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Sylvia (MYT 1596)

Female, 32 Years Pro/ (MYT 1596)

11 Years of Teaching Experience

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Petaling, Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Johor, Penang
Ph.D in Medical Science, B.Sc. Hons. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
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Ph.D in Medical Science, B.Sc. Hons. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Have been teaching Chemistry for SPM, IGCSE, AISM, GCSE (9-1), STPM, A-Levels, CPU, IB, CIMP, SAT, AUSMAT and Foundation levels since 2009. At present also tutoring three degree students for Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis modules. Significant improvement have consistently been achieved. Most of my students scored A* and A+ in Chemistry for IGCSE and SPM respectively and distinction in their Pre-U level Chemistry. I provide one to one home tuition, group classes, crash courses and online classes.

I Can Manage Both

I cater my classes customized to students learning rate, understanding level, and their learning style. Will complete their syllabus three months before their major examination. I will provide them intensive revision classes nearing examination and practice past year trial papers with them nearing trials. A significant improvement is guaranteed.  Beside one to one/ group classes, I also provide online classes via Skype and Zoom (mainly for those who are not in KL/ Malaysia). Many students have found this mode more useful as they are able to record the entire class session and rewatch whenever necessary.  Whichever method chosen, I can assure a custom made and well tailored education plan for yourself/ your child with guaranteed improvement. 

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Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR)
Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR):
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:


Petaling, Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Johor, Penang

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Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Skype

Notes Written by: Sylvia Joanne

IGCSE Paper 6 Kit Notes

All information needed to guide student through their IGCSE Paper 6.

22 Times downloaded


1 file

Notes on Salts

Notes on Salts topic

9 Times downloaded


1 file

Equilibrium Notes

IGCSE Revesible Reaction Chapter

6 Times downloaded


1 file

Notes on Redox Titration

Notes on titration involving techniques in Redox.

7 Times downloaded


1 file

Prepared by: Sylvia Joanne

Written by: Sylvia Joanne


Thank you for helping me throughout the A-level Chemistry examinations. Because of your patience and encouragement, I am able to achieve A* in my A-Level Chemistry. You are the teacher who inspired me to go above and beyond, took your time, and ensured I am on the right track.

Adeline Jacob

Enthusiasm during lessons, various accompanied examples for better understanding

Sarvaeswary Rajandran

She was a great teacher. She made chemistry more interesting for me. I started loving chemistry more because of her. Her teaching method is easier and more understanding. She always make sure that I've understand the topic she's teaching on that day. It's a pleasure to have a great teacher like her to teach me. Thank you teacher.

Akaash Luke

All my classes were online since we started during the MCO in 2020. Since then my grades have drastically improved thanks to Ms Sylvia’s help. She taught me well and made me enjoy doing Chemistry


Experience was good. Explains concepts well. Improved in the subject.

Elissa Ann

Dr Sylvia is an exceptional teacher. She explains concepts clearly from a fresh perspective and takes the extra effort to make sure students understand topics. Her notes are intentional and concise as well so that students are well-covered before exams. Even though I had a hard time with chemistry, Dr Sylvia always makes it fun and simpler to learn.❤️

James George

Awesome tutor. Very well versed wirh content and her online lessons are extremely effective. Very patient as well when explaining difficult concept. One of the best tutor out there.

Anita J

Friendly, easy to communicate with, patient and good in explaining concepts in an easy and understandable manner. Classes were always interactive, fun and never boring. Sylvia prepared me well ahead of my IGCSE and pre-u exams which led to me achieving an A* in chemistry.

Zheng Xiang Wong

Humbleness and relatability towards the students. Class is always lively, cheerful and informative. She's knowldegable and fun at the same time, what a cool combo! I'm very glad to have met this person, not just a teacher to me, but a friend :)


Everything she says is clearly understandable. Her teaching style is very effective. She makes sure I understand why and how about chemistry instead of making me memorise information.

Amyrathul Munyra

She made the class a safe environment to learn in. Whenever I got a concept or a question wrong she will patiently explain. The class was always very interactive and fun allowing me to not be as tense. With her help, i can say that my grades improved significantly during my A2 year as that’s when she started teaching me.


All the classes were really good, for topics i had trouble in she would prepare her own notes for me and make me understand really well step by step from the basics. Her explanations were very easy to comprehend. Furthermore, she would make time to have extra classes when I needed and, she knew the A- level syllabus very well and what key points to remember for the exam questions in past papers.

Priyaa Thiru

She is someone who I can communicate easily with. I am not afraid to ask her questions and she teaches in detail. She goes through everything thoroughly and she really prepared me for my IGCSE exam. Because of her intensive tuition classes, I have done very well for my IGCSE chemistry.


I'm really impressed with Sylvia Joanne of IB HL Chemistry and mode of delivery, I'll highly recommended she to parents whose kids need help with IB chemistry . My son had a lot of question and needed help to understanding basic concept , Sylvia Joanne not only clarified his understanding, but also developed a really good rapport with him that has strengthened his confidence .

Azureen Shaari

Joanne taught my first son a few years back and she changes his perception about chemistry and he got A* for his IGCSE paper. Now Joanne is also teaching my second son and he agrees that Joanne is the best Chemistry teacher as she always is able to deliver complicated topics in a much easier way. Highly recommended

Eleena Sofea

She's funny and it is very easy to talk to her! she makes learning fun

Hamizah Sheikh

She is using her own style and notes. She has an original style of teaching and explains in simpler terms. She has a fun personality which keeps students alert during long periods of class.


Very helpful, kind and a brilliant tutor. She has a deep understanding of the subjects she teaches and she has mastered the way to teach various students from different backgrounds including me.

Valerie Pang

She gives very thorough and detailed explanations in a way that is easy to understand and her classes are never boring.

Nik Farzana

Very friendly and good in explaining.


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