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Ayman (MYT 22924)

Male, 50 Years Pro/ (MYT 22924)

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara, Damansara, Bangsar, Petaling Jaya,... More
PhD Arabic literature, Master's degree Quran & Islamic studies and Bachelor's degree in English literature.
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PhD Arabic literature, Master's degree Quran & Islamic studies and Bachelor's degree in English literature.

A Full time professional native Arabic language teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers. English is my second language for more than 40 years. I have a PhD degree in Arabic language literature, a Master's degree in Quran and Islamic studies, a Bachelor's degree in English literature, and a diploma in social science. Courses and classes offered are comprehensive and integrated that include all skills required for the student to achieve maximum use of the class/ course from reading, writing, listening, conversing and comprehension skills. The student should be able to read, write and converse in a 2-month time if an intensive course is chosen.

I Can Manage Both

Standard Modern Arabic is used in teaching the Arabic language and classes are prepared carefully to suit each student level from beginners to advanced. Each class contains a different type of learning skills, starting with flashcards, printed materials and interactive videos. Courses are comprehensive, and teach writing skills, reading skills and conversing in Arabic, in addition to listening and comprehension. Teaching methods are an integrated interactive way to achieve the maximum benefit of each class and the course overall. Quran and Islamic studies are taught separately as the Quran requires correct reciting, reading and tajweed while Islamic studies topics vary from Fiqh, Tafseer, Ibadat, etc.  

Arabic Language classes will be based on an open syllabus book with modern communication skills, writing, reading, and listening.

Fees (MYR)
Fees (MYR)h:
Rm 70 online tuition, Rm 90 home tuition, and RM 120 for IGSCE exam preparation/ hour per student.


Arabic, QURAN


Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara, Damansara, Bangsar, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Putra Jaya, Cyber Jaya, Kajang, Bangi, Cheras, Klang Valley, Selangor

Online Tutoring

Prior Online Tutoring Experience:
RM 70
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Tools Details:
Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Skype

Note Written by: Ayman Abdulghaffar

Prepared by: Ayman Abdulghaffar

Written by: Ayman Abdulghaffar

Wan Zabidee

Lessons are engaging. Both the micro and macro aspects of learning are sequentially blended in each unit taught.


Teacher Ayman loves teaching very much and have passion for teaching. He's competent and highly qualified. He also make sure to teach the students about the culture in order to understand about the Arabic language. He gives extra time in class as he's a responsible teacher to make sure we understand things well. He's always punctual and very recommended. I enjoy open topic, stress free and fun classes with Mr Ayman.


A passionate and experienced tutor, who is engaging and provides in depth explanation of concepts. He tutors my 4 children ages between 5 and 14. They come out of their lessons excited, and able to apply knowledge learnt. They look forward to their lessons each week, and have fun recounting their lessons after each one. That to me is a sign of a great tutor! Highly recommended.

Ahmad Faez Bin Abdul Razak

Ustaz Ayman is a a very excellent and dedicated teacher. His method of teaching is the best and easy to understand. I can write in arabic within a month using his method of teaching. I highly recommended Ustaz ayman if u want to learn Arabic in the correct way and fun way.


Mr Ayman is a very dedicated and excellent teacher. He is quite punctual and takes his duties very seriously. I have two kids (17 and 15 years old) taking Arabic classes for a month now and I hope this will be a continuous process that will end up with both kids speaking fluent Arabic in the near future. I am sure, like my kids, there will be many more students that will get the benefit of having Mr Ayman as their teacher. Thank you, Mr Ayman!

Dr Zabrina

A few moths back, I was looking for an Arabic Language tutor as my 9 year old son was losing interest and confidence in learning Arabic Language. And amazingly, Mr Ayman within a few weeks has restored my son's confidence and interest in the language. Within a few classes too, my son started to construct Arabic sentences which was amazing for me to hear! Mr Ayman's method is comprehensive and fun. He teaches reading, writing, speaking - all at the same time. He is a super dedicated teacher who really gives 100% in his class and expects his students to give 100% too. I have no doubt that Insha Allah my son would be able to master this language under the guidance and tutorship of Mr Ayman!

Rafidah Bt Atan

Ayman is an excellent arabic teacher. He is passionate about the subject and seems highly experienced. He tactfully combines reasonable expectations and supportive nature when it comes to ensuring student progress. Ayman is very professional in his dealings with us and takes his role as tutor seriously. He is punctual and reliable which is excellent role modelling for our child. I'm very happy with our decision to appoint him as Arabic tutor for our 8 year old son. Thank you Ayman.


