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Female Pro

More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

(113 Reviews)



BA Hons Degree in ENGLISH & HISTORY;Diploma in Education(TESL) UNIVERSITI MALAYA


A qualified Eng lang specialist with 43 years experience and who has also trained TESOL trainees in teaching Grammar. I have taught students and professionals of different proficiency levels. I have a proven track record, especially in IELTS, checkpoint primary & OET. Diligent students are able to get the required results. Students in government & private schools; UTM; ELSI, corporate clients, government servants, countless individuals have benefited from my experience, teaching style, and knowledge... Call me to improve your proficiency level, and skills or to obtain the required IELTS band. I identify your errors and help you comprehensively improve your writing, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures, pronunciation, and fluency with a lot of appropriate and customised materials.

Tutoring Approach

I offer a paid for trial class at tutor' s residence/ online to help identify students' strengths/areas to improve before working towards the target from the students' level of proficiency. Comprehensive teaching,covering all English skills. My 43 years of experience and knowledge facilitate flexibility in my approach with clear explanations for all components and materials selected according to the students' needs, proficiency level and ability to do self-study. There is detailed helpful feedback. Time is not wasted in class doing what the student can do on his/her own. I focus on providing the help not available in books or online. For IELTS, a lot of model essays and writing incorporated with grammar exercises are provided for weak students ,with step- by- step guidelines and self-study material. Fees are negotiable and reduced for the 10-hour or 5-hour packages with a extra hour and half hour provided free respectively.Slightly higher fees are charged for weekends/ public holidays.



I took IELTS Academic with Ms. Dorothy this time around. Prior to this I had taken IELTS GT. Ms. Dorothy is a very dedicated, patient and supportive tutor. Through a short period of time, I had managed to get my skills sharpened for my exam, which I managed to receive my desired results. I am very grateful for the encouragement and support.


I was provided with a limited time to prepare for my IELTS, and Ms. Dorothy knew how to handle my situation and she straight away informed me which areas I needed to focus on. Overall, she is an experienced teacher and has guided me on all aspects of IELTS.


My experience of taking IELTS classes with Ms Dorothy was very pleasant and comfortable. I had problems with confidence in speaking English, grammar and punctuation, but Ms. Dorothy made everything clear and easy to understand. She could make the class atmosphere fun and relaxed. Thank you for your guidance and patience. Ms. Dorothy you are the best!


Ms. Dorothy is an excellent teacher. Her explanations are very clear and well-structured. She provided constructive feedback on my essays. She was also provided many samples and materials for my self-learning. As the result, I could score overall band 7. Highly recommended!


Madam Dorothy is very dedicated and compassionate tutor. Madam's passionate in her teaching and I am grateful for the support that was provided by madam Dorothy.


I stucked at 6.5 for my writing until I found Ms Dorothy. She helped me thoroughly to raise my band. Her materials, lessons and tutoring were so helpful. She’s detailed, advanced, experienced and a grammar guru! I got band 7.5 in my writing after took classes from Ms Dorothy. It was a huge jump from where I was. I can’t thank her enough. Ms Dorothy is the right tutor if you’re aiming to raise your band. She will help you to achieve your desired result.


The reason I had classes with Madam Dorothy was because of my IELTS Reading result. Originally I scored a band 6 for Reading and within 2 weeks, I managed to score a band 7, with the help and guidance of Madam Dorothy. I am happy and satisfied.

Ivy Patricia

She is very professional and gives excellent advice on when I should place focus on to achieve good scores. She had provided me with her example essays which she had constructed and it gave me good framework for attaining the results I needed in one sitting. All in all is a wonderful, friendly and caring tutor.


I had been struggling to raise my band in IELTS. I found Ms. Dorothy and managed to get my desired band. My weak component was writing and I gained confidence in writing gradually with her guidance. Thank you for going above and beyond.


She is a nice teacher, she helps me a lot on my speaking and writing.


“I had only two weeks time till my fourth attempt of IETLS. In this short period of time, Dorothy was amazing in identifying my mistakes and weaknesses especially in writing. It was also very helpful that she shared some really good quality of reading materials and essay samples that helped boosted my writing skills. After a total of 10hr sessions with her, I definitely felt more confident to sit for my IELTS again and the tutoring hours were totally worth it as I finally got a satisfactory band score for my writing and I’m sure that my improved writing skills will help me a lot in my future career. “

Sofea Nadhirah

Madam Dorothy's teaching methods and strategies for IELTS writing have been very effective, and I have improved my writing skills under her guidance. Her tips for speaking have also been helpful in developing my speaking abilities. Moreover, the materials that she has provided for all test sections have been of high quality and relevant to the IELTS test. I saw significant improvement after just four hours of classes with Madam Dorothy. Even after a trial test where I scored an average band 6, I was able to achieve an overall band 7 on the IELTS exam. This shows that Madam Dorothy's teaching approach is both efficient and effective! Overall, investing in Madam Dorothy's services was definitely worth it, as it has helped me avoid the need to repeat the IELTS exam. I highly recommend Madam Dorothy as an IELTS tutor to anyone looking to improve their scores.


She was extremely helpful, showing me the way to answer the questions as well as providing me the materials needed to study.


She is caring and thoughtful while teaching. She did teach me from my weakness and did correction immediately. Give me a lot of encouragement when I prepare my text. Do recommend for my friend.

Khong Chyi Zhee

Ms. Dorothy is a responsible teacher. I just used 10hrs to get an overall 6.5 for IELTS.


She is a very experienced teacher in ielts . She knows exactly what is needed in ielts and she can help you achieve the band you have targeted .


I basically had to do a crash course. She picked up my weakest point very fast and worked hard to improve it. She was so generous in providing resources and information that really helped to achieve my result. I know for a fact I would not have achieved my good results without her help.


