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Female, 42 Yrs Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

(9 Reviews)

  • Qualification: TCSOL; CELTA; B.Sc.(Hons.) with Petroleum Chemistry
  • Location:
    Bangsar, Brickfields +8 More
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TCSOL; CELTA; B.Sc.(Hons.) with Petroleum Chemistry


With an early working background as a trilingual translator, 011-62216066 I was constantly gravitated by the calling of teaching and eventually, by random chances, I was called to teach in formal schools,language academies and tutorial centres. Since then I have been enthusiastically serving a total of 20 years in teaching English,Malay, Chinese covering both international(British, American, Singapore) and national syllabuses, business, drama, literature and customized. The spectrum of my students ranges from multinational private leaners,school students to corporate employees.  

Tutoring Approach

The challenge in tutoring is not about `what-is' but `how-to'. As every learner is different, creativity is undeniably essential to enlighten a frustrated student in a fun, refreshing way of learning instead of hardship. This is my primary aspiration. Hence, teaching is an art, rather than a science. As an astute educator, I empathize, motivate, inspire in  guiding, coaching and training learners to overcome their learning  difficulties. Not limiting to this, I'm always passionately prepared to devise different approaches in handling motivation, discipline and  behaviorial issues. To say the least, I have well-recognized track records  in dealing with various kinds of leanering issues.  Education is a job of giving. You can't give what you don't have. As a person who is eagerly  inquisitive and caring, I passionately enjoy giving and sharing  knowledge and life experience in my job.  Should you have any interest for a better pictures of my teaching, you are cordially invited to visit my facebook (Due to privacy setting, you can add-friend to understand more).As I seldom check my inbox overhere, preferred contact method: WhatsApp/SMS your location, short/long term prior to appointment on phone. Thank you. Happy learning!



We are a Singaporean expat family with 2 kids, struggle finding good tutor for slow learners. I highly recommend Ms. Lee as a tutor. She has been teaching my children for 1 years and she has a wonderful rapport with people especially with my children. Ms. Lee has the ability to connect with them and her talent with teaching simple concepts, as well as advanced topics. Ms. Lee has excellent written and communication skills, extremely organized and most importantly, responsible and reliable. Ms. Lee accomplished these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude.

Takanori Suzuki

I'm a Japanese expat in Kuala Lumpur and I was facing critical dilemma of communication in English. Ms. Lee was a responsible tutor and she dedicated to plan and tailored-make a learning syllabus which only for my personal needs - listening and pronunciation. I was a very busy employee so learning progress was not speedy but Ms. Lee was very patient, considerate and professional in guiding and couching me about my difficulties, and i managed to overcome my old habit of strong Japanese accent, at the same time improved in my listening, grammar and vocabulary. Besides, Ms. Lee also helped me a lot with my presentation in which, she is not only having a good background of it, but also a very personable person herself. As a result, I let my wife and son learn from Ms. Lee too. I'm also very thankful for her flexibility in accommodating my busy schedule. She is also punctual person. I highly recommend Ms. Lee if you are looking for a professional private tutor.

Kim Ji Hyun

We are 2 Korean brothers studying in Malaysia. My younger brother failed in his English accessment test. As a result, he was unable to enroll into the school. We were recommended by a Korean friend to Ms Lee for English and Chinese home-schooling. My brother is a fun lover and enjoy no-study life. I heard that the korean friend's son became looking forwarding to go to the class of Ms. Lee after 3-month of resistance. So we gave it a try. My brother told me that Ms. Lee is a good teacher and he respects her, although she could be strict sometimes. I thank Ms. Lee because she is a responsible, caring teacher. My parents are in Korea, but we can count on Ms. Lee as our home tutor.

Tan Boon Hin

I'm a Malaysian business owner with limited formal languages communication skill. I have several English tutors at the same time, but Ms. Lee is the one who can teach me with multilingual explanation. She interviewed me in depth to understand my background so to analyse and gauge a realistic learning expectation with me. She is a strategist. She is also a punctual, dedicated and no-nonsense person. Now, she is also a private tutor for my wife and children.

Mina O\'connor

We are Irish/Malay family with 2 boys. I was recommended by my Singaporean friend to Ms. Lee, learning that her daughter scored full A under the guidance of Ms Lee. We had Ms. Lee for exam preparation. She is a honest and dedicated teacher, who is direct and straight forward to the points in addressing the progress and performance. She is trustworthy and we count on her for the learning matter. Thank you.


I'm Japanese pre-university student in Malaysia, through the recommendation of my parents' friend, teacher Lee helped me a lot with my IELTS and English communication problems. Lessons are very relaxing, easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend teacher Zara Sofia Lee as a personal tutor.

Walter Preston

We are Canadian expat living in Kuala Lumpur with a special child. We had tried a few private tutor and we were happy that Teacher Lee managed to handle my daughter who is willful and needs much patience and grace. They got along well after a short while and my daughter turned out like Miss Lee and always looked forward to having more lessons with her.

Misaki Yamamoto

I managed to fine-tune my bad Japanese accent into standard English and Mandarin under Sofia's coaching.

Tiffany B. Zhang

We have been 30 months with Sofia now, recommended by our neighbour. My kids are both in junior and high school. Started with one subject, then we added other subjects under my kid's request just because my kid would like to her stay longer. She is getting more and more looking forward to the lessons to spend time with Sofia. It was a progressive journey too, filled with happy moments for my kid ( who is rather hard to manage). Sofia's creativity and character are suitable for my kid. I vouch for Sofia.


Male, 54 Yrs Pro

17 Years of Teaching Experience

(32 Reviews)

  • Qualification: PhD Arabic literature, Master's degree Quran & Islamic studies and Bac...
  • Location:
    Kuala Lumpur +12 More
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PhD Arabic literature, Master's degree Quran & Islamic studies and Bachelor's degree in English literature.


A Full time professional native Arabic language teacher with more than 17 years of experience teaching the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers. English is my second language for more than 40 years. I have a PhD degree in Arabic language literature, a Master's degree in Quran and Islamic studies, a Bachelor's degree in English literature, and a diploma in social science. Courses and classes offered are comprehensive and integrated that include all skills required for the student to achieve maximum use of the class/ course from reading, writing, listening, conversing and comprehension skills. The student should be able to read, write and converse in a 2-month time if an intensive course is chosen.

Tutoring Approach

Unconventional teaching methods in teaching  Modern Standard Arabic are used in teaching the Arabic language. Classes are prepared carefully to suit each student level from beginners to advanced. Each class contains a different type of learning skills, starting with flashcards for kids, printed materials and interactive videos for adults. Courses are comprehensive and integrated to teach writing, reading, spelling skills and conversing in Arabic, in addition to listening and comprehension. Teaching methods are an integrated interactive way to achieve the maximum benefit of each class and the course overall. Quran and Islamic studies are taught separately as the Quran requires correct reciting, reading and tajweed while Islamic studies topics vary from Fiqh, Tafseer, Ibadat, etc.   Arabic Language classes will be based on an open syllabus book with modern communication skills, writing, reading, and listening.


Nor Afiqah Abdullah

Mr. Ayman is a good teacher. The way that he teached is easy to understand for a beginner like me. I am learning much more than just Arabic. He always on time and never late to our tutor session. He always dedicated to make sure I can learn the language well. His knowledge in Arabic is very good, considered that he is a native speaker. For me I think if someone want to learn Arabic, they should see a native speaker who have teaching experience. Rather than local teacher who only copy paste what they have learned. The fee is reasonable with the service given. Within an hour I can learn so much and it is worth the money. He also give more than what I paid for. He also very nice and respectful towards others. Which a must characteristic for private tutors. In conclusion, he is one of the best Arabic teacher that I have that actually do what he said. Very recommended for beginners.


If you're looking to learn Arabic, and what more, from a native speaker, you're search is over. Mr.Ayman is the teacher you're looking for. Mr Ayman is punctual, patient, conscientious, and cares deeply for his students. He will make sure you grasp what he's teaching. He stresses on the big 3: writing, speaking and listening. The grammar he can teach you later. Language, being a skill, is something you have to do over and over, and Mr.Ayman is the best guide for you in your Arabic journey. Learning a language, I would imagine could be a very dry endeavour, but Mr.Ayman will make you fall in love with the Arabic language. He also throws in Quranic lessons for free if you're interested. I cannot recommend him enough. You will get your money's worth, I can guarantee you that. I'm proud to not only call him my teacher, but also a friend and someone I look up to.


