that we offer when it comes to guidance in form of guitar training and making you a pro in that.

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Definition of singing--is to make musical sounds with the voice, especially words with a set tune. Our goal is to provide the best singing course in Pune for those are searching for a new career in singing.

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The violin is a stringed musical instrument which comprises four strings tuned a fifth apart. It is the smallest and highest-tuned member of the violin family of string instruments, which also includes the viola, cello and double bass.

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Jazz dance is heavily influenced by the sounds, rhythms, and techniques of jazz music. It is an energetic and fun dance, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. A mix of Jazz basics fused with influences from other dance genres to showcase individual style and creativity.

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Drawing is all about expressing your imagination on a canvas. 

Our "Drawing" program is such framed that it addresses the intellectual, emotional and social development of the child. This program is constructed towards establishing a holistic development in each child.

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Painting helps in stimulating the senses and is a great stress reliever.

We develop the ability and talent of children in a systematic manner, taking them through the basics of drawing colouring and shading.

The training is offered by our experienced instructors in order to bring the best in individuals.


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