Strict teacher, focus directly on my weakness. Expose me to all types of essay, and a proper way to answer the questions. It a fruitful experience for me to have tutor classes with teacher Dorothy.


Ms Dorothy is really a good tutor and really responsible. I get band 6 for my writing in a short time!!! It's really helpful to me.


Although I have only less than 2 months to prepare for IELTS, Ms. Dorothy had patiently helped me to improve my writing skills especially for the grammar and tenses. She also gave me a lot of study materials and responded to my questions whenever I need help.


So great lecture. I love her so teaching.

Rohhaan Jayabalan

Ms Dorothy knows how IELTS syllabus is and format and even though it is 5.5 hours class. I have manage to get 6.0 band. I would definitely recommend Ms Dorothy to others.


Ms. Dorothy's teaching is incredibly effective. She identified my areas of weakness and provided me several ways to strengthen them. I only took one class from Ms. Dorothy, yet I was able to raise my IELTS writing score from band 5.5 to band 7.5.


I like the patient and the advice that the teacher has given.


She told me about my weakness in English and help me to improve in that particular part. Besides that, she is encouraging and supportive.

Azwin Kamarul Hisham

Clear voice Clear explanation Experienced teacher Good materials She can tailor materials according to your needs.


She has taught me all the skills that are crucial in IELTS writing with reference to many sample essays written by examiners and herself.


Ms. Dorothy is an experienced IELTS tutor. She managed to point out my weakness and guided me to reduce my mistakes.


Very patient and friendly. Useful materials for IELTS with reasonable tuition fees. Highly recommended!


Ms Dorothy is a very patient and experienced tutor and accommodating to my requests. Her teaching is clear and precise. She gives great examples to help my daughters to understand the concepts and techniques. It is not easy to find a tutor with such teaching qualifications. I will strongly recommend her to all.


Great teacher, has patience while teaching. Always recommended.


She has patience while teaching. It helps me to understand the lesson in a easy way.


Patience teaching. Clear all doubts step by step.


I am glad to have had miss Ms Dorothy as my IELTS tutor. She is a very thoughtful teacher who provides useful study materials and puts a lot of effort into presenting it. I hv managed to achieve my required band under her guidance.

Xiiao Sasaki

I am glad that I went to miss Dorothy before my IELTS test otherwise I wouldn’t had gotten the required band for my university. Thank you miss for all the lesson.


I am very glad to be taught by Madam Dorothy, as I was really lacking in time for my preparation for IELTS. However, with the correct guidance I was able to achieve a good band for my writing with only few classes. My confidence in writing and speaking has definitely improved with only 10 plus classes. Thank you for teaching me ma’am.


Ms Dorothy is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of effort into how she presents the material for IELTS. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with helping me identify each of my mistakes for the respective components. I would highly recommend her because I feel like each lesson that I had with her, were all worth it and really useful.

Jayson Wang Yee Meng

Very dedicated and responsible teacher.


I took a total of 10 + 3 hours of classes to polish my English as preparation for my IELTS and OET. I improved my band score from 6 to 7 and OET 'B' score in all components. Overall, Madam Dorothy: 1. Dedicated and understanding 2. Well-versed about the exam format IELTS/OET 3. Provide brilliant and helpful materials

Yong Wan

She is a very kind teacher and she had helped me a lot with my grammar and IELTS test preparation.


Teacher Dorothy provides very useful study materials & study tips which helped me achieved good scores for my ielts exam in short time.


Teacher Dorothy helped me a lot on my grammar and essay. She continuously sent me materials that help to improve my grammar and essay. I learnt with her about 2 weeks but I’ve progress very well within the time.

Dheeran Singh

Very friendly and thorough with her work so you’ll understand better.


Despites several attempts sitting for his IELTS, my son could not achieve the desired grades until he went under Mdm Dorothy's tutelage. Thank you, Mdm Dorothy, for the inspiration and guidance you gave him that finally he managed to achieve them. As a parent, I appreciate very much all your hard work and confidence in him. I will be happy to recommend you to students who need your pedagogical assistance as I could sense your passion in teaching and commitment.

Kohmala Selvan

She has great knowledge and experience about IELTS academic. She is able to guide her students with latest technique to achieve their bandscore. Give attention to her grammar corrections as it will help you lift up the band score.


Ms Dorothy was a very detailed teacher who took the time to review my essays and correct the errors I made to improve the quality of my writing. She also shared various resources, notes, practice questions, and sample essays that helped bolster my writing skills. I managed to achieve the IELTS band I needed thanks to Ms Dorothy.

Chan Boon Sheng

She is an experienced English teacher as she can identify student's weaknesses. I highly recommend this teacher to the students that are highly motivated and disciplined.

Chan Wei Da

I like her for vast experience in helping me to score in IELTS . She has a deep knowledge on analyzing the test questions and how to score for the exam . She is very patient with me in marking my essays . I strongly recommend this tutor for English studying .


She is a very attentive teacher, who is able to point out our weaknesses and ensure that we understand the mistakes. She has prepared a lot of exercises and also reference resources for us in order to improve our English proficiency in a systematic manner.


She is a very attentive teacher who is able to point out the weaknesses and ensures that we can understand the mistakes. She has a lot of resources / exercises that help us to improve our English proficiency in a systematic manner. Within a short period of two weeks, I managed to get the targeted band / marks.


She was able to point out my weaknesses accurately and worked it out to prevent its occurences in my essay by giving a lot of educational materials / exercises. She has systematic apporaches to let me understand my English writing skills better, improve my level of language proficiency and it had helped me to achieve my desired score in IELTS. Above that, she is friendly and easily-approached teacher, that encouraged me to ask questions without hesistance.


