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Chris (MYT 11728)

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Kuala Lumpur
Bachelor Degree in Psychology; MBA
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Bachelor Degree in Psychology; MBA

Many learners are learning the Chinese language the wrong way, let me show you how to do it right and effectively. I'm a native Chinese and a Chinese language specialist. Having gone through and seen many pains and stresses related to Chinese learning, I can greatly speed up your communication skill and writing skill in Chinese using my customized, step-by-step Fast-track Training program. I'm skilled in creating an interactive platform for optimum learning. For the past 13+ years, I provided practical and fun-filled activity-based learning to all walks of life. I taught classes of different sizes (from 1 to 100), different levels (from beginners to advance; 2.5-65 years old) and different purposes (from daily-conversation to business presentations in Chinese) in Sri KDU international school, language centers, local and international companies in different countries. As a Mandarin Language Specialist, I developed an App called “Chat to Learn Chinese”. Hundreds of students speaking like Chinese natives within 6 months of exposure to my model is legendary. I contributed to Chinese language learning by creating educative articles and videos on digmandarin.com and medium blog. I also do volunteer works (helping refugees to learn Chinese and other subjects) and tutored some special kids with autistic syndrome/ADHD.

I Can Manage Both

For Mandarin: Most of my students were able to speak Mandarin naturally in less than 6 months by using at least 200-600 vocabulary (70-80% understanding). After 13 years of working actively as a teacher in the Chinese language, I discovered these teaching methods: (Pinyin and tones → basic word orders → expressions close to English → expressions not close to English → Chinese Characters). I call it a Fast-track Training that is so effective that my students were able to converse easily in the Chinese language. The class is highly intensive, fast-paced, interactive, practical and fun. For example 1) Talk in Mandarin starting from day one. You will learn the classroom instructions and some practical phrases in Chinese in the first two classes then I will shift to 100% Mandarin gradually. My students were able to express themselves in Chinese in less than 4 classes. 2) Learning Mandarin with or without Chinese characters. You can learn the language by using PinYin (Western letters). Highly recommended for those who want to learn conversation only. 3) Practical first: We will focus on your interested topic/area instead of learning the language in a general way. 4) A powerful tool - role play: I'll pretend to be your Chinese business partner or a waiter and we chat normally. In this way, we can make the language 1000% more practical to you. 5) Customised learning topics and materials. 6) Looking forward to learning the Chinese language with you : ) Just call/text me

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Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Science, Mandarin, Modern Maths
English, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese
Business Training
Business Training:
Public Speaking, Life Coaching, Presentation Skills, Finance: Planning
Science, Chinese, Math


Kuala Lumpur

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Note Written by: Chris Lee

Note on Conversational Chinese

Why mastering classroom expressions? So that we can start speaking Chinese in your first Chinese class. Let’s practice!

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Prepared by: Chris Lee

Presentation on Competitive Management Strategy

Based on the Food and Beverages Industry, design a disruption that will create a new dominance. - Choose a relevant food or beverages sector; - Discuss its competitive advantage using Porter’s Forces; - Determine the competitive life cycle; - Discuss the possible disruption; - Suggest a strategy to recreate competitive advantage.

Written by: Chris Lee


Chris is an experienced tutor where she would adjust her teaching according to your understanding and what's practical in real life, so you don't need to waste time to force your brain to learn something that you will never use or listening to "wode pengyou zai narli, zai zheli,zai zheli" 100x times. Her teaching is not rigid, and she always there to help your learning.


I am a few weeks into my Mandarin classes with Chris and could not be happier with my choice to begin learning this language! Chris' approach is pragmatic and practical which has given me the ability to construct basic everyday sentences in only a handful of classes. I believe that this method of learning is extremely useful and I have already been able to engage in simple talk with Mandarin speakers as well as finally understand what's going when ordering food in a Chinese restaurant. A huge thumbs up to her patience with her students and ability to address any questions I might have in the most clear manner to further enhance my learning process. I'm excited to see my Mandarin language skills progress more and more in the coming weeks!

Kush Linfield

Chris Lee was patient and unafraid to push my abilities without making me feel frustrated or incompetent. I would recommend her to anyone.


Flexibility, and very skilled in the art of teaching, able to adapt to different teaching patterns

Alice Hoang

Chris Lee is very gentle and patient during the learning process. She speaks very clear and slow so the students can catch up all the time and always willing to repeat or answer our questions until we are clear about the lessons. She also has beautiful voice. Her method in teaching is very comprehensive and motivated. We highly recommend Chris Lee for your Chinese language learning.

Harryzal Bin Mustapha

Very high spirited even when our enthusiasm is very low.


Chris is a very talented and knowledgeable tutor. She is patient and supportive and had a very nice way about her. She came extremely prepared which impressed me. What I loved about working with Chris is that she didn't teach me anything I didn't need. We only focused on the important concepts I'm going to need for my job. A pleasure to work with and definitely a class act. Would recommend to anyone.

Andrew Chin

Since 2015 teacher Chris has been tutoring both my 9 and 11 year old boys in 4 core school subjects (English, Science, Maths and Chinese). She is always on-time, articulate, kind and patient. Both my kids love her and I can see visible improvement in their school, homework and examination results. I have also personally taken Mandarin classes from her and find that her teaching methodology and approach is very effective. I highly recommend her.


She is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. After having a few classes with her I can definitely see an improvement in my ability to converse in Mandarin. The use of PinYin to teach makes it easy for me to grasp the language faster. She is very patient and always ensures that I understand what was taught. I would highly recommend Chris Lee to anyone wanting to learn to speak Mandarin fast.

Hiroko Kataoka

She is an excellent teacher, I learned a lot from her. She comes on time, fun to learn with her, and I improved so much. Unfortunately I have to move out from this country that's why have to quite the lesson otherwise I would have continued to learn from her. I had a chance to change my flight in China, and I could talk in Chinese language with local people and they understood. It made me happy! I definitely recommend her for your tutor. Thank you Chris.

Miri Choi

Her teaching style is very communicative-based and student-centered. I was a little worried because it was the first time to learn Chinese. But thanks to Chris, I become more interested in Chinese and motivated to keep studying it as well.

Jowin Bin Roslan

He is a very active and responsive teacher with the great knowledge about the subject.I will highly recommend him.


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