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Learning Program on Whole Numbers

Course offered by : Farahani Ibrahim

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Students will be learning about the numbering system starting from a whole number - which consists of natural numbers and zero. The idea is that students are able to find the pattern of numbers and later, applied it in multiple rules of mathematics

Topics covered / Highlights

1. Whole number system - Their places. 

2. Rounding off numbers

3. Introduction to BODMAS 

Who can attend this ?

Form 1 students.

Pre requisites

Knowledge of mathematics.

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Numbering system provides you with the basic idea of numbers. When they understand the numbers as the tool, they would go to emphasising on applying the rule of the numbering, which later provides some pattern to the number. For example, the rule applied to numbers will later provide a behaviour, which comes to the analysis of number.

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Trainer Profile

Farahani Ibrahim


My name is Farah and currently, I am studying bachelor in ICT. I love Mathematics. I do not have any experience of teaching or tutoring yet but I'd love to share my knowledge in a unique way. The student will not only remember or understand the subject for the exam but also for their...