Ustaz Ayman has a friendly approach specially towards kids, he is a professional, competent and knowledgeable teacher. Speaks English very well with no slang or accent. My kids (a boy and a girl) are happy learning Arabic language and Qur'an from a native speaker like ustaz Ayman, he makes them know how to recite , speak, read and write properly. From my observation during the class his translation ( tafseer) for the ayat is simple and understandable by the kids as he is using English. Finally, he changes reasonable fees, he gives more than what he is paid for. Highly recommended. Thanks for myprivate tutor to introduce me to such an excellent teacher.


First and foremost i signed up with Arabic language classes with Mr. Ayman before Covid 19 pandemic based on the reviews written here, and to be completely honest i wasn't disappointed at all, i was very impressed how professional, knowledgeable and structured he is. I am still learning with Ayman online nowadays and his online lessons as much efficient as the home one to one classes, he makes sure that i receive the learning material by email or WhatsApp and answers any question i ask him outside the learning sessions. I must say that during this 4 or 5 months duration i am able to read, write and speak Arabic way better than many of my friends who have been learning since few years. Mr. Ayman is very punctual and on time when he comes to my house or online . I have to mention also that the classes fees are very reasonable as he charges RM 80/ hour for home tuition, and online he charges RM 60 which is very cheap. Highly recommended teacher with such friendly approachable personality.

Alyssa Amir

Professional and has a structured method of teaching.

Alif Bin Yaacob

His commitment. Can be seen through his punctuality(he is never late) and by his preparedness for each lesson.

Nur Farah

Well experience and a very good tutor. Very professional and punctual. Speaks well English and a very considerate person. He take pride and enjoys teaching also helps me to understand better.

Kenneth Makunga

My tuition class with Mr. Ayman was excellent, he encouraged active participation which I found very conducive to learning. Mr. Ayman was always early to our classes which were held at my apartment. Mr. Ayman is a very conscientious teacher always concerned about his students progress and always willing to help his students at anytime. I truly enjoyed my classes with him and look forward to more classes with him in the near future.

Melwinder Gill

He’s very structured and manages to handle a class of 3 people really well - especially since all 3 of us have varying degrees of understanding and experience with the language. I’m really impressed at the pace that I’ve managed to pick up the basics of the language since I’ve had no prior experience whatsoever.

Azri Aziz

I initially signed up for classes with Ayman to learn Arabic and Quran. After 12 sessions (3x a week), I have the basic grasp of the Arabic language with my vocabulary bank expanding at an unprecedented rate. Ayman has also helped me with my quran reciting and tajwid which has allowed me to recite the Quran smoother. Ayman has also helped me pronounce the different Ha, Haa, Kha better... A problem I have always had. Now on my second month, we are starting to create useful sentences to use in everyday life. Utilizing the vocabulary, verbs, and grammar. Having experienced the first 12 lessons and seeing results, I have also started lessons for my daughter to learn arabic. I studied arabic for 3 years many years ago in highschool but never managed to grasp the language at all. I am impressed at what Ayman is able to do for me in the first month. He is very passionate, punctual and patient. He will have an answer to all questions you may have. The cost of the class is very reasonable and justified from the results that is seen. I highly recommend for those who intends to learn or relearn Arabic and for those who wants to read the Quran and understand. He bakes a fantastic moist chocolate cake too. What else could you ask for?


He is very good with children and you can see that he enjoys teaching kids. Mirabelle likes Ayman very much and she is comfortable with him. sometimes he gives her chocolates as incentive.

Aminah Nordin

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate My 5-year old daughter started with Mr Ayman early June 2019. I found him via this website after my first quick search and I am very glad I found him. I was looking for an Arabic native tutor who has years of experience teaching young non-native children as it requires a lot of patience and different sets of teaching skills in handling young children. He is very organized, punctual for the sessions, honest and take pride in his teaching. He knows how to teach children as young as 5 years old and he is straight forward in his approach. He comes prepared for every session with teaching notes and homework. He has his own sets of teaching materials and I find his teaching materials better than the official teaching materials for the local students in Saudi Arabia where my daughter goes to school. He speaks English very well. So it makes teaching easy for my daughter as English is her first language. His fee is very reasonable considering the fact that he is a native speaker and he comes to my house for the sessions.

