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Jay (MYT 10955)

Female, 35 Years Pro/ (MYT 10955)

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Masters in International Business, Bachelors in Finance
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Masters in International Business, Bachelors in Finance

I am an accomplished subject expert specializing in Principles of Accounting, Mathematics, and Additional Maths. My teaching proficiency extends across diverse exam boards, encompassing SPM (Prinsip Perakaunan, Modern Maths, Add Maths), IGCSE (Accounting, Core/Extended Maths, Add Maths), A-Levels (Accounting), Edexcel GCSE (Accounting and Maths), and STPM (Perakaunan). Possessing a valid teaching permit, I am thoroughly acquainted with the latest KSSM/KBSM syllabi for SPM, IGCSE, and A-Levels. With a commendable track record, I have successfully developed students who attained high distinctions in their respective exam boards. Additionally, I offer short-term tutoring for university students facing challenges in finance, accounting, and business-related subjects. As an educator, I deliver exceptional and tailored learning experiences that effectively address the specific challenges students currently encounter.

I Can Manage Both

I employ a student-centric teaching approach, adapting my guidance to suit the individual skill set of each student. Utilizing various methods tailored to the student's level, I personally create all teaching materials in a simplified form. Ensuring the success of my students is my primary responsibility, whether through one-on-one sessions or small group classes (with a maximum of 5 students). Additionally, I offer online tutoring for those residing at a distance or preferring the convenience of their own space. In online sessions, I utilize a digital board, providing a similar interactive experience as face-to-face instruction.

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Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Modern Maths, Additional Math, Accounts, Prinsip Akaun
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:
Accounting, Business Mathematics, Financial Management, Corporate Finance



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Lim Ern Tong

Teacher Jay is a very patient and friendly teacher. I didn't understand anything about accounting at first, but she guided me step by step. She made accounting easy to understand. I managed to score A in accounting thanks to her. Teacher is always there to help me even though I ask about things other than exercises such as case study. I am very grateful to have her as my tuition teacher.

Aina Nazurah

I love how teacher Jay makes me feel like its okay to ask questions openly. With my previous tutor, I often had anxiety and was scared to ask questions for fear of looking dumb but with teacher Jay that was not a problem. The way teacher Jay kindly and attentively taught me made me excited to attend classes with her. I would’ve found it hard to have intensive classes before the papers but because teacher Jay tutors so well, it didn’t feel overwhelming and i wasn't dreading the classes!


She is a very friendly, kind and open teacher. She always helps me to understand more about the subject. She also has a whole database full of old classes, so it's easier for me to back track to previous classes that I've missed. I am very grateful to have had her as my tuition teacher for SPM.


Teacher jay have been a great help to me for akaun subject ! She very helpful in helping me with all the akaun question. It was very comfortable having a class with her and she always reply my question thru WhatsApp. She also help me a lot to prepare for my SPM akaun. Im very thankful to teacher jay.


Teacher Jay is a very patience tutor even if I ask the same question 100 times she will explain it to me until I totally understand it. She’s very friendly too and a very committed tutor to ensure a great result. Always looking forward for her classes everyday. She help me understand Prinsip Perakaunan from A-Z and make it simple to understand. Suitable for any students and strongly recommended.

Simranjeet Kaur

I understood accounts better with teacher’s method of teaching. She was patient enough to answer all my questions to make sure I better understood things. Was a great experience learning with her. Trully recommended !

Mysha Yusni

It was a very fun experience learning with teacher. She is very flexible with our timetable and help us a lot in understanding the concepts of Ekonomi. She was a great help to us in understanding any questions that were presented. She helped us prepared for our SPM entirely and pointed out the spot on questions that might come out on SPM which is so helpful to us!


I love her method of teaching! Economy is a complicated subject but the way MS. Jay taught made it more interesting and she will make sure her students understand the topics deeply. I was really lucky to be her student.