Mdm Dorothy is the first tutor to ever succeed in helping me achieve band 7 in both writing and speaking. She did not hesitate to criticize me when I made mistake but she was also generous with her praise and this motivated me to work harder as well as to avoid making the same mistake. With regards to writing lessons, Mdm Dorothy did not just correct my grammatical and tenses errors, she also constructed a better sentence by using her own ideas and this helped me to further improve my writing skills. She was also willing to provide her modal answers as references. With regards to speaking lessons, she started with the basics like pronunciation and enunciation. At first I was sceptical with this approach but then it all made sense. As the conversation during the speaking test is recorded, this particular lesson taught me to emphasize the 'ed' and enabled the examiner to differentiate between the past tense and the present tense.

Alif Aiman

She's very good in presenting the class and I love how she teached me. She told me every mistakes I've made so detailed, so I can take note on them. I took 3 IELTS exam before the class, and all lf them I got overall Band 6 (No improvement at all with the prev 3 exams). However, I after I met her and had a class with her, at the 4th Exam, I got overall Band 6.5 ! Thank you so much ma'am


Ms Dorothy is well-verse with the IELTS examination. She is able to provide personal resources to aid students on their weak points. Throughout the lesson, she will provide constructive feedback and help identify key mistakes. Apart from her lessons, she will also give extra self-practice questions to help further develop the student's weak points. Overall, it was a pleasant experience consulting Ms Dorothy and I highly recommend to others who may have difficulty in clearing their IELTS examination.


An excellent tutor! Dorothy’s teachings were easily grasped and she provided sufficient amount of materials to help me excel IELTS test. Thank you!


- Nice teacher - Explains why a particular sentence is wrong - Provide good advise on how to improve in writing


She is a great teacher and dedicated person. She has motivated and courage me to improve my English.

Joan Santani

Thank you for you lessons, they helped me a lot (especially on the writing test). I am so happy with my exam result. Academic module, overall, Band 7.0 . This excellent score is very much above my expectations. It was a great experience where my teacher corrected every mistake I made in my sentence structure for writing. She also gave a lot grammar materials to practice and guide on ways to tackle different types of questions for writing. She is an outstanding enthusiastic teacher.

Courtney Wong

She provided lots of useful notes for students. She taught me several ways to rephrase the sentences and paragraphs. This has greatly improved my writing skills.

Lmer Lee

Ms. Dorothy is a great teacher if you need to improve your score in IELTS. I've always had a barrier when it comes to writing and reading, but with every class with Ms. Dorothy, I feel more confident when sitting for the exam. I Highly recommend Ms. Dorothy.

Daphne Wong

I attended English classes with Dorothy for 10 hours and my IELTS writing test improved from 6.5 to 7.5 in less than 2 weeks. Dorothy is very experienced, she is quick to point out the mistakes I made in my essays, and what needs to be corrected to achieve higher scores. Highly recommended !


She knew the exact time and the right button to press in order to inspire student to learn English independently. She will never give up teaching English as well as motivate student to get the desire result. Creative, progressive as well as an active trainer.

Nor Humairah

Her approach in teaching IELTS for my daughter recently especially on the Writing domain. She pointed out the important elements in writing especially the sentence structure and grammar which my daughter took it for granted before. With the exercise worksheet she provided, it helped my daughter to practice. Alhambra my daughter managed to improve her writing and met the English requirement for her course applied. Thank you very much to Madam Dorothy!!

ايلي عبد الرشيد

An enthusiastic teacher that has helped me reach my target results in IELTS.


She is a patient, approachable and vastly knowledge teacher. She is always flexible with scheduling and cheerfully accommodated based on her availability. I really like the way our classes were conducted especially how she has helped to identify my errors and provide ways to tackle this issues. Also, on how she helped to instil the importance of punctuation and grammar which all contributed to the fluency of my writing. She was extremely helpful and organised with preparing the study materials prior to the commencement of classes and if she realise that you need more help on some certain areas she will then prepare these materials for your next class. She makes sure you achieve your desired results and encourages you to keep going if anything fall. I can’t thank her enough for all the help that she has provided and will definitely recommend her as a tutor.


Miss Dorothy is decicated, helpful and friendly. Her teaching method is very structured. She has a lot of experience in teaching. Because of her guidance I was able to score desired score in IELTS writing.


Good and dedicated teacher. Never miss or delay classes. Committed to be ensure best results are obtain. Great knowledge of the English language.


Dorothy is a very experienced teacher. She gives systematic guidance with great patience according to the student's progress and performance.


She is one of the most dedicated tutors around. She makes sure you achieve your desired results by going all out coaching and preparing study materials prior to the commencement of classes. I couldn't recommend anyone better than her in this field, she is probably one of the best tutors around. One proof is my recent IELTS results in which I scored band 8 in just a few months.

Sing Ying

Dorothy is definitely an exceptional and a dedicated tutor. She will focus on your weakness and give a lot of practices to improve on it. I had struggled with writing component before I met her. I had attended British council, multiple home tutors but none of them actually can guide me like how Dorothy did. She had guided me on techniques of writing different types of essays and corrected my mistakes . She kept my momentum of writing throughout the six months. As result, I scored more than what i initially wanted. I will definitely recommend Dorothy to those who want to improve their ielts scores!

Eric Tan Khai Ping

She is very hardworking and approachable. She helps me to improve my weak points and had given me a lot of homework that helped me to improve my writing skills.

Eric Tan Khai Ping

She points out my weak points and helps me to improve them. She has given me a lot of materials to practice, which helped me a lot. She is also very approachable!

Annie Tay

A very dedicated, patient and professional teacher. Attended lessons with my husband to prepare for our IELTS and obtained results higher than what we initially targeted. Ms. Dorothy is always well prepared and knows what she needs to cover for the lessons. I love the abundant self-study materials provided that we can self-practice at home. Very flexible in her teaching approach according to our level of proficiency. Highly recommended to anyone who needs help to prepare for an English test or simply to improve their English!