I found Mr. Ayman to be very professional and dedicated individual. He has a passion for teaching and has a way with kids - which is exactly what I am looking for. With patience, Ayman was able to guide my kids well and now they are able to read, speak and write fluently. They are now able to understand and have grown to love the language (which they had always dreaded in the past). Found his unconventional ways of teaching to be a breath of fresh air compared to what I was accustomed to (other tutors are just blindly following the school syllabus). Would highly recommend him if you are looking to learn the language.


Mr. Ayman is a friendly, professional, and first-grade A+ teacher who follows unconventional teaching methods, bringing Arabic language learning process in an easy way to the student. Wide knowledge of Islamic studies when a topic pops up during the class. Highly recommended as a native speaker.

Abby Abdul Aziz

His explanation on Islamic Studies is comprehensive and clear. Everything is done in English, similar to a classroom learning. He is good in keeping my young children focused and entertained by using different approach of learning ie listening, writing, memorizing, practical, telling stories etc. Uztaz Ayman is also punctual and flexible on the tuition program.


I would say that Mr Ayman is a very professional, highly qualified, friendly and knowledgeable person. He always gives more than he suppose to, regarding time and information, and he will go hand by hand till he makes sure the student fully understands the class. Either it's Arabic language or Quran and Islamic studies, he has been teaching to my kids, he makes sure that they digested all the information, in a simple easy way by going to their level ( he is very kind with kids). Trust me on that, kids are more difficult to teach than adults. I would also like to add that the fees paid for the classes are worth it and the charges are very reasonable compared to other subjects. Sadly we are leaving Malaysia soon as my husband has been reassigned, else he will our permanent private tutor for the kids.


He is punctual, professional and the lessons are always filled with new things to learn. He also encourages you to have a discipline of reviewing the lessons and self-study in order for you to move forward and to improve quickly. He doesn't hesitate to encourage the student to ask questions.


From my experience with my kid, he is very gentle and understanding, my daughter loves Arabic now because of the way he is teaching her.


Ayman has been tutoring my boys (12 & 8) Arabic and Quran (with Tafseer) for over 1 month, now and Alhamdulillah they have shown much progress, especially in their pronunciation. Most importantly, they enjoy their lessons! The boys will start reading & writing in Arabic soon and we look forward to their continued progress under Ayman.

Fareh Ishraf

Mr Ayman is a passionate educator. He is an experienced, provides clarity to the lessons’ objectives and utilities multiple teaching methods that suit his student’s needs. There is a remarkable improvement to the learning progress of my son’s Arabic Language under the tutorial of Mr Ayman. He is very organized and professional, setting good vibes for his students to emulate.

Nizam N Rabia Makdum

He is a very professional teacher, punctual, reliable, explains well, very good knowledge and has excellent teaching methods. I went from Australia to receive lessons from him and was thoroughly worth it. And I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Arabic and general about Islam.

Mohd Azam Omar

He is definately professional in his approach to the subject and committed to the tutorship. He ensures understanding of the student during lessons and is always punctual. Easily approachable during or after lessons and does responds fast to any questions posed.

Aminah Nordin

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate My 5-year old daughter started with Mr Ayman early June 2019. I found him via this website after my first quick search and I am very glad I found him. I was looking for an Arabic native tutor who has years of experience teaching young non-native children as it requires a lot of patience and different sets of teaching skills in handling young children. He is very organized, punctual for the sessions, honest and take pride in his teaching. He knows how to teach children as young as 5 years old and he is straight forward in his approach. He comes prepared for every session with teaching notes and homework. He has his own sets of teaching materials and I find his teaching materials better than the official teaching materials for the local students in Saudi Arabia where my daughter goes to school. He speaks English very well. So it makes teaching easy for my daughter as English is her first language. His fee is very reasonable considering the fact that he is a native speaker and he comes to my house for the sessions.


He is very good with children and you can see that he enjoys teaching kids. Mirabelle likes Ayman very much and she is comfortable with him. sometimes he gives her chocolates as incentive.

Azri Aziz

I initially signed up for classes with Ayman to learn Arabic and Quran. After 12 sessions (3x a week), I have the basic grasp of the Arabic language with my vocabulary bank expanding at an unprecedented rate. Ayman has also helped me with my quran reciting and tajwid which has allowed me to recite the Quran smoother. Ayman has also helped me pronounce the different Ha, Haa, Kha better... A problem I have always had. Now on my second month, we are starting to create useful sentences to use in everyday life. Utilizing the vocabulary, verbs, and grammar. Having experienced the first 12 lessons and seeing results, I have also started lessons for my daughter to learn arabic. I studied arabic for 3 years many years ago in highschool but never managed to grasp the language at all. I am impressed at what Ayman is able to do for me in the first month. He is very passionate, punctual and patient. He will have an answer to all questions you may have. The cost of the class is very reasonable and justified from the results that is seen. I highly recommend for those who intends to learn or relearn Arabic and for those who wants to read the Quran and understand. He bakes a fantastic moist chocolate cake too. What else could you ask for?

Melwinder Gill

He’s very structured and manages to handle a class of 3 people really well - especially since all 3 of us have varying degrees of understanding and experience with the language. I’m really impressed at the pace that I’ve managed to pick up the basics of the language since I’ve had no prior experience whatsoever.

Kenneth Makunga

My tuition class with Mr. Ayman was excellent, he encouraged active participation which I found very conducive to learning. Mr. Ayman was always early to our classes which were held at my apartment. Mr. Ayman is a very conscientious teacher always concerned about his students progress and always willing to help his students at anytime. I truly enjoyed my classes with him and look forward to more classes with him in the near future.

Nur Farah

Well experience and a very good tutor. Very professional and punctual. Speaks well English and a very considerate person. He take pride and enjoys teaching also helps me to understand better.

Alif Bin Yaacob

His commitment. Can be seen through his punctuality(he is never late) and by his preparedness for each lesson.

Alyssa Amir

Professional and has a structured method of teaching.


First and foremost i signed up with Arabic language classes with Mr. Ayman before Covid 19 pandemic based on the reviews written here, and to be completely honest i wasn't disappointed at all, i was very impressed how professional, knowledgeable and structured he is. I am still learning with Ayman online nowadays and his online lessons as much efficient as the home one to one classes, he makes sure that i receive the learning material by email or WhatsApp and answers any question i ask him outside the learning sessions. I must say that during this 4 or 5 months duration i am able to read, write and speak Arabic way better than many of my friends who have been learning since few years. Mr. Ayman is very punctual and on time when he comes to my house or online . I have to mention also that the classes fees are very reasonable as he charges RM 80/ hour for home tuition, and online he charges RM 60 which is very cheap. Highly recommended teacher with such friendly approachable personality.


Ustaz Ayman has a friendly approach specially towards kids, he is a professional, competent and knowledgeable teacher. Speaks English very well with no slang or accent. My kids (a boy and a girl) are happy learning Arabic language and Qur'an from a native speaker like ustaz Ayman, he makes them know how to recite , speak, read and write properly. From my observation during the class his translation ( tafseer) for the ayat is simple and understandable by the kids as he is using English. Finally, he changes reasonable fees, he gives more than what he is paid for. Highly recommended. Thanks for myprivate tutor to introduce me to such an excellent teacher.

Rafidah Bt Atan

Ayman is an excellent arabic teacher. He is passionate about the subject and seems highly experienced. He tactfully combines reasonable expectations and supportive nature when it comes to ensuring student progress. Ayman is very professional in his dealings with us and takes his role as tutor seriously. He is punctual and reliable which is excellent role modelling for our child. I'm very happy with our decision to appoint him as Arabic tutor for our 8 year old son. Thank you Ayman.

