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Science Tutorial for PT3 Level

Course offered by : Nordiana Binti Mat Salleh

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Science professional tips on how to cover and answer questions for preparation of PT3 2018 from form 1 to form 3 subjects covered. Everything will be covered every day.

Topics covered / Highlights

Form 1-3 Topics covered and tips tp answer questions for PT3 2018. Tips covered for students tightly

Who can attend this ?

PT3 Candidates 2018

Pre requisites

Knowledge in Mathematics

What am I going to get from this Class ?

Tips for Maths

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Trainer Profile

Nordiana Binti Mat Salleh

BSc Hons Nuclear Science

Scored during schools in PMR and SPM awarded as the best student awards. Looking forward to teaching and education that will build up anyone until become a professional person in the future. With my qualifications, skills and experiences, I am sure that I will contribute something for you. Contact...