Mohd Azam Omar

He is definately professional in his approach to the subject and committed to the tutorship. He ensures understanding of the student during lessons and is always punctual. Easily approachable during or after lessons and does responds fast to any questions posed.

Nizam N Rabia Makdum

He is a very professional teacher, punctual, reliable, explains well, very good knowledge and has excellent teaching methods. I went from Australia to receive lessons from him and was thoroughly worth it. And I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Arabic and general about Islam.

Fareh Ishraf

Mr Ayman is a passionate educator. He is an experienced, provides clarity to the lessons objectives and utilities multiple teaching methods that suit his students needs. There is a remarkable improvement to the learning progress of my sons Arabic Language under the tutorial of Mr Ayman. He is very organized and professional, setting good vibes for his students to emulate.


Ayman has been tutoring my boys (12 & 8) Arabic and Quran (with Tafseer) for over 1 month, now and Alhamdulillah they have shown much progress, especially in their pronunciation. Most importantly, they enjoy their lessons! The boys will start reading & writing in Arabic soon and we look forward to their continued progress under Ayman.


From my experience with my kid, he is very gentle and understanding, my daughter loves Arabic now because of the way he is teaching her.


He is punctual, professional and the lessons are always filled with new things to learn. He also encourages you to have a discipline of reviewing the lessons and self-study in order for you to move forward and to improve quickly. He doesn't hesitate to encourage the student to ask questions.


I would say that Mr Ayman is a very professional, highly qualified, friendly and knowledgeable person. He always gives more than he suppose to, regarding time and information, and he will go hand by hand till he makes sure the student fully understands the class. Either it's Arabic language or Quran and Islamic studies, he has been teaching to my kids, he makes sure that they digested all the information, in a simple easy way by going to their level ( he is very kind with kids). Trust me on that, kids are more difficult to teach than adults. I would also like to add that the fees paid for the classes are worth it and the charges are very reasonable compared to other subjects. Sadly we are leaving Malaysia soon as my husband has been reassigned, else he will our permanent private tutor for the kids.

Abby Abdul Aziz

His explanation on Islamic Studies is comprehensive and clear. Everything is done in English, similar to a classroom learning. He is good in keeping my young children focused and entertained by using different approach of learning ie listening, writing, memorizing, practical, telling stories etc. Uztaz Ayman is also punctual and flexible on the tuition program.


Mr. Ayman is a friendly, professional, and first-grade A+ teacher who follows unconventional teaching methods, bringing Arabic language learning process in an easy way to the student. Wide knowledge of Islamic studies when a topic pops up during the class. Highly recommended as a native speaker.


I found Mr. Ayman to be very professional and dedicated individual. He has a passion for teaching and has a way with kids - which is exactly what I am looking for. With patience, Ayman was able to guide my kids well and now they are able to read, speak and write fluently. They are now able to understand and have grown to love the language (which they had always dreaded in the past). Found his unconventional ways of teaching to be a breath of fresh air compared to what I was accustomed to (other tutors are just blindly following the school syllabus). Would highly recommend him if you are looking to learn the language.


If you're looking to learn Arabic, and what more, from a native speaker, you're search is over. Mr.Ayman is the teacher you're looking for. Mr Ayman is punctual, patient, conscientious, and cares deeply for his students. He will make sure you grasp what he's teaching. He stresses on the big 3: writing, speaking and listening. The grammar he can teach you later. Language, being a skill, is something you have to do over and over, and Mr.Ayman is the best guide for you in your Arabic journey. Learning a language, I would imagine could be a very dry endeavour, but Mr.Ayman will make you fall in love with the Arabic language. He also throws in Quranic lessons for free if you're interested. I cannot recommend him enough. You will get your money's worth, I can guarantee you that. I'm proud to not only call him my teacher, but also a friend and someone I look up to.

Nor Afiqah Abdullah

Mr. Ayman is a good teacher. The way that he teached is easy to understand for a beginner like me. I am learning much more than just Arabic. He always on time and never late to our tutor session. He always dedicated to make sure I can learn the language well. His knowledge in Arabic is very good, considered that he is a native speaker. For me I think if someone want to learn Arabic, they should see a native speaker who have teaching experience. Rather than local teacher who only copy paste what they have learned. The fee is reasonable with the service given. Within an hour I can learn so much and it is worth the money. He also give more than what I paid for. He also very nice and respectful towards others. Which a must characteristic for private tutors. In conclusion, he is one of the best Arabic teacher that I have that actually do what he said. Very recommended for beginners.


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