Dr Zabrina

A few moths back, I was looking for an Arabic Language tutor as my 9 year old son was losing interest and confidence in learning Arabic Language. And amazingly, Mr Ayman within a few weeks has restored my son's confidence and interest in the language. Within a few classes too, my son started to construct Arabic sentences which was amazing for me to hear! Mr Ayman's method is comprehensive and fun. He teaches reading, writing, speaking - all at the same time. He is a super dedicated teacher who really gives 100% in his class and expects his students to give 100% too. I have no doubt that Insha Allah my son would be able to master this language under the guidance and tutorship of Mr Ayman!


Mr Ayman is a very dedicated and excellent teacher. He is quite punctual and takes his duties very seriously. I have two kids (17 and 15 years old) taking Arabic classes for a month now and I hope this will be a continuous process that will end up with both kids speaking fluent Arabic in the near future. I am sure, like my kids, there will be many more students that will get the benefit of having Mr Ayman as their teacher. Thank you, Mr Ayman!

Ahmad Faez Bin Abdul Razak

Ustaz Ayman is a a very excellent and dedicated teacher. His method of teaching is the best and easy to understand. I can write in arabic within a month using his method of teaching. I highly recommended Ustaz ayman if u want to learn Arabic in the correct way and fun way.


A passionate and experienced tutor, who is engaging and provides in depth explanation of concepts. He tutors my 4 children ages between 5 and 14. They come out of their lessons excited, and able to apply knowledge learnt. They look forward to their lessons each week, and have fun recounting their lessons after each one. That to me is a sign of a great tutor! Highly recommended.


Teacher Ayman loves teaching very much and have passion for teaching. He's competent and highly qualified. He also make sure to teach the students about the culture in order to understand about the Arabic language. He gives extra time in class as he's a responsible teacher to make sure we understand things well. He's always punctual and very recommended. I enjoy open topic, stress free and fun classes with Mr Ayman.

Wan Zabidee

Lessons are engaging. Both the micro and macro aspects of learning are sequentially blended in each unit taught.

Aliyah Baharuddin

I got to know Ustaz Ayman through myprivate tutor and I must say he is a wonderful influencer as teacher and educator to my 2 teen-agers. Knowledgeable, competent, well mannered, trustworthy and reliable teacher. Kids nowadays needs a firm strict teacher with a friendly approach and he is one. Fluent in English he conducts his classes professionally and nurtures the kids the right way when he teaches them Qur'an and Islamic studies. My 2 boys used to take online classes during the pandemic and now it's one to one home tuition and I usually listen to most of the classes, surprisingly the kids manage to learn how to read Qur'an by themselves after learning the Arabic language foundation classes (I am so proud of them) and that is thanks to Ustaz Ayman. I highly recommend him as an Arabic language, Islamic studies and Qur'an teacher. I have to mention that he treats the kids with brithday cakes when one of the kids birthday comes . Thumbs up and 5 stars rating is well deserved for him. May Allah bless him.

Norliza Khan

Ustaz is efficient and meticulous in his methodology. He is patient but at the same time his lessons are always enlightening. My son is not an easy student but ustaz Ayman tries his best to motivate and encourage him.

Rakhma Idris

Found Uztaz Ayman on myprivatetutor. Decided to reach out to him based on the excellent reviews given. Uztaz Ayman has been teaching my 10 year old from the beginning of this year. My daughter loves his teaching approach and finds his learning method easy to understand. My personal observation on him is that he is an avid teacher and knows how to ensure his student grasp the subject effectively while making the learning fun at the same time.


Female, 29 Yrs Pro

8 Years of Teaching Experience

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ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Theory


Elisabeth has a well-rounded subject knowledge in music teaching and a strong desire to provide all musicians with a high standard education. Classical trained, however enjoy playing contemporary/pop music just for fun. Able to prepare students to sit for ABRSM exam up to Grade 8 Practical and Theory. Had experience playing piano and keys at church. Presently teaching at a music store, looking for more private students.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is holistic as a nature to ensure students enjoy the instructions tailor made to them. An engaging, effective and fun class is the goal that im seeking for. If necessary, I will try a variety ways to find the most effective way to let my students study the pieces/ technique. I am also sensitive as to the person, friendly and responsible. I will mentor and motivate my students in order to reach their full potential.  



Female, 38 Yrs Pro

22 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Degree in Music


Bachelor in Music, Diploma in Children Behavior Management, Special needs, Children Psychology Early Childhood Music. I have 20 of teaching experience. I offer Music Theory, Keyboard and Piano lessons.

Tutoring Approach

I am student centered tutor. My lessons will be conducted according to the students interests.


Female, 30 Yrs Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Trinity College London Violin (Advanced Certificate)
  • Location:
    Bangsar, Bukit Jalil +11 More
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Trinity College London Violin (Advanced Certificate)


Experiences: Prepared students for ABRSM & Trinity College London Exams, Coaching Strings Quartet for Primary Students, 1st & 2nd Violin player of Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra(SPO) & PJ Philharmonic Orchestra. Founding member of SPO.  Michelle has been giving individual violin lessons part- time since 2010. She has experience teaching at an International Baccalaureate School with about 25 students per classroom; kids are always excited to play the violin. Her teachers include Nicolaus Gregory, Nicholas Ang, Mr Chia-Nan Hung, former Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestara player (MPO), she had also taken master class from Liang Zhenzhen (MPO player). These experiences have definitely influenced her teaching method and perception on how children & teenagers should be nurtured. Testimony: *7 years old kid able to catch up violin by playing simple songs just in a few weeks’ time.  *Most of my students got merit in exam. *10 year old boy able to play grade 2 songs within 6 months.

Tutoring Approach

I look into building strong and solid basic techniques for my students. My main motive is they enjoy and learning music happily. It's never to late to start, don't be shy or limit yourselves. I have many studens who are over 30 years old. Online lessons are welcomed. 


Female, 41 Yrs Pro

16 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: BA(Hons) Education
  • Location:
    Bangsar. Sunway +4 More
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BA(Hons) Education


I am parent as well as a tutor so I understand children very well and love motivating them to do their best. I believe all children are capable of scoring A in any subject - just depends on the guidance that they receive.

Tutoring Approach

In the first lesson, there will be a discussion on which are the weak topics and what challenges the students face.


Female, 41 Yrs Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

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Have taught English from children aged 3 to working adults.  Have 15 years experience in working in an international kindergarten. Can tailor make lessons to individual needs. Have taught adults conversational and written English.

Tutoring Approach

Flexible and more practical tutoring approach to keep the student interested during lessons. Lessons are planned and conducted according to the individual's needs and within the time frame given.


Female, 24 Yrs Pro

12 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) with ACCA Professional Qualification
  • Location:
    Kuala Lumpur
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Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) with ACCA Professional Qualification


I have improved and shaped 1000+ students' education pathways to becoming great learners and achievers in attaining their goals in life through the facet of education. What are you waiting for? Come and experience my teaching and grab your A+ & A* NOW!

Tutoring Approach

1. All the study materials will be provided. 2. Innovative teaching methods are used. 3. Students will be trained with lots of practise to gain expertise. 



Female, 27 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

(7 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering
  • Location:
    Kota Damansara +5 More
  • Whatsapp:
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Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering


I'm a Chinese Secondary School alumni and a former engineer. My passion for education led me to switch gears. With over eight years of instructional experience, I specialize in Mathematics, Additional Mathematics & Mandarin.

Tutoring Approach

I spice up my classes with interactive games and hands-on science experiments to infuse excitement and depth into the learning process. Learning should be fun, after all! Join me in this educational adventure. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the development of future leaders.


Rosehayati Binti Ahmad

She is very dedicated and always strive to make sure her student understands what she has taught and most importantly she is very patience.


Ms Chen is a great mandarin teacher for my daughter who is an international school student. Her classes are personalized, fun and interactive. As a result of attending her classes, my daughter developed an interest in Mandarin and started to naturally communicate in mandarin from time to time. Her results improved dramatically and more importantly, she enjoys learning the language.


Miss chen is very friendly person and helpful to improve my maths I appreciate it and thankful to miss chen❤️


Most of us can agree that Mathematics is very stressful and confusing subject. But with her being my tutor, I can understand really well and she makes the subject more fun. She’s a person with full of patience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s interested in learning subject that she teaches.


Great, fun teaching. I will really appreciate the tutor.

