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Bachelor of Arts in Economics
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Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Hi, I'm Victor! I provide meaningful and interesting educational experiences to students both in Malaysia and abroad in person and also over the internet, providing a hybrid e-learning service to my clients that encompasses numerous entrance exams and a large variety of subject areas. I am a graduate of The University of Chicago's Economics program as well as a beneficiary of the now discontinued JPA Ivy League dan Setara Scholarship, a scholarship from the Malaysian government that funded my studies in Economics in the US.  As a government scholar, I have always dreamt of being able to contribute to the country by educating people around the world, and by learning with me and allowing me to help fulfill your dreams, you are helping me to fulfill my dreams! Before I came to college, I scored 41/45 points on the IB Diploma, 9A/9A's on the SPM, 8.5/9.0 for the IELTS, a 1590/1600 Reading/Mathematics score for the SAT, and perfect scores on the SAT II for Mathematics II (800/800), Chemistry (800/800), and Physics (800/800). I have worked with students on English examinations for migration such as the IELTS(Academic and General), PTE, and TOEFL, admissions exams (SAT/Cambridge and Oxford Admissions Exams), and 12th form/Pre-University examinations (IB/STPM/SAM/AUSMAT/A-Levels), and the subjects that I teach include English 9093, Further Mathematics 9231, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, and undergraduate microeconomics/macroeconomics. I also offer assistance on the IB Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge essay, as well as Internal Assessments.    Over the past four years, it has been my fortune to work with many students from many different countries, to help people in the way I have wanted: Each of you who has engaged me has taught me new things and has led me to think differently. My students have gained 5 full scholarships and admissions to top programs in the UK (Imperial College London, UCL), and in the US (Wharton UPenn, UT Austin, UCSD, IU Bloomington), and I currently teach many other students as well. I am currently available to teach both online classes (any geography) and in-person within the Klang Valley, with a preference for classes conducted near the Jaya One area in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. In addition to tutoring, I also offer admissions consulting to students who are interested in attending top programs in the United States and United Kingdom (Oxford/Cambridge).  Apart from tutoring, I exercise quite frequently and enjoy composing both music and writing, playing music, and acrylic painting/sketching.

I Can Manage Both

I am intentional about creating an enjoyable and productive educational experience in which my students are motivated to succeed. Time management and keeping commitments is a big part of this process, and I expect this of my students, trying to regularly keep in touch with parents about progress. In my lessons, I help my students to develop critical thinking skills through two-way conversations that help them to use their material effectively, examine the practical implications of what they are learning in the real world, and to define and clarify the goals that they are pursuing in life to build their motivation. During my one on one classes, most of my students ask me for specific topic reviews, and students also frequently come to me with practice exams, which I solve on the spot and explain to them. My online classes are usually the same, although they are conducted over Skype and make use of resources like screen-sharing and a digital whiteboard. In both cases, my approach consists of a mutually agreed schedule that is worked out between me and the student that is designed for efficiency, allows us to assess our progress, and helps students to understand rather than memorize by rote. 

Students usually request for 2-6 hours per week prior to their exams, and before sessions, we will come up with a plan of what they would like to cover or require assistance with. Having said that, my experience with different exam varieties and student learning styles is extensive, and my tutoring approach tailors to each student accordingly depending on the student's needs first and foremost.   In both my in person and online classes, I use a combination of Google Drive, Skype, and Zoom in order to populate materials to my students as well as solve problems live. 

For scholarship interview and admissions preparation, I arrange mock interviews for my students during which I quiz them both on technical and behavioral interview questions, and also help students with tailoring their applications and consistently show their best side to admissions committees through a series of informational interviews and application review sessions. If you engage my services, you will secure my commitment to provide you or your child a custom-made and well-tailored educational experience from start to finish.  

Fees (MYR)
Fees (MYR)h:


Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR)
Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR):
English, Bahasa Inggeris
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
English, Modern Maths, Additional Math, Economics
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:
English, Physics, Economics, Psychology
Test Preparation
Test Preparation:


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Online Tutoring

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Note Written by: Victor Tan

Prepared by: Victor Tan

Written by: Victor Tan


Victor is incredibly friendly, engaging, and dedicated while he is teaching. Not only that, he is resourceful with class materials (such as providing past years and examiner reports), he is also very thorough when reviewing the work done for classes. By reviewing my work for classes and giving me the necessary tips and tricks in writing, Victor has helped me improve my writing skills.

Farah Izzati

Out of all the tutors I've encountered throughout my life, Victor is one of a kind. Aside to being a great mentor, he is very knowledgeable in various fields, from Mathematics to Economics and even Psychology just from the love of reading books (he is also resourceful too). He inspires me to dream big and go through the distance, based on his motivational talks we had once in a while and always motivates me to do my best in what I do. I respect him a lot for his understanding, patience and dedication as a mentor to ensure that his students excel in their studies and that's what I admire most. He open my eyes to a lot of things in life with respect to the importance of education and knowledge that will help optimize my chances to achieve my goals. He's definitely my mentor and my life coach! Thank you Victor :)

Eunice Tan

Keeping the lesson engaging, Victor helped me better understand topics I struggled with and showed me how to fix my mistakes. Lessons were fun and yet educational. He gave helpful tips which helped me improve in Math immensely! Thanks, Victor.

Mun Yee

Victor perpetually has a smile on his face which makes the session more enjoyable. He explains the topics clearly. He possesses the good subject knowledge and therefore knows what hes doing at every tutorial.

Lau Wai Kit

Amazing. You can learn a lot from him.

Katelyn Chng

Ensures a two-way conversation that promotes critical thinking.


Personalized and dedicated tutor.


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