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Gan (MYT 32756)

Female, 29 Years Pro/ (MYT 32756)

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Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), University of Malaya
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Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), University of Malaya
  • I finished secondary school with 11A's in SPM, including A+ for all maths-related subjects.
  • I studied physical science in Pre-U and finished with a 4.0.
  • My highest qualification is First Class Honours Bachelor in Mathematical Sciences from University of Malaya.
  • I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, emphasis area: Mathematical Education, in Penn State University.
  • I completed the Regular Korean Language Program from Seoul National University in November 2022.
  • Completed Level 6 with 94 marks. TOPIK II with 272 marks (Listening 98, Writing 74, Reading 100)
  • I also received an online bachelor's degree in Teaching Korean as a Second Language from NIIED South Korea and was award teaching license by the Korean Language Promotion Division, National Institute of Korean Language.
  • I started teaching in August 2015 and have been teaching secondary and tertiary mathematics under different curricula such as PT3, SPM, UEC, IGCSE, Foundation in Science, STPM, CIE A level, and Edexcel A level.
  • I also started teaching the Korean Language in June 2022.
  • I am very passionate about mathematics and aim to help students understand it and hence, recognize the elegance and beauty of the subject.
  • I help the good to be better, and the better to be best.
  • For you who see maths as an enemy, I'll be there to show you the wonders in maths and help you build a friendship :)
  • Special classes I did: Business Math and prep class for MAT
Online Tuition Only
  • I do not forecast questions as I am against the idea of studying just to pass an exam.
  • I teach to help my students understand how mathematics works and aim to help my students excel in it.
  • I read through question banks, trial papers, various school exam papers, and also past year papers to come up with the collection of questions that I think can help my students the most.
  • I won't brag about how my students perform in their exams, but I promised improvement in understanding.
  • If you are only looking for a tutor who teaches you how to score, sorry I'm not the one. However, if you want someone who helps clear all the question marks on your head when it comes to maths questions, look no further, I'm the one!
  • For Korean Language, I relate to the students as I learn the language as a second language, hence am confident to deliver lessons that are helpful and personalized to each student's needs.
Fees (MYR)
Fees (MYR)h:
above RM120 per hour


Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Modern Maths, Additional Math, Statistics
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:
Mathematics T, Mathematics S, Statistic
Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese, Korean


Anywhere (online)

Online Tutoring

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Tools Details:
Zoom, Google Meet

Notes Written by: Gan Jie Xin

SPM KSSM Additional Mathematics Chapter 5

This is an example main set notes I created myself. For every chapter, apart from the main set, I have at least 6 other sets of \"test yourself/ challenge yourself/ revision\" to further enhance my students\' understanding.

6 Times downloaded


1 file

Form 4 Mathematics KSSM Chapter 1

a sample of notes that is prepare by myself. this is for form 4 new syllabus starting 2020.

299 Times downloaded


1 file

Prepared by: Gan Jie Xin

Written by: Gan Jie Xin

Sherene Juanita

Miss Gan is the reason why I enjoy learning mathematics. Her teaching is really good and she makes it really clear and understanding. She somehow made it so easy to solve a maths problem even though it looks really confusing and tricky. During my SPM I used to score E or D grade for my exams and managed to score A for my SPM maths. I’ve been attending classes with her since 14 years old during secondary school and now I'm 20 years old learning calculus with her because i prefer learning math from her only.

Jonathan Tan

She'll make sure you properly understand a certain (sub)topic by going through multiple questions, and finding different ways to explain a solution if I didn't understand the first one. My grades have drastically improved due to her style of teaching and explanation. She's got a clear study plan in her head for each student. Fantastic teacher, would recommend to anybody and everybody.

Tan Yi Fan

Very attentive and patient tutor, at the same time possessing vast knowledge to help you understand the subject in an effortless manner. Jie Xin will also adjust the course layout according to your real time progress, keep the teaching momentum just nice at student's pace.

Alyssa Tan

I started my Maths tuition with Ms Gan in January and since then, my grades have been improved from what was usually a B/C to an A/A+. She also helped me achieve a 6.0 in Checkpoint. As I improved, I naturally started to like Math more which made it again easier to learn considering before this it was my least favorite subject. Currently I am doing IGCSE Add Maths with her and am on Chapter 4 which I find extremly helpful when I start Year 10. She has pushed me hard in my studies for Maths so that in school I find it a lot easier.


Very patient and everything is explained very clearly. Make sure I understand everything before moving on. Gives examples in the explanation for me to understand something clearer. I don’t hate maths anymore because I actually can understand and do the questions .

Kaiishori Balamurugan

I remember when the first time I came to her tuition. I didn't know how to do Mathematics in English because I learned it in Malay when primary school. I got a 39 on my first exam before coming to her tuition. After attending her tuition, my marks went to 71. I've always been nervous to ask teachers for more explanations because most of the teachers I've met made me feel afraid to ask questions but she was calm, patient, and friendly. She made me overcome it by teaching it (the Question) step by step. She'll teach each step precisely, and if you don't understand the steps, she'll explain them with multiple examples till you get it. She also doesn't judge you if you're lost in a topic. I'm thankful to my parents to find such a tutor like her as my tutor.

Alyssia Anne

Maths used to be my weakest subject before I joined Miss gan's tuition. I used to get between 30-40% in my maths exams and I knew maths is just not for me. After my sister introduced me to miss Gan's tuition my marks improved a lot. I've been learning maths with her for 4 years and I am able to score in my maths exams. Miss Gan made maths so simple to understand and apply it in real life. She also always answered any questions I had. She teaches me in such a fun and encouraging way, that I actually fell in love with the subject! She is very passionate about teaching and is a genuine, kind-hearted person and also makes her students comfortable with her. I am eternally grateful for her!