Ms. Dorothy, identified my weaknesses in writing and helped me to address them. She taught me how to tackle different types of essay questions and gave useful tips to get a higher score. Her notes were very helpful as well. With her help, I was able to improve my IELTS score for writing from band 5 to 6.5 within less than a month.


Very encouraging, dedicated and eager to help.


She is very patient while teaching.


She is a dedicated person. Very good at teaching. She is willing to adjust her techniques and approaches to meet the learning styles of the student.


Dorothy is very helpful and accommodating. Her notes and sample essays are very useful and easy to understand. My score for IELTS writing has improved from 6.5 to 8.0 with only ONE session with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced English tutor.


I like her teaching method and her dedication towards her work. She is also very knowledgeable in many fields. Besides, she has a flexible time frame and makes sure that her students are well prepared for their exams. She gives a very concise and honest review about my child's performance. Also, my daughter did very well and scored a high grade in IELTS due to her excellent teachings and motivation. My son performed incredible well in his assignments and exams under her guidance. For instance, my son who was at the age of 14 had manage to reach a band of 6.5 in IELTS.

Li Yi

She explained how the scoring system works in IELTS, especially for the writing and speaking component.She helped me a lot in my writing as it was my weakest component. I was also given a lot of practice materials that helps to prepare you for the actual exam.

Ivy Pat

She is very thorough in her input and gives great insights for me to improve in my skills. She is kind and very friendly and will go out of her way to make sure I do well in my exams.

Miki Udagawa

She helped my children patiently and neatly.

Miki Udagawa

She helped my children patiently and neatly.


Ms Dorothy is an excellent IELTS teacher (tutor). Her knowledge, experience and personal approach have helped me a lot in passing my IELTS exam. I highly recommend her.


She is a dedicated, kind and caring teacher. She made me feel very confident and comfortable with the English language. She also helped me in learning grammar, sentence structures and most importantly proper pronounciation of the english words.


She is a pleasant and dedicated tutor. I successfully achieved my desired marks with her guidance. Despite the short time frame I had before the test, she managed to accommodate my requests.

Nor Diana Ahmad

She is a very diligent and kind teacher. I got the IELTS results that I wanted after I took a private tutor with her. She's given me many tips and it was very helpful. I also suggested to my other friends to learn with her and they succeed too.

Devika Sethi

Her style of teaching, material everything was perfect. My son got a perfect score for IELTS with her credibility. I could not get a better teacher than her.

Priyatharisiny Vasu

Dorothy is an exceptional teacher who understands your weakness and gives you a lot of practices to improve on it. I have improved my score form IELTS band score for writing component from 5 to 6.5 with just 10 classes with Dorothy.


She is very knowledgeable and kind. I’ve learned a lot from her.


Dorothy is a dedicated, committed and confident teacher. She prepared my son for IELTS and he breezed through it with the band required. Keep up the good work.

Noor Hasnieza Hashim

Her systematic approach to teaching grammar especially a well-designed tense table demonstrating different tense according to the different time spend. Dorothy also has provided the appropriate materials such as an exercise book to assist me to strengthen my understanding and its really work. Overall, she's passionate towards her job helping those who need her tutoring and I like it most.

Yew Saw Bee

Ms.Dorothy has helped both my children obtained the required band in all categories for IELTS test to study medicine in Australia. She is patience and dedicated, always very optimistic and encouraging even at times when my children are fed up with essay writing or correcting their grammatical mistakes. Personally, I think it is worth to invest some money to engage a good English teacher and Ms Dorothy is definitely the right teacher to look for.

Yew Saw Bee

Her professionalism, patience and dedication in teaching her students.

Negar Shakernia

She is great from all the angles, attentive to details and really helpful. I had a very short time to be prepared for IELTS exam, and she helped me score the band I needed with only 1 month practising with me! I surely do recommend her to other students who are looking for a private IELTS tutor.

Jenny Teoh

My son's English has improved significantly.

Lls Lai Siang

Dorothy is an excellent tutor and expert in teaching english language. She helped me a lot before my IELTS exam and also provided me valuable guidance during my university studies. Dorothy always on time and ready to help (I am in UK at that time and contact with her using email and text message). She make herself available even short notice is given to her, and she is always able to correct my mistake in shortest time and convey her knowledge in easily understandable way. I will definitely recommend Dorothy to those who are preparing for english exams and to those who want to improve their english!

Anthony Robert

Ms Dorothy is a sincere and dedicated tutor. She is always punctual, knowledgeable and, most importantly a committed tutor for her students. She is always prepared and has a plan for the lessons. If I do not understand any part of her lessons she tries to explain it from a different cum creative perspective which helps me to understand it better and it’s very helpful. She have the right teaching method which focuses on my strength and taught me the right Technics to score my IELTS exam. I am more than satisfied and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs her assistance and guidance in improving their English language skill and prepare for English examination like IELTS, MUET and TOEFL.

Aspalilah Alias

She is an awesome and excellent teacher. I managed to finish my PhD within 2 years, published 12 articles and presented many papers on National and International level after learned English from Dorothy. My English was bad initially, however after had private tuition with her, my English improved a lot. Thanks God because gave me Dorothy in my life, keep it up dear teacher.

Alif Rizal

Her dedication towards her work. She has all the materials ready when you needed them and she’s very patience in teaching students that’s poor/weak in English. The most interesting I found in Dorothy is that she can give 10 varieties of sentences instantaneously when you have a problem in developing words in a sentence.

Shee Bee San

She is great because she helps my daughter improve in her essay writing skills.