Koh Li Yan

Ms Chen taught and guided me through out the questions and problems I struggled to solve effectively I feel comfortable with her when she's teaching, didn't feel tense


I can confidently say that they are an exceptional educator. From the beginning until now, my experience with them is incredibly positive. she possesses an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, she constantly finds ways to improve her teaching style so it can be more enjoyable. What i like most about her is her willingness to assist me outside of our scheduled lesson times. Whenever I encounter a challenging problem or have questions about the subject, she is just a message or call away, ready to help.




20 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)


Degree in Business Management


I have been teaching and providing training for 20 years. I graduated in Business Management. I have received well training in Johnson Controls and Shell while serving them. I was the business analyst and trainer in Shell for 11 years.   Currently I am an English online or F2F teacher for International School, secondary school, college and matured Adults.  I am also a Mandarin online teacher for primary and International school. Other teaching subjects are Business Studies, Writing Skills, Basic Computing and Internet and Customer Service.  My philosophy is 'No one is stupid, everyone has a chance to explore!' I will emphasize student's behavior and characters to be changed positively and remove laziness. Knowledge and capabilities come from changing of characters and behaviors. Intelligence and hard work only play halfway to success. Teaching objectives My objectives are not emphasized only on academic results, much more important is to develop student’s interest, and personal development in creativity, pro-active character. If can, improve his personal characters to be better, stronger and able to change or diversity in his speaking and writing. One day he can be somebody to stand up proudly without fear to share with the audience or the public what he has learned. This is part of the leadership attributes.        

Tutoring Approach

Plan syllabus that suits a student's needs. Open Questions & Answer: discuss, work on one step by one step to check for the student's understanding at which level before proceeding to the next stage. Encourage students to work independently, and write freely based from the project or the material asked. Rephrase a student's question into your own words, be patience, supportive, and encouraging.  One2One/One2Two/One2Three tuition rate: For primary English, One2One is RM55. For lower secondary is RM65. For Form 4 is RM70 and Form 5 is RM80. For primary Chinese, One2One is RM70, International is RM80. Any student who takes 2 hours per week or from the same family of two or more will enjoy a special or better rate. 



My 13 years old son has been taking English online tuition with teacher Michael for about a year. We find teacher Michael to be a really good tuition teacher. He is conscientious, responsible and takes a lot of time and effort to ensure the lesson is effective. Although we have an hour of tuition, he takes time to prepare before the lesson and also marks homework after the lesson so I think he spends double of time we pay for. In addition, teacher Michael also prepares exams for my son to take after every term and sends me the student progress report, so he is more or less like a school teacher! Other than the actual lesson plan, I also like the fact that teacher Michael always takes time to have a short chat with my son, he will find out about his interest, what’s happening to him that week and so extra activities that fit his interest to keep him engaged with the lesson. Kudos to him for that!

Hao Juin Leow

Teacher Mike has helped me a lot since 2020 December. He is very patient and also my results have improved from the fail to pass between 55 to 76. Besides, now I can speak and know short translations from Chinese to English in the writing. Teacher Mike has set a target for me, it is above 70 in the coming exam.

Leow Xin Pei

Teacher Mike has helped me a lot since 2020 December. He is very helpful and teaches me to think critically and how to apply unique and awesome phrases in grammar and writing. Now, he also teaches me the idioms to improve my writing skills. I'll be sitting the SPM exam, targeting above 79 which Teacher Mike has set for me.

Gushima Hiroshi

I am very impressed by his professionalism and teaching attitude and would recommend him as a conscious and responsible tutor. I am an expatriate that do not know English and learn gracefully from him.



Female, 27 Yrs

9 Years of Teaching Experience

(19 Reviews)


Masters of Law in Legal Practice Course


  Hi everyone ! My name is Ms.Rozan !I have got in total 9 years of experiences of teaching ! ( 5 years towards primary school students and another   4 years towards college/universities students ) .  Currently I am more focused on teaching college and universities students with their law subjects. I started my journey of education from pursuing A levels right up to holding a Masters Double Major Law Degree .   I have experienced working in law firms as paralegal gaining practical exposure in the legal field. My task includes drafting documents, contracts , preparing court documents, conducting legal research etc. I also have gained wide range of experience  in guiding students towards their coursework writing in academic style  which includes proof reading ,editting, content checks etc.  On top of that , I also guide students with their coursework including content writing and proof reading.   I am very much familiar with various area of law including  Australian Commercial Law , Malaysian Legal System, CLP subjects ( Evidence , Criminal, Civil Procedure , General Paper - Contract /  Tort ) , UK and Malaysian Law in general including elective modules such as Mergers Acquisition , Intellectual Property Rights, International Commercial Law, European Union Law, Employment Law, Company Law etc.    

Tutoring Approach

In teaching the law subjects , I usually prepare charts to allow my students to see the overview of the chapter first in hand. This would help them to analyse what are the relevant headings in a particular chapter. The chart method also usually help the students I teach with condensing all the information in one piece of paper so that no textbook is needed one day before exams ! Not only preparing the charts is helpful , but of course I tend to explain how and what are all the other relevant information that should go into it in preparing the students for their examination !


Amir Haziq

Ms Roxan is a very hardworking and patience teacher.! I had so much trouble with some of the difficult parts of class this year, but she stuck by me and had faith that I’ll get there in the end. Thank you so much for all your good deeds. Highly recommended


She is a very nice, patient, friendly, hardworking, understandable teacher. During the class, she always make sure that I really know and understand the topics. She always use interesting examples to make me understands more easily. I really enjoyed her class and I do learned a lot of things in her class !!


She is very knowledgeable and educated in her area of teaching. She is also very engaging and competent.

Trixie Ng

She’s very attentive and helpful. She helped me with my assignment and gave me a better understanding in Law. Recommended tutor for anyone pursuing law.

Mohit Madhwani

She very kind, always ready for helping me. The way of teach and explaining concepts well. She motivates us and she is friendly with students. My teacher conducts regular question answer session which helps students a lot.

Tarsh Andy

Very informative, experienced tutor. Prepares outline of notes before hand, which literally makes a law student life easier. Great guidance, recommended for students tat really needs assistance with law studies.


Strict, precise, humble, helpful and also someone who you could communicate without feeling intimidating. Immediate reply when I have questions to ask. Glad that I found someone who teaches me with her best. She is someone who would give her all for a student no matter where she is. I felt like a big sister of mine is teaching me haha. Keep up with your work, Ms.

Anura Jeffery

Ms Rozan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge of complex material in a method easily understandable. She also demands your full focus and intensity to learn to the greatest extent possible during the lessons. She's phenomenal would recommend to anyone.

Joel Tong

Very experienced and caring. She’s perfect, all she need to do is keeping her standard.


I am a working adult and taking A levels tuition from her. Trust me, from my working experience in dealing with various types of people, I know that Rozan is very suitable to tutor in Law subjects as she is not just teaching so that I can understand the topics but also guiding me how to read judgments, how to spot whats needed to answer from essay questions, and most importantly, she knows how to assist me revising previous topics so that I dont feel burden too much as I am already too busy with work. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a lecturer who has 30 years experience as she is so systematic and handles my lessons so professionally. ps :If you think that Im exaggerating, go try it yourself just for a few lessons and you will agree with me. Her fee is reasonable (actually very cheap compare that what she contributes) and her commitment is so high. Very recommended.

Rekha Raventheran

Friendly and very understanding. Skills of writing essays are so good and the quality of her essays are very high and fluent. Easy to understand. Always recommend to others.

Thiya Raj

Rozan, her teaching skills are really clear and easy to understood each every single point. I got good marks in my all my law subjects after I getting started class with her

Shanmughipriya Nagarajan

Lessons with Ms Rozan is very interactive in nature with lots of question-and-answer sessions. I truly appreciate her making it absolutely comfortable for me to ask her any questions. She's very committed and puts a lot of effort into preparing for lessons which have helped me immensely in understanding the topics. Highly recommended.

Emily Gxy

Ms Rozan is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Her method of teaching really helps student understand clearly and makes everything easier. She provides interactive lessons which make student feel involved and understand better. I will recommend her to others who need guidance in law subjects.


She’s amazing and knowledgeable. Very helpful. Really helped me ace my contract exam.