Teacher Jay is a very patient person as I was so weak with accounts and economy but she managed to make me understand bit by bit. Her teaching style is amazing! The notes, the exercises were great. I've never understood accounts and economy better till I found teacher Jay ! Thanks Teacher Jay !!

Crystania Almeera

She was very friendly which made it comfortable. Her teaching was very detailed. She would always remind me what she had thought if I had ever forgotten it. She also focused on the topics that were more likely to come out in the exams.


As a student, my online class has been interesting. What I like about this class is the schedule is very systematic and Ms. Jay is totally coolest teacher I have ever seen before this and is really caring too. She do motivate us. Before I joining the class I was not really good in economics but after join the class I can see the difference my grades are increased from C to A. Thats really good. All together the teacher is super friendly and she will repeat the lesson until you understand. In the end of everything this class is really worth and you can trust our teacher. Good results is guarantee !


Teacher Jay is the best teacher that I have ever seen. I used to hate accounts but since I join her accounts class I started loving it. She will teach each and everything very carefully and until we understand it.

Sharmilla Arasu

Teacher Jay is an excellent teacher. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging her students to try. She’s very detailed and passionate about teaching. No matter what level you are at,she will work with you to ensure you are digesting the lessons as you go. Thank you so MCH teacher, u are amazing at what you do ❤️

Priyangaa Thamotharan

Teacher Jay always patience and kind. She always explain again if I cant understand specially add maths and accounting! She always teach technique to score in exams. I'm so lucky to be your student. In one I say is She best teacher in my life! Thank you so much Cher Jay.

Celia Lee Kl

She was very patient in teaching, even though I may not understand certain topics or made any mistakes, she always patiently teach me step by step until I understand and master those topics. -Jamie F5 2021

Amanda Mirza

-easy and comfortable learning environment -easy to ask questions -response to questions are detailed and can understood easily -provides a lot of useful and detailed study materials

Geoffrey Kan

All and all, I think she is an excellent tutor as my results in the economy subject increases drastically. Besides, if I have any questions, I will not hesitate to ask as she will explain a certain topics until I have a better understanding.

Rania Raffiq

I like how Ms Jay is patient, hardworking tutor i have ever met.She will make the time and show me the workings in a more detail way until i understood the workings and all.Ms Jay is very dedicated to her students.She is very nice and understand her students feelings and thoughts with maths.Every online lesson with her is never a dull moment.

Gladys Rodgers

When we selected Cambridge Accounting as one of my son's A-level Options in January 2020 at his college, we didn't realise that Accounting is one of those subjects where basics in GCSE is preferred. My son had not done Accounting at GCSE. Having just returned to Malaysia after a decade overseas, he had a challenge in his hands from the get-go with adapting to teaching styles here. In spite of being a straight As student at GCSE, he struggled to decode what the lecturer was saying. It soon became obvious that we needed to source someone who could teach Accounting well. We tried one tutor initially but after two lessons my son said it wasn't a good fit. By the time Jay was recommended to is it was already early- April .2020 and my son's ALevel exams were scheduled for October. Jay and my son could not even meet because of all the lockdowns. The entire tutorial sessions were done online. From the very first lesson my son greatly appreciated her practical, exam-orientated style. She certainly had the double task of ensuring his basics were solid plus ensure he had a good grasp of the A-level syllabus. Additionally, with time being scarce, she also had to ensure enough practice and past year practice was done. My son scored a high B at Cambridge's A-Levels. That is truly a lot to cheer about when you take into account the lack of basics he had and learning something totally new online in a very short space of time. He is on his way to University in UK and is very grateful to have had Miss Jay take him through ALevel Accounting. I have no doubt in my mind that they could have hit an 'A' if we had met Jay sooner. Jay has an exam-orientated approach, she covered the Cambridge A-Level Specifications on time, she stuck to her time -table (and if she can't, she informs and replaces the lesson) and she is very familiar with the Cambridge papers. She was also very accomodating with all the queries I had as a parent and took the time to answer the many questions I had. Highly recommended for Accounting.