Albert Arputhan

I sat for IELTS exam twice and only manage to obtain Band 6 instead of Band 6.5..subsequently, a priest recommended me to Dorothy and with only 4 months of coaching, the real potential in me to obtain Band 7 was delivered. She has the ability to zoom into the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat of a candidate and will efficiently guide them for success. If you found yourself to be lost, desperate, helpless and hopeless, then the person to look for help is obviously DOROTHY! She is the person who will walk along with you and bring the best out of you.

Cheong Yuen Jian

I like that she provides endless materials to practice with and she is very meticulous in terms of finding errors.

Amin Affendi

Very professional, direct and objective-minded guru. I can recommend her highly enough!


She offers a personalised learning environment, supplies abundant study materials according to your need and level and corrects small mistakes that other teachers might miss out.

Marina Abdul Rahman

Dorothy was an excellent tutor for my son's IELTS examination and he achieved the required Band to enter university in the UK. She was thorough and easily understood.

Hui Zuin Lau

Miss Dorothy is a very professional, patient and experienced English teacher. She is able to identify people's individual weaknesses in English and provide assistance to strengthen these weak points. She has helped me tremendously in building a strong foundation in grammar and develop different skills to write both creative pieces and professional pieces. I love how she has helped me realize the importance of grammar and punctuation as these little details have contributed greatly to the flow of a piece of writing. Besides, her ability to analyze and understand the marking criteria of various assignments has allowed me to score very well in IELTS (individual band 7) and every English writing test in college. Apart from that, I am very thankful for Miss Dorothy's patience and friendly approach as they have enabled me to learn English in a comfortable environment. She is a very loving person and I can never thank her enough for helping me achieve my dream of studying medicine. I have changed from an insecure girl who speaks broken English to a young lady who writes with good academic standard.

Tan TM

I engaged Dorothy in 2016 to coach my daughter in IELTS as my daughter needed a minimum 7.5 for every paper in ELTS to enter the medical university of her choice in the UK. My daughter had previously obtained 8, 7.5, 7 and 6.5 before she was tutored by Dorothy. Dorothy was quick to recognize her weakness (essay paper) and gave my daughter a lot of exercises for practice, always telling her the reasons behind the mistakes besides just marking the papers. Practise makes perfect. After two lessons per week over a couple of months, my daughter achieved the min 7.5 for all papers in her IELTS.

Teoh Kek Pin

A very patient, dedicated and experienced teacher. Ms Dorothy has helped me in many areas, including my IELTS exam, as well as Business English. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve his or her English Competency level.

Yip Chee Rong

Dorothy is a great tutor. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks help in English language proficiency. As mentioned in her biography, she identifies your errors and provides constructive feedback to improve your grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. She also provides great examples for your reference and questions to practice with. If you're struggling with IELTS/IGCSE or any form of English language examinations, do not hesitate to give Dorothy a call!

Cj Chris

I am one of the lucky ones to know Ms Dorothy Balachandran. She has a deep well of understanding and English knowledge to draw on, She enriched my writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Because of her patiently guidance, I have finally attained the desired result in IELTS.

Daniel Lim

Dorothy was extremely helpful and patient throughout the entire process. She was a miracle worker! Within at most a couple months, she was able to provide me with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve my A grade in IGCSE English 1st Language. You'd be a fool to pass on the lady who saved the Titanic!

Naveenah Sanderan

I attended a 3- hour class with Miss Dorothy 4 days before my IELTS exam. She helped me to identify my weak points and refreshed my memory on a lot of the other aspects of my essay. She also gave a lot of tips and handouts that I found very useful in my preparations for the exam.



Male Pro

7 Years of Teaching Experience

(10 Reviews)


TESOL, University of Hertfordshire


Whenever we talk about experiences, what counts is the quality rather than the quantity. The Englishire project has given me ample opportunities to help English learners of all ages master the language.


Some of my coaching adventures in recent years include:

  • coaching non-native English speakers to help develop their language skills, grammar and vocabulary
  • coaching local and expatriate professionals to help improve their business and conversational English
  • coaching business undergraduates in academic writing to help nurture their content management skills
  • coaching candidates taking English proficiency tests to help strengthen their language foundations
  • coaching schoolchildren to help foster a growth mindset and a lifelong learning culture

Be it directly or indirectly, each of the above has helped refine my approach to language coaching.

Tutoring Approach

Inspirational and educational, the Englishire approach is based primarily on transformative, intuitive and collaborative learning.

Fueled by everything that I got from my 27 years of experience in language learning, Englishire only has one ultimate goal in mind: create an environment that promotes your language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) so that you can gradually pick up the English language the natural way.

Rather than bombard you with tons of information that you can’t relate to, every single activity in Skilletro uses context to facilitate learning.

By getting quality exposure to real-life examples and scenarios, you’ll have a much better idea of how to use the language in everyday situations—whether for academic or work purposes.



I am so happy that I took Jion's lessons. The tips that he shared with me were really useful. He were very helpful in answering my questions too. Overall, I truly appreciate what he taught me.

Mr. Cheung

Jion is very thoughtful. Even after the lesson is over, he still gives Joanne suggestions on how to improve. His concern for the student's learning progress is great to see.


Jion's grammar and writing skills are very good. His advice helped me a lot and he was willing to explain everything in detail. I'm so glad that I can now write with confidence!

Ms. Aoki

I like Jion's approach. He always shares with me his opinions on my daughter's work. For each essay, he also shows her what she must do to improve. His comments are very useful!


Jion is so fluent and confident with the English language. He helped improve my grammar with patience, teaching me how to change the sentence structure to make it more native-like. Also, he gave me many useful tips on academic writing. It was an excellent learning experience for me. I really appreciate his work.


Jion is a great English language coach. I like how he makes everything easy for me to understand. The detailed explanation also shows his dedication to teaching. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an experienced English speaker.