Mavvin Gobi Krishnan

I liked that she had vast knowledge on the points of law and that shes also had experience working in firms to back up her knowledge. Which made believing in her way easier.

Yeon Arina

She helped me with my A-levels and did pretty well. Totally recommended.


I like Ms Rozan’s style of teaching as she doesn’t just lecture non stop. She stops and ensures that I truly understand the topic. She also asks me questions and quiz me to help me remember and understand.


Ms. Rozan has helped me prepare for my a-levels law exams within a few weeks before them. I wasn't sure i'd be able to learn everything with so little time left, but ms. Rozan and I managed to fully cover 10+ topics. I entered and left the exam venues fully confident in my skills and knowledge. Ms. Rozan's teaching style suited me perfectly and will likely suit everyone. she teaches both the law and the exam structure. She's open to suggestions regarding the studying process and is a highly likeable and professional tutor. I'd recommend ms. Rozan to anyone looking for a great and helpful law tutor!



Male, 31 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

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Cambridge CELTA, Bachelor of Laws (Hons)


A full-time tutor and native speaker of English, I specialise in teaching English for both exam preparation and communicative purposes. Over the last eight years, I’ve taught students of all levels and ages, accumulating more than 4,000 hours doing so. At the same time, I've also worked with students of various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, with many of my students coming from countries like Korea, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Libia, and the Netherlands. My extensive experience in language teaching has not only enabled me to easily adapt my material and teaching style to suit a wide range of learners, but it has also allowed me to quickly identify the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student. Additionally, my familiarity with scoring and technique requirements of exams like IELTS, IGCSE and Checkpoint mean that I’m able to offer dedicated courses for each of these exams. In terms of my formal qualifications, I am certified by the University of Cambridge under the English teaching programme CELTA, and I hold a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Bristol Law School. Further certification by Dyslexia International and University College London (UCL) also allows me to assist children with learning difficulties, such as ADHD and Dyslexia. Presently, I am in the process of completing the prestigious Cambridge DELTA course to further enhance my ability to offer effective and highly personalised English lessons.  

Tutoring Approach

An initial assessment is conducted to help determine a student’s level of proficiency and identify areas for improvement. A personalised study plan is then provided to let students know their strengths and weaknesses as well as the time it would take for them to achieve their goals. I always welcome feedback to ensure that the materials I use are suitable for the learner and that it matches with their expectations of the lessons. Exam Candidates In order to help students understand what is expected of them in an exam, I work closely with the scoring requirements of that exam. Once students are familiar with the marking criteria, we practise applying that knowledge in a series of practice questions and past papers. At the same time, model answers and lots of materials for self-study are provided to ensure students are able to make progress outside of our lessons. Challenging areas are given more attention, while a systematic approach is used to reduce mistakes and improve response quality over time. I find that one of the reasons why many students fail to succeed in exams is because they are unsure of what is expected of them or how an examiner might view their work. My approach guides them in this area. Language Learners Believing that language learning should never be contained within a textbook or the four walls of a classroom, my approach focuses on language aspects that are relevant and immediately applicable to a person’s daily life. In this way, students have a greater chance of remembering and using what they’ve learnt in lessons. Meanwhile, a heavy emphasis is placed on aspects like vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, as I believe these to be the core of language learning and necessary for long-term improvement. In order to improve fluency, students should expect to engage in relaxed discussions on up-to-date topics that match their interests, while occasional role-plays or games will be used to practise vocabulary or grammar. Rest assured that my lessons are always detailed and thorough, with practice and error correction given by the end of each lesson to solidify learning.



Firstly, What I like about Timothy Au, he is ready to take responsibility to teach me in short period. Next, I like the way he makes me feel confident when i speak with him although my English is moderate level. Lastly, the slide that given really help me in writing and reading section in MUET exam. The homework and tips really work on me to improve my writing, reading and speaking task for MUET. I highly recommend he as teacher👍


Timothy has been helping me with my writing and conversational English for the past few months. During our first meeting, he was able to pinpoint areas I needed to work on. I like that he customizes his lessons based on my strengths and weaknesses. He is creative in his approach to teaching, so our lessons are never boring. He has also been diligent in following up with me and sharing additional material after our lessons, which I really appreciate. Thank you, Timothy, you have been a great help.

Douwe Landsheer

He personalised all our lessons for me, which was great.


Timothy is a very passionate and creative English teacher. He personalises study plan according to my needs and weaknesses, and this has been helpful in improving my English. Attending his lessons is also never boring as he often comes out with different ideas in teaching.


He knows how to let students understand complex grammar of English.


Timothy is very passionate and hardworking teacher. What I like most about Timothy is that he's willing to not only explain easily; when he point out my errors, he can also quickly identify what my weakness is and always note it to prepare for next class. It helped a lot to make up for my weak point. Other than that,Timothy can also adapt to teach any kind of students just as he is teaching my mom,me and my sister as well! Even though we all have different levels and goals. He's been helping us to improve in many ways!9


Very professional, amazingly friendly, most proactive and exceedingly warm. From my 9-year-old daughter, ‘ Please add - very kind, made my education so much fun, the best’.

Harsha Hafiz

His friendliness and gentle approach towards teaching children to create an immediate positive environment for learning are effective. Teacher Timothy provides a detailed report on his student's strengths and weaknesses. This proves to be very helpful for students as well as parents.

Liew Jun Mun

Timothy managed to improve my writing abilities for my IELTS exam from a 6.5 to 7+ with just 4 classes! I highly recommend him if you are taking your IELTS exam.


I liked Tim's humble and friendly approach in dealing with students. Although my English was at a good level, Tim helped me improve and corrected some mistakes. His knowledge of the English language was quite impressive and he speaks with very little accent, which I think will help ESL students. He helped me prepare for the IGCSE English as a Second Language test and I managed to get an A.


He is a fantastic guy with great teaching skills. I had only few days for my exam but he did insist me on the skills to improve my scores in the PTE examination. Moreover, he was also very friendly guy who you can share all your ideas to make you feel more comfortable. I would highly recommend him.

Joanne Gan

He made time in his busy schedule to fit me in, as the time I contacted him. I was going to sit for my IELTS in 3 weeks. He always is available if I need assisitance with any of the practice questions and he made sure that I had enough materials. Amazing tutor!

Varrhynshar Sebastian

For the past six months I have been taking O-Level classes from Mr Timothy. He is responsible and makes an effort to organize his classes well by preparing worksheets, slides, past year papers, etc. I have learnt a lot from him, like how to be organized. I have gained a lot of knowledge on exam preparations from him. He also makes the surrounding comfortable and conducive while he is teaching and he gives you a lot of confidence.


Timothy worked with my daughter for 6 months to prepare for IGCSE English as a First Language. I liked the way he motivated her to aim for the best in the exams. The tips and guidance he provided were also very helpful, and I believe he contributed to her wellbeing & her success in achieving an A for her final English exam. I'm happy that you are part of her achievement. Thank you so much!

Yong Yi

Mr. Timothy is a teacher who is very focused and dedicated in his teaching. He will try his best to help you pass your exam, and he will give you all the material you need for practice. He usually corrects my speech when I am wrong, and I can ask him about any words that I'm not sure about. I enjoy his classes because they are fun, and sometimes we will make some jokes. Mr. Timothy is a really good teacher. I highly recommend him to others!


Tim helped me to prepared my writing and speaking for the IELTS test. We spent most of the time on writing and I improved a lot with time management. I was worried about not being able to finish the writing test in time but it turns out that I still have time for checking grammar at the end. We practiced speaking test at Tim’s place as it’s quieter and more similar to actual test scenario. We only practiced twice because the writing part was more important for me, but the practice helped me to be less nervous when it came to the real test. Overall, I think the lesson with Tim was very helpful for my IELTS preparation, especially for the writing.


Timothy has assisted me a great deal in preparing for my IELTS writing examinations. He’s an excellent teacher and know how to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses in a short period of time. He is well versed with the IELTS marking system & could point out my errors in order to achieve the required band score. Not only that, with my busy schedule I find that he’s flexible If I need to plan a couple of last minute classes to achieve certain aims of the exam. I strongly recommend him for anyone planning to sit for an English exam!