Arjun Thanabalan

I studied A-levels and had no prior knowledge to accounting. Ms jay helped me understand all the subject matter very efficiently as she is very knowledgeable on the topic. Very determined and pro-active to giving and marking questions.


Teacher Jay is patient and strongly believes in all her students to do well in their exams. She's not only a teacher to me but also like a mentor that always motivates me to do better. She's an excellent teacher. She taught me carefully as well as what I should concentrate more to get extra marks. She gives out state trial papers and past year paper so that we can prepare ourselves and give us a rough idea of questions that may come out. She is also very flexible with tuition timings, due to the Covid 19 pandemic she understood how hard it is for students to study online especially for me so she breaks down the usual 2 hour physical class to 1 hour per class online. So I had classes twice in a week. She's a very hardworking teacher as well , not only teach us by topics but help to brush up our basics through modules.


Learning Acc with Teacher Jay so much easier and fun. She teaches you from A-Z and she'll give you some great new tips and techniques that definitely can help you score on your examination. If you have problem on a question, just ask her and she'll teach you how to find the answer right away. She also help me with my mathematics months before SPM. Overall,we did cover all the important topics within the short time. We did most of our classes through Zoom and time management with her was easy.You can also cover the class that you missed by telling her what day you prefer to have it. I definitely 100% satisfied with her tutoring. She's the best!

Neelufer Deleena

It was hard for me to understand maths and accounts, but then teacher Jay taught me very well and it was easy to understand both of the subject. She has always been a good teacher, she is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material, even when the pandemic hits. She has her own way to teach... I taught online studying was hard, but teacher Jay has her own materials. She put all her effort to make her students comfortable with online classes. She has been very supportive and motivating me. Thanks teacher!!!

Yin Cheng

She’s very good at the subject that she teaches and explains very well. I took accounting with her and she explained every little details until I understand. I also took Mathematics with teacher Jay one week before SPM and she even managed to cover up all the topic for paper 2 in just a week time for me(i had almost 0 knowledge about most ofthe topics) A very dedicated and caring teacher, I would say :). The best teacher i’ve met throughout my whole highschool, even better than private schools teacher. :DD Would recommend teacher Jay for anyone who’s struggling with their studies and there won’t be any regrets.

Rhad Priyaa

As an SPM student at the time, addmaths was indeed a difficult subject for me to grasp. Therefore, it was important to have a tutor who's patient. Lucky for me, mrs jay is not only patient with me but is also willing to explain concepts and questions that I cant understand over and over again until I got the hang of it. Other than that, I personally liked how mrs Jay enforces each lesson with questions to do either as homework or to do on the spot just to make sure I understood the sub topic at hand through and through before moving on to the next. Besides that, I'm really glad that she drilled me with past year papers and state trial papers to make sure I got maximum exposure to all sorts of questions before my SPM examination. Her friendly and approachable persona also makes it really easy for me to ask her questions without a second of hesitation, whether if its regarding the homework tht she had given me during previous lessons or even occasional questions from my school homework which mainly consisted of questions from the textbook. Unlike a few teachers who've I had in the past that had zero faith in my abilities in addmths and had discouraged me over my previous bad grades in tests and exams, mrs Jay actually motivates me to do better after each practice test and blatantly points out my flaws and mistakes and how to overcome them so that I could work on them. The highest grade I got after having mrs Jay as my tutor was 89% which I'd say is a huge improvement for me. I advocate students to not expect overnight magic to happen and do their part by putting in the effort such as making sure their homework is done and doing additional questions in their own time for optimum results.

Darshwana Davida

She's very patient with me and she makesures that I understand whatever she teaches


A teacher who does very well in making her students feel comfortable in the learning environment. Does her best in understanding her students' weaknesses and work from there to make sure they understand and excel.