With so many websites giving free English learning tips these days, I thought it wouldn't be necessary to get a tutor. But after taking Jion's one-on-one lessons, I changed my mind. For a busy working professional like me, I always wanted to improve my English without filling my schedule with too many lessons. His approach was really helpful in that regard. He shared with me plenty of tips on how to practice my English skills by myself. Wherever I go, I'm now able to use every opportunity I have to improve my English further.

Dr. Ng

Jion's excellent command of the language and willingness to share his knowledge are evident in his approach to language coaching. Regardless of the difficulty of the topic, he has a canny ability to explain it in a comprehensible and compelling way. When coaching undergraduates in academic writing, showing them how to present a logical and convincing argument, his grasp of linguistic nuances and attention to detail are particularly impressive.


Whether it's face-to-face or online, Jion puts a great amount of effort into coaching his students. His passion for the English language is inspiring. When I first approached him for guidance on my IELTS, I was hoping to get some quick tips on how to improve my writing. To be honest, due to the heavy workload I was dealing with, I was looking for something that could make my preparations easier. Surprisingly, Jion told me from the start that we wouldn't focus on the answering techniques. I thought that wasn't a good idea because I was struggling a bit in the previous writing paper. But I gave it a try anyway. Thank God it turned out to be the right decision. Instead of spoon-feeding me with things that I already knew, he made me see the whole picture of how to write better. For example, he showed me how to convey and organize my ideas, and explained a few ways that I could use to make the writing more interesting. All that was really helpful. Without his input, I might not have achieved the score I wished for. And I'm really grateful to Jion for making me realize that there's no shortcut to improving my writing skills. It's something that I need to continuously work on. Thank you so much for your time and effort, Jion!


No matter where you are in your English learning journey, Jion will definitely be able to help you improve. Thanks to his friendly personality and fluent English, the lessons are fun, interesting and easy to follow. But what I like most about him is his ability to inspire you to keep learning and growing.




10 Years of Teaching Experience

(14 Reviews)


Masters in English, MS University, UK


As a versatile educator, I am Annithaa, a Malaysian citizen and having immense knowledge in the teaching field has given me great exposure in understanding the needs of students in terms of English classes and IELTS preparations. Dear students, I am taking this opportunity to offer you my service as a versatile educator/ trainer.  Being an expert trainer in IELTS examination  for the past 9 years and other English Language classes, I am well prepared to cater you with my valuable knowledge and experience.  Being an inspiring, self motivated and dynamic trainer with immense experience in teaching diplomats and ambassadors as well as university students, my awareness has increased in terms of development where I believe in promoting good and positive learning techniques. I do possess exemplary planning skills and have accustomed myself under considerable pressure where I have trained many students in various territories such as Ampang, Kajang, Serdang, Cheras, Nilai, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and many other places. I always had the passion for training diplomats and geared my professional studies and career in this direction as I feel it is extremely important to be helping students to develop their skills where it can assist them throughout their lives. My expertise would be having excellent knowledge in developing lesson plan for English classes, for IELTS, PTE,  MUET, and also Business English classes for the corporate world where I train lots of people from Prime Minister's department, Royal Air Force Malaysia as well as from Ministry of Transportation. My main aim is to have new implementation through modern learning techniques where students can recognize their potential by attending my valuable classes. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you personally on how my skills and strength can best serve your future endeavours.  

Tutoring Approach

Online and offline classes @ My training will allow students to descry things in many different perspectives. It will also help them to propel further in life. My teaching environment can allow students to have better way of interacting with others as my main aim in class is to instill confidence before imparting lessons.



I would like to thanks you for your guidance in IELTS preparation. I have been in a complete lost about many things in IELTS exam components , until I’ve met you. In Listening, you gave me tips and tricks, in Reading you improve my understanding, in writing I’ve learnt the correct format, organized my contents and how to use an academics words. In speaking , I’ve learnt some new topic and how to understand and answer within the topic. With a countless grammatical error that you’ve corrected me I am a better person in learning English. Oh my dear teacher thanks ? I wanted you to know, how I felt better in my confidence to face exam tomorrow. With God bless , I hope I will pass with a great band score. God bless you teacher! Love yaaaa.


Such an amazing moment and beautiful pictures ? I don't know I can get these beautiful moments with you again or not but I want to say that every single moment I spend with you is such a delightful and memorable time in my life. Having a teacher like you is a blessing for me maybe one day I will tell my future generations that I have a teacher like you as a mother?.All of your advices and your inspiration is noted in my heart always.Be always happy as you have and my best wishes with you . I hope my journey with you will be very long .This is a small message from me to explore my feelings and respect for you .Keep me in your prayers ? Thank you


Thank you so much Dr. Annithaa teacher. I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your incredible dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to teaching me for the Muet Examination. Your patience and willingness to go extra mile did not go unnoticed, whether it was spending extra time after class to clarify my doubts and life related things ( how to be passionate doing one thing that you love , love towards pets, how to handle arrogant and rude people around us) it is beyond exceptional. Not gonna lie our bond especially when it comes to dogs made us more closer together ? I am forever indebted to your guidance. May god bless you and I am thankful to god that I met a successful role model and kind-hearted person like you still exist in this cruel world. I will always keep in touch with you teacher.


