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Understanding Physics

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In this lesson, I will explain a deep explanation for each topic so you can understand more than you could understand in the classroom. Sometimes, I might cover out of syllabus but it is still relevant if you prefer more knowledge than the textbook.

Topics covered / Highlights

I can start from the very scratch or I can also focus on specific topics, all depending on the requirement of the students.

Who can attend this ?

SPM students

Pre requisites

Basic knowledge of Physics for each chapter as you learn in class. But if you have not understood a single thing, I might need your past and previous examination paper for evaluation.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

  • Concept
  • Application
  • Calculation basic and advance
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I used to be mentor for my friends during high school. I prefer to know which subject area the student is willing to learn. I usually seek a deep area including something out of syllabus which relates to the topic, but if the student just want to cover syllabus as to focus on exam is just fine....

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