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Multimedia Presentation Using Mind Science

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This course trains you to design compelling MS PowerPoint multimedia presentation based on Richard Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. By applying the theory’s ten multimedia principles, you will be able to design and present multimedia presentations that are in tune with the brain’s cognitive processing of incoming visual and audio information. The training focuses on overcoming the Copy & Paste Phenomenon, a widespread habit among most MS PowerPoint presenters. One should realise that presentation format as compared to a reading format copied and pasted from various sources are not the same in its effectiveness in delivering instructions. Failure to adapt the reading materials into cognitively tune multimedia format will adversely impact the delivery of the presentation. This course will provide insights into the cognitive mind and guide you to produce multimedia presentations that are engaging and easy to understand.

Topics covered / Highlights

Understanding Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

A.  Fundamental theories on how the brain learn

  • Dual Coding Theory (Paivio)
  • Cognitive Load Theory (Sweller)
  • Generative Learning Theory (Wittrock)   

B.  How cognitive processes work in short term memory

  • Extraneous processing
  • Essential processing
  • Generative processing   

C. Model of Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Applying Theory and Principles to Multimedia Presentation

A. Prevention of information overloading

  • Apply multimedia principles to reduce extraneous processing   

B.  Focusing on essential information

  • How do you guide the audience to remember important points?

C.  Aiming to nurture understanding

  • Fostering generative thinking and information processing

Create Engaging Multimedia Presentation using PowerPoint

A.  Putting it all together, where the rubber meets the road

  • Review the principles of multimedia presentation
  • Group activity to enhance understanding

B.  Take control of multimedia features in PowerPoint

  • Enhance PowerPoint slide design
  • Walkthrough animation feature
  • Multimedia tips and tricks with PowerPoint

C.  Hands-on practice

  • Analyse and redesign your PowerPoint presentation
  • Critical review and feedback of multimedia presentation

Who can attend this ?

  • Anyone who is interested to learn how to present professionally using multimedia in MS PowerPoint

Pre requisites

  • Participants possess basic MS PowerPoint skills
  • Own laptop installed with at least MS PowerPoint 2013

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Upon completion of the training, learners will be able to:

  • Describe Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning
  • Recognize the value and ways of using the theory in presentation design
  • Interpret the theory and its ten principles in multimedia learning
  • Apply the ten principles of multimedia learning in MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Analyze MS PowerPoint-based presentation and identify weaknesses by focusing on presentation design
  • Design better MS PowerPoint-based instructions based on sound theories and proven principles in multimedia learning
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Trainer Profile

Dr. G

Doctor in Education (Educational Technology and Multimedia)

Have more than 25 years of experience in Engineering, IT and Education field. Passionate about nurturing young minds to maximise their potential and capability. Have a unique way to develop 21st-century learning skills in young school children through program coding and multimedia presentation...

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