Studying with Dr Annithaa brought a lot of happiness in my life. Dr. Annithaa is not like any other educators whom I met throughout my life journey. When I first met her, my first impression is to understand that she was just like any other professional educator, but I was wrong. The reason why I am saying this is because Dr. Annithaa is much more than just a teacher to me. I adore and take her as a second mother to me. She is a very strict educator yet very loving. She care about her students and make sure to impart Top World Class Education. Studying with Dr Annithaa can be fun. As I mentioned earlier, she is very strict, yet I can joke around her as she is very funny too. We also share common interest. Whenever I have anxiety, she will divert my attention into something productive to give me lots of confidence because initially I thought that I would fail my fail as I was not confident of my level. This little things is what made me to appreciate Dr Annithaa. I never met any educators who would go this far to make me comfortable in class. Oh. I forgot to mention that she made one of the best coffee every time in our class and sometimes orange Sunquick if she runs out of coffee. Although she is extremely busy, she doesn't forget to make a cup of delicious coffee for me. I would highly recommend students to study with Dr.. Annithaa where your learning process can turn into a beautiful experience for you, not just because students can be comfortable around her but she is also a very dedicated individual in her tasks in contributing the best world class education to her students. Dr Annithaa, may God bless you for all that you have done not just for me, but to all your students in helping them to achieve their dreams in life.

Syed Ali Hashimi

She is a great teacher in terms of motivation, I love about that. If we are in troubles she will pay attention about that and give us solutions, she had immense of idea because of her experiences. However, my suggestion for MUET candidates who want to gain result band 4.5 and above, you need to be at least band 4 level to catch up with Dr. Annitaa’s 16hours teaching package. By the way, I got my MUET result: Band 4. I learnt widely speaking patterns & improve my listening skills because of her fluency & expertise in speaking English. Even though I study MUET with her, I would say she is a great teacher especially in IELTS, I learnt immensely in terms of attitude from her.


Dr Annithaa is a versatile educator who can give a fantastic style of learning exposure in terms of developing English skills, build up confidence among students to practice English and very cognizant with her teaching method. She is humble, self motivated and very helpful to all her students without any prejudice in order to ensure good results where it can be beneficial towards their brighter future. As for me, I always admire her and I guarantee you that by choosing her as your tutor can give much advantages towards a proper English learning and help you to excel well in your examination and study.


Teacher Annithaa helps their students succeed academically to make sure they soar to a greater height in their life. Her English is so fluent that students can understand her easily. She is also very enthusiastic about English education and that’s why he is my No. 1 teacher.


I can write an essay on how awesome she is, but to highlight some of her key attributes, I must mention, She is passionate about her profession. Extremely positive and Helpful. All in all, she is at the top of her game.


Dr. Annithaa is very helpful. I enjoyed her private class that follows my learning pace and needs. She captured and improved my English strengths and weaknesses with her high-quality teaching. I would like to recommend Dr. Annithaa to all students who are preparing for their IELTS examination


Dr Annithaa is very lovely kind teacher. Back in 2019, I’ve struggled a lot in finding the best teacher to help me prepare my upcoming IELTS exams. I went to few other teachers before I met teacher Annithaa. Unfortunately, I progressed nothing with other teachers. But with teacher Annithaa, within 2 months I could say, I have improved a lot in terms of writing, speaking, listening and reading (IELTS) and even feel more confident to sit for the exam. I am now just graduated from one of universities in the UK and currently working in London. I knew i wouldn’t have passed my IELTS exams at first place without assistance from Dr Annitthaa. I’m grateful I found her in MyPrivateTutor, plus she is very lovely kind teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you so much teacher Annitthaa


I would say that choosing her as my personal tutor was an intelligent step I ever had. She always put her enthusiasm in every class we go through as well as gives me immense amount of motivation to strive for success. Personally, I would recommend Dr Annithaa for all students or IELTS candidates to study with her in order to improvise your English language proficiency. Thank you so much teacher for all your support during my IELTS journey.


At first I could not speak English because I did not have much vocabulary in my brain. After I met you I knew a lot of English that I never knew like words that were high level English etc. I studied with you to prepare for IELTS and I just got results for my IELTS and maybe it hasn't been a fortune because I failed my test but it wasn't because of who taught me but it was because of my ability that only got there. I do not blame anyone for this problem , I only blame myself because I did not try enough on this issue. I am very lucky to meet you teacher, you are like my mother, taking care of me very kindly and patiently. good luck to your life teacher.


Dr. Annithaa is the best English teacher in the world. I have tried many teachers before but nobody could helped to score the required band in IELTS except her. She is the right choice and the solution for IELTS constraints. I strongly recommend her, she is the best in terms of education as well as she is very friendly and humble.


I would highly recommend her to all students because of her professional way of imparting knowledge to students where I personally have experienced her way of teaching. She gives students detailed information about each and every topic in class. I am indeed very lucky to have studied with her and she has such powerful strategy to make students get a very high score band for IELTS.

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10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Diploma in TESL & Degree in TESL


With 10 years of experience teaching students from various nationalities & strong track record of helping students achieve great scores on their exams. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education and have also completed specialized courses in language instruction and curriculum development and coupled with my practical experience, enable me to deliver high-quality instruction that is both effective and engaging. I've spent 3 years teaching English in China and attended couple exam prep training.

Tutoring Approach

Are you tired of boring and traditional tutoring methods? Well, look no further because I am here to make your learning experience one-of-a-kind! When it comes to my tutoring approach, I like to think of myself as a magician preparing for a grand show. Just like a magician, I carefully plan each lesson to captivate and engage my students. My goal is not only to help them understand the subject matter but also to make learning a fun and exciting experience! To start, I take the time to understand my students' unique needs and learning styles. This helps me tailor my lessons specifically to them, ensuring that they get the most out of each session. Whether they prefer visual aids, interactive games, or hands-on activities, I'm always ready with a smorgasbord of teaching techniques. What makes my lessons truly one of a kind is my ability to infuse humor and creativity into the learning process. I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine for a dull and weary mind. By injecting a dose of humor, I create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere where my students feel comfortable and motivated to learn. In addition to my playful approach, I also emphasize practical application. I bring real-world examples and scenarios into my lessons, allowing my students to see how the concepts they are learning can be applied in their everyday lives. This not only makes the subject matter more relevant but also helps them grasp the material more effectively. Now let's talk about my tutoring technique for online classes and home tuition. With the rise of technology, I've embraced the virtual world with open arms. Online classes allow me to connect with students from all corners of the globe, transcending distance and time zones. I utilize video conferencing platforms, interactive whiteboards, and various online resources to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment. For home tuition, I bring the same energy and enthusiasm into the comfort of your own abode. Whether we're seated at the kitchen table or sprawled out in the living room, I ensure that the learning environment is cozy and inviting. This relaxed setting allows my students to ask questions freely, explore ideas, and feel at ease while absorbing new knowledge. In conclusion, my tutoring approach is a mix of careful planning, humor, creativity, and practical application. I strive to make each lesson a unique and enjoyable experience, whether in an online class or home tuition setting. So, let's embark on this educational adventure together – where learning is not just informative, but also incredibly fun!