Great lesson outline and overview of what is to be expected; well prepared and concise sessions would recommend 10/10


I have been under Tim's tutelage for a few months and I must say it's been quite an experience. Tim's way of approaching learning is by treating his client as he would his friends and also through systematic methods that are fun and easy to understand. I would recommend him for a quality English tutor.


Tim has helped me to progress from band 6 to band 7 in IELTS writing in less than 5 weeks. Before we started lessons, I had taken IELTS 3 times. First, he examined my writing and identified the issues that I need to remedy. Then he customized a specific plan for me and followed up with weekly action items. Tim also advised me on how to allocate time to practice different areas of writing such as structuring, improving paragraph development, fixing repetitive spelling mistakes, etc. I am very happy that I found Tim and I highly recommend him as a tutor.


I am an university student and I have had the pleasure working with him for past couple of months. His teaching method has greatly developed my fundamentals in English especially grammar. If I am to say one thing I like about his teaching method, it would have to be how he always pinpoints my mistakes after each lesson.


I went for an IELTS crash course with Mr Tim just a week before my actual IELTS exam. Mr Tim is very well versed in all there is to know about IELTS and he explained to me from scratch how to go about each component. He emphasises on the IELTS examiner’s marking technique and this gave me a solid studying foundation before taking the exams. Tim is super generous with his notes, he provides whatever notes and revision books you require without any additional payment. I managed to achieve Band 7.5 overall, and because of that I strongly recommend his services.


Hi Timothy! I would like to thank you for all the support. It was extremely helpful and eased my path in IELTS exam. The comments for the essays and your responsibility were helpful. Thank you again!


Helped me a lot to improve my IELTS writing, from a 6.5 to a 7.0 band within just 1 week. A lot of resources were provided and explained all the important details on both the writing tasks as well as speaking task.

Giam Zeng Keat

The lessons were clear and the contents and teaching are effective as well. Tim know the IELTS marking process well, so i got clear instructions of what to improve and how to score. Other than that, the lessons were completely taught in an English-speaking enviroment which help me gain confidence when speaking English since I dont speak english regularly. The writing part is the most difficult to me, however, with significant help from the lessons and endless training, I am able to write a proper essay in 40 min, which to be honest, was very difficult to me in the beginning. All in all, after i had experience about 7 lessons and taking IELTS exam, I think the lessons were essential to me and in fact, I may not score 6.5 without the help of these lessons. Therefore, big appreciation to Tim!


Overall, I was very satisfied with the IELTS class, the required fields were covered thoroughly. The fact that the marking scheme was properly explained, was most helpful for me. So,10/10


Overall, I was very satisfied with the class, the required fields were covered thoroughly. The fact that the concepts were explained in accordance to marking scheme was was most helpful for me. So,10/10


I needed to take IELTS last minute, for my work visa application. I was panicking and worried because it was unexpected and I only had short duration of time. I'm thankful that i managed to find Timothy on Myprivate Tutor. He is extremely patient. I went through a few classes with him before the exam. He provided all the materials and gave me some examples on how the exam would be like. In the end, I got higher than the expected grades, which was according to Tim’s assessment. Here I would highly recommend anyone who need a tutor for Ielts to refer to Timothy!


I’ve been taking Timothy’s English lesson once a week for 2 years. I highly recommend his lesson. He always tries to identify what is my weakness/ strength in English, and points them out precisely. Thanks to his pertinent feedback, I can feel rest assured with my English now.


Timothy guides Hanis to construct sentences using sensory details. He invokes her mind to think out of the box and write descriptively. His gentle demeanour and encouraging approach makes her comfortable to relate to him. Her essays have improved tremendously under his tutelage. Even her Y6 class teacher is impressed with her progress.

Asya Tan

I have been taking English classes with Timothy twice a month since 2019 mainly to practice speaking and pronunciation. Timothy is a very friendly and patient teacher. He always explains difficult vocabulary by giving me different examples. I'm also having business English class with him, and he will ensure I have different topic for discussion in each class.



14 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)

  • Qualification: M.Ed (TESL) (UM) / B.Ed. (TESL) (UKM)
  • Location:
    Kuala Lumpur TTDI Setapak
  • Mobile:
    Request a Callback


M.Ed (TESL) (UM) / B.Ed. (TESL) (UKM)


14 years of full-time teaching the subject A Levels English General Paper classes/ exams/ tutorials/ presentations and intensive revision classes at a local private college. Conducting regular IELTS classes at the campus for medium to large groups (4 - 16 students). Conducting MUET classes/ intensive courses/ workshops for students signed up for the MUET examination. Experienced in proof-reading thesis/dessertation for post-graduate students.

Tutoring Approach

Exercises / Discussion / Correction of mistakes / Explanations /Homework.


Eng Asem Saeed

Experience and knowledge


Female, 29 Yrs

5 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Degree in Accounting and Finance (First class honours)


I have been teaching for the past 5 years for both Primary and Secondary students. I have obtained a first class honours Degree in Accounting and Finance.

Tutoring Approach

I emphasise more on what students goal are and teaching towards it.


Clint Koh

Ms. Yuga is a very patient and diligent tutor. Whenever it come so solving equations or tackling new subjects, Yuga will persevere until students are familiar with the topic. Her strengths are maths and English. But I also believe she teaches a full range of subjects up to Form 5 level. You can't go wrong with Yuga as your tutor.


Female, 37 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Bachelor in Language and Linguistics
  • Location:
    Mont Kiara, Desa Sri Hartamas +1 More


Bachelor in Language and Linguistics


I have more than 10 years experience in teaching adult and international school mandarin. In the past 10 years, i have tutored over 100 students of different ability levels which are mostly expatriates and international students ranging from 6 yr old to 60 yr old. Besides daily and conversational Mandarin, I’m also trained in preparing students for various International Mandarin examinations such as IB, HSK, YCT, SAT II Chinese, IGCSE, GCSE, GCE etc. 

Tutoring Approach

When tutoring students, i seek first to understand the students to know how they find the subject. I find it  important to have a good rapport and communication with  students to be able to understand how they view the subject and the difficulties in it. By understanding students’ weakness, working individually with them is hence more effective to help them develop on a different learning curve. My goal is to meet students where they are and take them where they need to go.



My tutor has supported me through all my Mandarin classes, without her, I don't think I'd be able to get such good results for my HSK test. My huge felicitations to my tutor. - from Marco


Female, 31 Yrs

5 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)



Over 5 years teaching experience at education field


* I'm studying Master degree for Global Korean language * Graduated from Seoul Women's University * Major in Education field

Tutoring Approach

* Teaching experience is more than 5 years * When I was in Korea, I taught Group Class at Culture Complex * When I was in Vietnam, I taught the Korean language at Vietnam Culture Center * Have many experiences 1 to 1 tutoring you can see my details @hhkoreanmy


Sabrina Omar

A very helpful teacher :) Able to accommodate your study time according to your schedule. I am able to learn Korean better thanks to Teacher Hannah. If you want to learn Korean language in a right way, it is better to learn with Korean native speaker *thumbs up* :D

Kenneth Tang

Absolutely fantastic teacher! I'm a slow learner so I don't do well in group classes, thankfully she's very patient and teaches me very well. She's also very friendly and funny, making every class enjoyable. I think any student of hers are very happy with her. She communicates well and you'll be able to grasp the language easily. Her fees are also very reasonable. I give 10 stars out of 5! Don't hesitate and contact her now!


One word to describe this lesson: Great! Great lesson, great teacher!! She is friendly, kind, knowledgable and great fun to talk with. She knows what is important for Korean learners and also what we need to do to improve quickly. I am glad to have her as my teacher.


Good teacher with friendly personality. Encourage interaction during lesson, students are able to practice speaking in korean as much as possible. Notes are also provided during lesson.



Male, 29 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelors of Technology (Computers)


Contact Number is +601131771343  Software Engineer (Android and iOS Mobile Developer). I love teaching and have tuaght numourous students in different times in past. I would love to teach Mathematics to any stundent who can understand English langauge. I am more interested in teaching - Android Mobile Technology (Java and Android Studio) - iOS Mobile Technology (Swift and XCode) - Data Structure, - Algorithms, - C, - C++, - Java, - Kotlin, - JavaScript, - Swift, - Python - And other computer science subjects.

