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Crash Course in Playing Piano

Course offered by : Ema Teng

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Choices for students:

1. Classical Pieces (Eg. Hadyn / Tchaikovsky / Beethoven / Mozart)

2. Pop Songs (Eg. All of Me by John Legend / Xiao Xin Yun by Hebe)

Topics covered / Highlights

  • Reading scores - Notes / Chords / Time Signature / Tempo / Italian terms
  • Playing method - With pedals / How to play fast/ How to play chords / How to play using the correct fingerings
  • Sight reading + ear training - Able to play just after receiving a new song + Able to listen to the movements of notes by intervals
  • Play by ears (for pop songs ONLY) - Able to play chords and notes after listening to songs without scores.

Who can attend this ?

  • Students with passion in learning piano.
  • Students who wanted to instantly know how to play the piano.

Pre requisites

Objective: So that the students are able to sharpen up the knowledge learnt through Practice regularly.

For pop songs piano classes:

*Have keyboard/synthesiser/piano/digital keyboard at home

For classical pieces classes:

*Have upright piano/grand piano/digital piano at home

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Able to play songs that they wish to play.

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Trainer Profile

Ema Teng

Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and Arrangement

I have worked as a Music Director and Conductor for Bangsawan Production at ASWARA. I have one year of teaching experience. The subjects that I teach are Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia, Abacus, Piano, Music Theory, Keyboard and Composition.

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