15 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Master of Education, Cambridge CELTA, Pearson Certified Master Trainer
  • Bandar Utama +6 More
  • joaxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx View Contact


Master of Education, Cambridge CELTA, Pearson Certified Master Trainer


I have taught English for more than 10 years in diverse academic and corporate settings and have experience in developing lessons for a wide range of students and learning outcomes. Adult learners in my class build English language skills like writing emails, delivering effective presentations, and socialising at the workplace. I specialise in PTE Academic test preparation and academic English. In addition, I teach students at upper primary and secondary level.

Tutoring Approach

As your tutor, we will first discuss your language goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Whether you're preparing for a test or want to speak better English at work, we will talk about your language learning preferences and I'll likely make some suggestions on what could work best for you. Language learning can and should be enjoyable. Using games, activities, discussions and more, you will develop your English proficiency and communication skills in a fun and meaningful way.




9 Years of Teaching Experience

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Masters in Business Administration, Degree in Business Admin, Diploma in TESOL


A-Level Preparation Classes English Language Proficiency Courses Soft Skill Training and Short Courses Target Audience: College students & Working Adults Experience in teaching: English, Business & Mgmt Subjects (more than 5 years)

Tutoring Approach

One-to-one for individual lessons. Small group classes (not more than 6 people) to ensure effective focus, delivery and attention to students.

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3 Years of Teaching Experience

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BSc Biochemistry, MSc Biotechnology (Current))


The best tutoring experience I've had was when I worked with a student who was struggling with math. Initially, they lacked confidence and found the subject daunting. However, through personalized attention, patient explanations, and tailored teaching methods, I helped them gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. Witnessing their gradual improvement and seeing their confidence grow was incredibly rewarding. Eventually, the student not only mastered the material but also developed a newfound enthusiasm for math. It was gratifying to know that I played a part in their academic success and self-confidence.

Tutoring Approach

The best tutoring approach is one that is tailored to the individual needs and learning style of the student. It involves:

Assessment: Understanding the student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals through assessments and discussions.

Personalization: Creating customized lesson plans and learning materials that address the specific needs and interests of the student.

Engagement: Keeping the student actively engaged in the learning process through interactive activities, real-life examples, and hands-on experiences.

Clear Communication: Explaining concepts clearly and patiently, using language and explanations appropriate for the student's level of understanding.

Positive Reinforcement: Providing praise and encouragement to boost the student's confidence and motivation.

Feedback: Offering constructive feedback and guidance to help the student identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.




2 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bsc Hons Biotechnology


Dedicated in ensuring my students strive for the best academically.

Tutoring Approach

Plan syllabus accordingly and ensure students do recap and work on exercises so that they are able to master the subject.

Not Available



10 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Master of Philosophy in English language (PhD scholar)
  • Kelana Jaya +14 More


Master of Philosophy in English language (PhD scholar)


Hi there, owing to my English language tutoring experience, I have had a decade-long experience of preparing intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced level students for a range of English language assessments, namely IELTS, PTE, and so on.
I will accept an offer from an institution or a private candidate looking for an English native-like tutor in Petaling Jaya.

Tutoring Approach

I instruct students based on my lesson plans in an engaging way. Students never get bored or tired of taking my class. My teaching strategies adhere to student-centric lessons, which stimulate students' thinking capacity, communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and inspire them to achieve a rewarding result.

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10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Master's Degree


Qualified teacher and trainer with 10+ years of experience, dynamic teaching style, excelling in simplifying complex concepts. With a Master's Degree in Educational Management and Leadership and a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, I am able to facilitate students to become the best versions of themselves.

Tutoring Approach

Crafting tailored lessons that ignite curiosity! My dynamic approach blends interactive techniques with real-world applications, ensuring a fun and effective learning journey. Specializing in personalized tutoring for academic excellence. Watch your child thrive with engaging sessions!




3 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • BSc (Biochemistry), MSc (Biotechnology_ In View)
  • Seksyen 17
  • abdxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx View Contact


BSc (Biochemistry), MSc (Biotechnology_ In View)


1. Al Qalam University Katsina (AUK) Aug. 2022 – present

Graduate Teaching Assistant

- Teaching the assigned curriculum in one- to three-hour classroom sessions

- Leading class discussions and answering student questions

- Evaluating student essays, projects, labs, tests, and other assessments

- Maintaining records on student progress/grades

Working alongside a faculty member

- Helping design a syllabus

- Preparing exams

2. Amiru Abdullahi Nizamiyya Primary School Yauri, Nigeria. Aug. 2018 – July 2020

N-Teach Volunteer

- I taught students various modules in integrated science and mathematics.

Tutoring Approach

1) I set defined goals with my learners at the beginning of each lesson. This enables the entire class to better understand the subject matter, both individually and collectively.
2) I integrate gamification in eLearning. This way, I will be giving my learners more interactive ways to reinforce what I have taught them in previous classes.
3) I also employ the Socratic method in online tutoring. This is often called an inquiry method, where the teaching happens based on the current level of understanding of the subject by the learner.

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