Tutoring Approach

Contact Number is +601131771343. Total years of experience is 7 years as Software Engineer (Android and iOS Mobile Developer). I love teaching and have tuaght numourous students in different times in past. I would love to teach Mathematics to any stundent who can understand English langauge. I am more interested in teaching - Android Mobile Technology (Java and Android Studio) - iOS Mobile Technology (Swift and XCode) - Data Structure, - Algorithms, - C, - C++, - Java, - Kotlin, - JavaScript, - Swift, - Python - And other computer science subjects.



He was very nice and understanding, he started from scratch in tutoring me for algorithms and programming.He really pushed me to achieve good grades in my examination, till today i'm very grateful for his lessons as he made me understand fundamentals of algorithms and programming.


Female, 24 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

(17 Reviews)



WHATSAPP ONLY +60173061776 PLS


Female instructor for females & children 4yo and above. Weekday/weekend slots available! Location: your residence/clubhouse/condo pool   

Tutoring Approach

COVID Safety Measures: body temperatures assessed before lessons/entering premises, face shields used during class. Instructor is FULLY VACCINATED



She is extremely patient with me & my child. I learned first then my daughter. Both of us are aquaphobic but we can now both swim. My daughter loves her class, so she's still swimming with her to practice. Thanks, Yan!


We are here for holiday and happy to meet Yan. Her class is very creative and enjoy for my daughter. She scared of water but now can swim freestyle. Very recommend!


So glad I found Yan. She's so patient with me, unlike my previous instructor.. I always envied ppl who can swim at my condo pool, but now I can too! (Freestyle only 😂) Learning the breast stroke now.. Thanks Yan! 5 star instructor!


Dedicated & professional. What I call quality instructor. Good skills, good English, creative. Love to see my son enjoy and learn so much from her class.

Juliet A

My daughter looks forward to her class every week. We love her she’a amazing!

Brenda Tan

Took up the challenge to learn swimming in my 30s. Yan is so patient with me. No more fear with water nowadays.


Very good teacher!


My 9 year old brushed up his strokes with Yan. Experienced instructor and easy to deal with. My son enjoyed the lessons. He can swim much better and faster now.


She is so patient and nice.


I have spent many years and a lot of money for my kids to learn in group classes but their techniques is very poor. Decided to engage Yan for my kids for private class and I think my kids learnt more in one lesson with her than 1 month in group lesson at D**. A bit hesitant at first because it’s not cheap but now I think it’s worth it.


Her response to my WhatsApp messages were very quick and kind. She is always punctual too. Her instructions during lessons are polite and easy to understand. My children enjoyed her class so much. They could improve swimming skills a lot in short term and achieved their target with her appropriate coaching. Thank you very much & we will come back again!

Jc Lim

Timely, professional, could engage with the kids very well and good teaching knowledge.

Niu Ching Tan

She was able to look at the problems I had in my swimming techniques and could fix the mistakes I was making efficiently. In the lessons the time was used well and therefore I became more confident in this sport, improving greatly. James

Will Watson

My two teenagers went through a short training stint with her and their strokes have improved significantly since. Not only that, they have also gained some new skills too (Pippa loves the turn very much). We appreciate that she communicates well with the kids, stern when needed but at the same time a good friend to them. They absolutely enjoyed the classes. Thank you very much, and will be back for more lessons when the kids return to Malaysia. Cheers!

Marie Vd

A swim wizard like they said to be! Yan is the most patient and kindest swim coach I've met. She understood our concerns and fears and helped us reach our goals. Izzy and I can both swim comfortably instead of struggling for breaths, which all we ever wanted. You can also tell she is very experienced from the way she conducts the class. I've had 2 coaches previously and can confidently say Yan is the best, if not one of the bests out there. Highly recommend.


Yan was recommended by a friend. I am so happy to have her as my instructor. She is super knowledgeable and just an amazing person overall. I had a back injury from many years ago and while she teaches me swimming, she also does hydrotherapy with me to make sure I am in good shape and health. I used to dread going for any kind of classes but it's just easy with her for some reason. If you are looking for a credible swim, fitness, rehab professional, Yan is the person.

Sarah Chan

Did only 4 lessons with Yan to brush up my swimming so I can swim better on my own. Not only can I swim more comfortably, she taught me a new stroke too xD It's hard to get a slot with her but I'm lucky I did!


Female, 24 Yrs

4 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Bachelor of Contemporary Performance


Hi, I'm an undergraduate degree holder from the Australian Institute of Music, Bachelor of contemporary performance majoring in Vocal. Currently I have 2 years experience in the education field.  I am able to speak multiple languages which includes English, Mandarin, Korean, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkien. I didnt purchase a membership so I wont be able to see your contact if, You're interested in having classes with me ~ Do include the following info in your email !   1. Name 2. Age 3. Location  4. Do you have a piano or keyboard at home?  5. Do you prefer online lessons or door to door classes?  6. Whats your aim in learning vocals? (Professionalism or just for fun)  The info are necessary for me to customize a suitable lesson plan just for you. ^^ Also email me for more info, if you're seeking for dance instead of Vocals^^ Hope to receive your contact soon ~  Thank you Sincerely,  Jenn

Tutoring Approach

I like to start my lesson by listening to my students voice to get an idea of his/her voice range, technique, and style that is suitable for the particular student hence it will be great if the student is able to prepare a song of their choice in any genre that they like and show me during the first lesson. After that is done, I will start by warming up and building a strong base of techniques which includes vocal control, pitch, rhythm etc. This way it will be easier for the students to build more on top of it including the texture, emotions, presentation etc. I do not like to stress my students out and prefer to teach my students by encouraging them and making sure that the students is always in a comfortable state during class, this will allow the students to enjoy their lesson and absorbing the information learnt in class. Other than that, Practising is the main commitment of this journey.


Nur Shakila De Cruz

I hope I can learn more from her and I can speak Chinese with her fluently.


Female, 25 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)


Masters in Dance,BE Electronics


The students can join the artistic dots and creates form for stories, emotions and ideas. Being classically trained and bases the work on expressive integrity and technical quality, I can even make a non dancer dance very gracefully. I specializes in Choreography for specific events like wedding choreography, School and Colleges choreography, corporate choreography, bollywood choreography, ,corporate workshops. I teaches different dance forms, and to all the age groups.



A good dance teacher. I will recommend her to my friends and keens.


Male, 30 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)




I have several years of experience teaching both children and adults. I have the patience that it takes to deal with children and new learners among the adults too. I offer a free demo class to introduce my style of teaching to interested individuals /parents.

Tutoring Approach

I use different approaches to teach each individual vastly depending on his/her ability to grasp the lesson. I may use the same book with every student but my techniques to deliver the lesson vary to suit the pace of each student.



Very easy going and extremely patient. His adaptability to students is a wondeful. Always teaches in an enthusiastic manner.



Female, 41 Yrs

10 Years of Teaching Experience

(3 Reviews)



CELTA, Goethe Institute


I have more than 15 years work experience in the corporate world in management consulting, training and translation. In the last 10 years I have been teaching English to adults and young learners, and in the last 3 years I have been teaching German from level A1 to B2 of the CEFR to working adults and teenagers. I have CELTA and Goethe Institute qualifications. Do you want to prepare for the Goethe Institute A1, A2 and B1 exams? Do you need guidance for the IELTS exam? I offer customised classes according to your needs. I can provide face to face or online classes on Zoom or Skype. 

Tutoring Approach

Lessons are customised according to the student's needs



Glad I found her as my German home tutor. I enjoy my every class with her as I totally forget the time sometimes. Her teaching methods are simple and on time. To those have limited time but committed to learn then she will be your perfect tutor. I enjoyed the journey. She is committed, punctual, knowledgeable and teaches according to the need. Thank you.

Azizi Emran

Highly recommend, Learning is so fun with full of the curiosity and easy to understand every word. Super friendly too!