Xin-e Liew

Before attending miss Jay's accounting online classes last September, I knew only about 30% of what I've learnt in school since form 4. Miss Jay went through all the syllabuses with me even though time was short. She's always patient and I can easily understand her teaching as she explains well. Before attending her classes I was barely passing my accounts but now I am confident to score well in SPM. I highly recommend miss Jay to anyone who's looking for an accounting tutor. With her teaching and a little bit of hard work, there's no way you can't improve.

Aizan Fitri Arshad

Ms Jay give her full commitment to teaches and guide my daughter in principal of accounting. My daughter is enjoyed every class with ms Jay. Her result improved tremendously from D in form 4 to A in SPM result 2019.

Siti Aisyah

Ms. Jay has given me the best tutoring experience for 3 months. She's very patient and she is excellent at summarizing chapters to make me understand. If there was any regret I'd have, it would be for not having her as a tutor earlier on.


She's a really nice person & she teaches you step-by-step until you understand.


She is very pleasant and patient with her teaching and takes time to explain until the topic or unit is well understood.

Nur Insyirah

Her teaching techniques and how she will explain in the simplest way for me to understand.


Miss Jay is a good tutor, she able to teach me due to my short period of exam for accounting. She explained to me clearly and also assist me through whatsapp after finish the tuition session. She had a fever that time and still proceed to teach me the account.


She is very patient with teaching and takes time to explain properly.


She cares about her students. She is really comfortable to ask questions and very open.

Siti Nur Aisyah Bt Mahadi

I'm having fun learning with her for 1 year. She's great in tutoring, explaining, helping and being such a very kind person and a good listener. She helped me in Kerja Kursus Prinsip Perakaunan and thanks to God and her I got full marks for my kerja kursus. I love you teacher and thanks for the gifts that you gave me :)

Farah Diana

I started with zero knowledge of Additional Mathematics and Accounting and now I’ve improved a lot in these two subjects. Ms Jay is an awesome tutor throughout my study with her. I like her explanation. It’s clear and understandable. She gave a lot of homework which actually helps me a lot. She is friendly and caring. I’m glad that I have her as my tutor.


Ms.Jay is a friendly person. She is well experienced and likes to share many information. She gives a lot of examples regarding the topic so that I can get a clear picture of what I am learning. She always encourages me every time I feel down and gives many homework which is very helpful. Thank you for helping me out in this short time.

Shaarmethaa Jayaprakash

Because of Ms.Jay I start to like my STPM Accounts. She will teach the simplest way of understanding the accounts subject. She never felt bored to explain the same thing until we understand. She will give a lot of tips and techniques to score well in exam. Her class is always full of joy and happy. Thank you so much Ms Jay.

Shaarmethaa Jayaprakash

Because of Ms.Jay I like my STPM Accounts. She not makes me love the subject only but she make me loves the way she teach. Even tough many times I ask her to explain the same question is never felt bored to answer it and she will really patience to answer it. She will teach the simplest way of understanding the accounts. She have also give lots of techniques and tips to score well. Thanks Ms.Jay.


Without Ms Jay. I would have been lost. Thank you teacher for guiding me, inspire me and make me what I am today. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class. Your class was fun and I learned a lot from you. My future is brighter because of you. Thanks for all that you’ve sacrificed throughout more than a year to become a better student and person. Thank you for always pushing me to try my best. I’ll remember both the academic and life lessons that you have taught me.

Priyatharshini Kanagamuthu

I like most about Ms. Jay. She will teach me until I can understand that subject and give explanation one by one. Ms. Jay is very caring person.

Minahal Khan

She is awesome, very detail oriented and made sure I understood ever step. She helped me prepare for everything I needed to know for my GCSE exams in a short period of time. Would highly recommend her.

Kamalleshwary Baskaran

I used to be a very weak student in maths and accounting subjects. Ms Jay's tutoring method helped me a lot to achieve A. Extremely happy with her tutoring method !!


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