Miss Gan is a very kind and patient teacher. She takes time to ensure I understand what is being taught and helps me solve questions in the simplest way. She has made me improve on my maths drastically and it's always fun to be part of her class because she is interactive and always there to help.

Yong Xin Yi

Teacher is a cheerful and lively person. I don't feel bored in class. Class is fun, teacher is nice and friendly.


She’s very patient, fun. She has excellent teaching skills and the best teacher that I’ve ever had!

Alyssa Khor

Ms. Gan is extremely friendly and patient as she takes the time to explain areas I'm weak in. She'll find different ways to explain how to answer one question and I find that extremely useful as it allows me to choose which method works best for me. She's extremely responsive when I contact her outside the lesson for extra help which I appreciate so much. Overall, I couldn't ask for a better math tutor!


Ms Gan is a friendly and patient teacher. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. She also makes sure that I understand everything before each tutoring session ends.


Great teaching style and friendly attitude! Also Ms. Gan is very sensitive towards the needs of her students. Highly recommended!


I am really enjoying tutoring with Jie Xin. She is very understanding and her explanation is always clear. If I don't understand something she makes sure to go slower for those topics. She is also very supportive to my math level and always preps lessons according to my personal schedule. She also has easy going personality and its always pleasure to deal with her. Besides, she has really fair pricing.


Ms.Gan is a very friendly and kind teacher.I like the way Ms.Gan teaches me ,she uses the simplest and fastest way possible to solve an equation.She make sures that i understand everything i learn that day.

Isaac Wong

Ms Gan is a great tutor as she takes the time to ensure I completely understand what is being taught, that is to say the pacing is good. Furthermore, she takes the initiative to find additional information regarding the topic being taught to further enhance my understanding. She has also been really helpful outside of tutoring sessions as she responds quite quickly to any questions I had regarding lessons.

Ryan Khoo

Ms. Gan is a wonderful teacher. I enjoy her classes very much as it is not to fast but at the same time not to slow. This allows me to actually understand better. Since I joined quite late into the year, I was not able to go through every chapter with Ms. Gan. However, there is a huge difference when I compare the chapters that she taught me and the ones that I have studied myself.

Abigail Leow

I like her method of teaching. Miss Jie Xin will use the easiest method/format to help us solve a math question. She is very kind and hardworking. She have tolerance and patients towards all the student that she teaches. She have the ability to make her students have improvement on the subject. She can turn a student's heart towards math even though they don't like it at first. Although Miss Jie Xin only taught me for 5 months, I still feel that she is the best math teacher that taught me. Highly recommend to have her as a tutor. ☺️

Irene Chim

Teacher's teaching is very easy to catch. She always makes sure we understand what is going on and doesn't give a lot of homework and when work is put aside, she chats with us often. Her teaching is awesome and I'm sure anyone could grab it.


Her enthusiasm makes math class more engaging and enjoyable. She is also always willing to any of my questions and will patiently help when I've any misunderstandings.

Leow Yong Xi

Ms Gan is a very patient teacher. She teaches her students with a very sincere heart and with passion towards maths. Am really grateful for her tutoring!

Karen Yong

She is very patient and energetic, making math more fun for people like me who used to see math as an enemy of a subject. she makes class interactive and fun.


She explains everything so clearly and even if you don't understand something she will make sure you really understand it even without telling her about your hesitation.


Thats she gives her own simplified notes to her students, so that they can understand better. She also shows few other solutions not only one solution to solve the question.


Everything is perfect. Thank you teacher.

Chan Zheng Hao

I can learn about stuff Teacher wouldn’t teach in school and better understand questions.

Zaim Aqeel

I like the way she teaches. Her in depth understanding in Math makes her an excellent tutor. Her workings and explanations are very easy to understand. She could easily explain and solve any math questions. I've improved a lot and all thanks to her teaching. I owe her a debt of gratitude.

Ashley Chai

Explanation of unsure math topics such as quadratic equations.

Samantha Khu

A very dedicated and passionate teacher. If a student can understand rather than memorizing, they can do better and can last long in their memory. That's what Ms Gan does. And that is the teaching method I prefer.


She is an incredible educator. We can see effectively when she instructing and my outcomes have improved a ton.

Aik Jin

Excellent in mathematics, I've learned a lot and improved my maths skills by these past few years. I really appreciate that. Thank you!

Ishaa Kaur

The way she explains about the topics we study is really unique.

Manoj Kumar

Her teaching style is very easy to understand and the explanations are very clear. If there are questions she is very open to answering and can be easily approached. Higly recommended teacher for me.


Her methods are easy to understand and she tries to help me the best she can when I could not understand any question.

Sky Tehff

She explains and teaches us with a lot of details and she comes up with various interesting ways for us to memorize the information. Her teaching technique is very easy to understand and helpful.


She is an excellent teacher. She teaches with full focus. She has a very good understanding towards maths and add maths and provides ample of exercises.


She is a kind teacher. She will try to help the weaker students.

Deepika Das

Her friendliness and her love for Maths. She taught me Add Maths in a simple way and I understood each topic of SPM Add Maths easily. Her fun way of teaching also made each lesson interesting. She guided me to obtain an A for Add Maths in my SPM.

Lance Chen Guan You

She is a nice and to be honest the best mathematics teacher ever in my life who taught me how equation is formed, She doesn't teach like what all the teacher did wrong (I speak, you note down, Done). Instead, she taught by giving understanding and explanation which I'm still using her method of teaching to help myself in my uni maths learning. Understanding instead of memorizing.

Chester Chance

I really like the way she taught us. First, she will give us the definition of the topic and give briefly describe of that topic and the usage of it. She is a patient teacher. She is patience and teaches us step by step and tell us which step can score marks for the exam. She is a person who thinks out of the box and kind.


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