Azizi Emran

Super friendly, easy to understand the subject. Highly recommend :)



Male, 30 Yrs

8 Years of Teaching Experience

(2 Reviews)



Bachelor Degree in Law (UOL), Master's Degree in Law (LL.M)


I am a Master's Degree holder in Law (LL.M). I have been tutoring A'Level and Degree (UOL & UKT) students for 8 years now. Fortunately, to current date, all my students have passed their respective subject under my guidance. More importantly, they have become a better leaner by knowng how to fully utilise the knowledge given 

Tutoring Approach

Each lessons are tilored to the individual student. As i believe there is no "One Way" in attaining knowledge. Every student have different short comings in their ability to learn, as we all do, but with proper guidance every student can achieve the realistic results. 


Justin Chong

Very knowledgeable. He has taught me from A-levels all the way through CLP and I passed every year. So much of positive energy in him.

Ivan Heng Shao Chen

He was very calm and patient tutor. He is willing to discuss any parts of the law that I experienced difficulties. He has also been very supportive to me which builds my confidence of my Business Law subject. Rather than him just being my tutor, I also think that he is like my mentor for this subject which strive me to achieve good grades.


Female, 31 Yrs

13 Years of Teaching Experience

(4 Reviews)



Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology


I have 13 years experience in teaching A-level Biology (ex lecturer at a local institute).  Attended Professional Development Course for CIE Biology and CAIE Biology Marking Workshop. Thus familiar with CIE exam format and answering techniques.  Currently a private tutor in teaching CAIE A-LEVEL, EDEXCEL A-LEVEL, IGCSE, MUFY and SPM Biology. Summary notes provided for A-LEVEL and IGCSE students

Tutoring Approach

My teaching approach is depending on every student's needs and also guide students in working out solutions to exam questions. I usually won't provide students with answer directly, instead I will guide and encourage them to answer the questions and this helps them in understanding as well as remembering the contents better. Other than that, I also provide students with notes which are easier for them to understand. 


Chung Je

Ms Pang is a capable teacher who really cares for her students. She always tries her very best to help us out and never give up on her students. She taught me the correct way of studying biology, she is the one who makes me love bio, as her teaching experience will enable her to teach in an interesting way.

Goh Zao Tong

She is a friendly teacher. Anythings that I really don't understand in study, I can come to her, she will lead me to solve the question and she won't give the answer directly, she led me to think more. Actually I'm not really good in biology and I don't have so much confident, but she gave me hope and taught me a lot, finally I got a good result in my biology. She always prepared all the teaching material before the lesson started. She has a good knowledge in biology, her explanation always clear and easier to understand.

Tang Mei Yik

Teaching in clear and easy understanding way. Make sure students are understanding concept instead of memorizing. She is friendly and patient in teaching.

Chok Tsern Yig

Miss Pang is a great tutor! She is knowledgeable. She will try her very best to give explanation whenever you have questions. She makes sure that you understand the current chapter before she proceed to the next chapter. She cares for her students. That is what makes her a great tutor.



21 Years of Teaching Experience

(21 Reviews)

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Art (Canada)
  • Location:
    Mont Kiara, Damasara +3 More


Bachelor of Art (Canada)


With over 20 years of teaching practice, I have gained tremendous knowledge and skills of teaching from students. My work settings include private home tuition, individual and group classes in tuition centers as well as corporate environment for academic and business objectives. Student profile consists of school teenagers, adults, business owners and housewives. Courses include: Academic English, Business English and Mandarin

Tutoring Approach

Active learning is the core system practiced in my class through interaction and it has proven to be successful. It captures the learners’ attention and their interest levels. Course syllabus is designed to meet individual need and requirement ranging from academic to business world. Class is conducted either as individual or group structure upon student’s requirement.


Rosziyan Rekam

She is very friendly, flexible, and knows my requirement and expose my daughter to English conversations.

Jamie San

Colin is a friendly and patient tutor. He is very easy to talk to and more like a friend to me than a tutor. We always concentrate on areas that I'm not that good and confident with. He is very punctual too.

Chui Vivian

Teacher Colin has been teaching my dad so many vocabularies those are useful in his daily routine. He can teach according to the student's standard and demand of the student.


Unlike other tutors, he corrected my mistakes directly without hesitation. In addition he taught me how to present myself in English confidently. Lastly, I felt beneficial in terms of pronunciation and intonation in English speaking.


I am taking IELTS lessons from Colin. He is very friendly, easy to communicate with. He is very punctual. He provides tailored classes, suited to each individual needs. He also provides extra services such as advice outside of class and extra study materials. Colin identifies individual troubles, and target them patiently. Fingers cross that I can score for my IELTS test this time.

Alis Nur Shafeeza

I like how he is punctual and very well prepared for his class. The IELTS preparation class was very helpful.


He is a teacher with good skills of teaching, friendly nature, good sense of humor, patient and easygoing.


Colin has helped me in my preparation for the IELTS exams, especially in the critical thinking part of the written exam. He is creative as well as concise with his thoughts for the essays and a great person to bounce ideas off. My lessons were customized for my requirements and I would not hesitate to recommend Colin for IELTS preparation.

Brian Jo

I'm learning Chinese - Mandarin from him. He is very friendly and informative and I am actually learning and able to use it too. If you tell him what you want to learn or do, he will adjust the class for you. I recommend him to any beginner level students


Colin is a great trainer! He has helped me a lot in IELTS preparation by continuously giving me important tips and tricks on how to score best results in the exam. I would strongly recommend him as a very good teacher!

Tarlan Jaafarpour

I had taken IELTS class with Colin. He was one of the best teachers that I ever had. He was very patient and informative. His classes were very interesting for me. He is funny but at the same time serious in his approach. It was a very nice experience and I really appreciate the effort given by him.


Colin has helped me grow personally and academically. He was able to accommodate and guide me during my training under him and I appreciate every opportunity. I was under him. Thank you for opening my eyes on how to develop my English further. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.


Colin has helped me to focus on my weaknesses when I seek his helped in improving my English. He not only focus on my main issues but also my habits in addressing my English. Thank you for your guidance, advise and your patience in helping me to achieve my goals.


Colin has helped my friend and me on academic IELTS preparation. He is a friend rather than a teacher so we really enjoyed the class. He takes his teaching seriously and indeed a patient person. Other than helping us on the test preparation, he also showed us the resources online for learning English. Thank you for the class and guidance.

Izreen Imran

Colin is currently teaching my brother & me Mandarin. He is indeed a very dedicated and passionate tutor. He is always punctual, has his materials prepared beforehand and is very efficient. He also encourages his students to ask questions and to speak more with confidence. Apart from that, he is also very patient.


Collin is very attentive and delivers his teaching material in a clear and concise manner. I believe I have progressed much from my lessons with him.

Ken Ang

He is a very good tutor. He points out many small mistakes which usually you don't realize. Highly recommended.


He is precisely teaching according to your requirements. Punctual and really interesting person. I took 3 IELTS sessions from him especially targeting a higher band score and I learnt extremely valuable techniques for writing and speaking. Highly recommended.

Nurfhara Izzati Nordin

He was very informative and discipline. His lessons are useful for IELTS preparation for short period of time.


Colin’s teaching method is great and concise. He is patient, supportive and really knows how to motivate his students. He is good at building confidence and keeping lesson fun and engaging through variety of activities that improve communication, writing and reading skill. I would highly recommend him as a English private tutor.

Kah Man

KY has helped me with my IELTS preparation and I do benefit a lot from his class not only for the exam. He is friendly, punctual and really keeps the class interesting as well as informative. Highly recommend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge?

Students can improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How can tutors help students improve their score and skills?

There are many ways students can improve their skills. But experienced tutors in Kuala Lumpur can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with the subject.
  • Share a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How many private tutors are available in Kuala Lumpur to teach?

We have a massive database of 796 verified and experienced tutors in Kuala Lumpur. You can view their profiles with their qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates and availability. Post your requirement for free to find the best tutors in Kuala Lumpur.

⭐ What is the tuition fee charged by home tutors in Kuala Lumpur?

Tuition fees of tutors in Kuala Lumpur depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, experience and qualifications. You can find out the tutor from our list as per your estimated fee with your preferred location.

⭐ Do home tutors in Kuala Lumpur provide training for competitive examinations?

Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the tutor of your choice for clarification of any extra hours, fees, etc.

⭐ What's the normal duration of tuition classes hosted by tutors in Kuala Lumpur?

Usually, tutors on MyPrivateTutor conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the tutor at the time of hiring.

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