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B.A. Mus. Edu. (UK), DipHE Prof. Mus. (UK), Dip. in Piano Perf. (UK), Cert. in Eng. Language Teaching (UK), IELTS (CEFR Advanced) British Council, Test of Chinese as Foreign Language (TOCFL) Cert. (CEFR Advanced) Taiwan MOE, Prof. Cert. in Teaching Online
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B.A. Mus. Edu. (UK), DipHE Prof. Mus. (UK), Dip. in Piano Perf. (UK), Cert. in Eng. Language Teaching (UK), IELTS (CEFR Advanced) British Council, Test of Chinese as Foreign Language (TOCFL) Cert. (CEFR Advanced) Taiwan MOE, Prof. Cert. in Teaching Online

I am a professional educator with 3 decades of teaching experiences in the piano, the English Language and the Chinese Language. I have taught in the UK, Singapore; and I am currently teaching in Malaysia. Past experiences include teaching in international schools and colleges.  

I Can Manage Both

(1) Piano, Keyboard & Music Theory – Classical, Pop and Jazz (ABRSM, Trinity College and Rock School). Exam or leisure. Beginner to diploma levels.

(2) The English Language – IELTS (Academic & General Training), MUET, Daily English for Communication (for school leavers & adults), School Academic English (Primary & secondary – All streams: International, national & Chinese schools - 1st and 2nd languages), College & University Academic English and Business English.

(3) Mandarin – Mandarin for Adults (Beginner to advanced: Daily conversation, Hanyu Pinyin & Chinese characters), School Academic Chinese (1st, 2nd and foreign languages), Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (6 levels) and Business Mandarin.  

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Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR)
Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR):
English, Mandarin, Bahasa Inggeris
English, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese, Spoken English
Music Classes
Music Classes:
Music Theory, Jazz, Keyboard, Piano


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I am of British national, staying in the UK and learning online piano lessons with Donovan. Great start, great teacher! Good first piano lesson with Donovan today.

Ashira Malka

I am learning online Mandarin (Kung Fu specialism) with Donovan; and I am a US citizen residing in the US. I have studied many languages with many teachers and his lessons are stellar and outstanding! He is very organized and tailored the lessons to my interest – which means his lessons really held my interest! Donovan is indeed an excellent teacher in many ways: He is fun, bright, attentive and as detail-oriented as you want to be! You get to pick your own level of detailed orientation within your own lessons and it can even vary lesson-by-lesson; I have never met a teacher like this before!

Joshua Chun Wah Kam

I am a doctorate student at an American University, currently doing a piece of research and writing a dissertation on Asian food, which requires the use of Cantonese. Donovan is an incredibly diligent, thoughtful, prepared tutor. His online Cantonese course is like a classroom experience, and he is both prepared for the course material as well as willing to follow up on more complex questions for the next lesson. His teaching style is adaptable to the needs of students (in my case, Cantonese lessons - I have a very specific research focus and he has been more than willing to accommodate). In addition, he blends some elements of traditional Chinese education with a western outlook and pedagogical style. Would highly recommend him.


I am a senior partner of a German law firm based in Germany; and I have been taking online legal English (English for lawyers) lessons from Mr. Donovan. I often travel between Germany and Kuala Lumpur for work purpose and his online lessons match this requirement. He is a very reliable teacher who listens to exactly what I want. He takes time for my questions and uses very good learning materials. We always have interesting discussions. This makes the lessons fun.


A positive and patient piano instructor that makes me feel good and tailors the online piano classes to my style. Mr Donovan is doing a great job in helping me to prepare for the piano examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London. In fact, I sat for and passed my ABRSM Initial Grade Piano Exam with the highest ranking of distinction on the first attempt, after having just seven lessons with Donovan. And I am based in the US and often travel to Beijing, China for work purpose. Highly recommended.

Alika Jean-Jacques

Mr. Donovan is an awesome Mandarin teacher. Patient and knowledgeable, with great energy to keep kids engaged. Highly recommend.

Amanda Black

Great class and a great teacher. Mr. Donovan is very well organized and encourages everyone to participate. He teaches lessons from textbooks and workbooks. The lessons cover speaking, writing, and listening. I love the fact that he makes kids repeat after him so that they are well engaged in the class. He makes learning fun. Great class, very enjoyable and I highly recommend it.

Malcolm Lee

I am an adult enrolled in this mandarin class with Mr. Donovan. I am currently working in a medical field which requires me to speak to mandarin speaking clients. I took medical chinese language classes with Mr Donovan, it is conducted online which is convenient as I have a tight schedule due to work. Based on the classes with Mr Donovan, I can vouch that he is very passionate about teaching. Every class that he delivers are concise and he provides suitable materials for you to learn before classes. He is able to draw your attention by making the class more captivating in various ways. His professionalism is commendable because of the way he conducts the classes on time and well mannered in guiding me. Online classes with Mr Donovan are both practical and extremely convenient. I would recommend to anyone who needs to learn mandarin (At any level of mandarin and age) with Mr Donovan.

Je M\'appelle Grace Lim

I am an adult learner who have been taking online class for piano practical high grade- Trinity syllabus for two months with Mr Kwan. I am a piano teacher. I teach piano beginner. I am looking to upgrade my qualification to higher grade before I take Mr Kwan lesson. His online lesson match my lifestyle, because I am busy and do not have time to travel to music center for piano lesson, I am glad to have online piano lesson to ease my burden to travel long way to music center. He is knowledgeable and will tell the story of the music score I am going to work on, help me to analysis the score for better music interpretation. He is generosity in extra lesson time given to me in his teaching. Song books/learning material given to me is good and organized.

Je M\'appelle Grace Lim

Patient, experience and knowledgeable. He will tell the story of the music /song before I start to learn the song, and analysis score for me, this help me interpret the music deeper when I am playing. He will suggest alternative way of practice the song such as using the block chords method to make the practice more efficient.


I am an adult who has been taking piano classes online with Mr Donovan for the past 3 months Engagement during class, very patient and helpful in helping me understanding throughout the class. He is also very flexible in accommodating with my timing besides his busy schedule. I am able to play confidently despite having learned from him 3 months ago. I will definitely pass on the message to recommend him to my friends who would want to take up the piano.

Irfan Zafri

I am an adult. Working in the automotive sales industry. I am learning Spoken Cantonese from Mr Kwan. The lessons provided is through online video call. It’s been 3 months already since I started to learn from him. Before I join Mr Kwan’s Lessons, my knowledge of Cantonese was completely zero. After a while, I noticed that I could possibly understand my colleagues speaking to each other. it’s not that much, but that is what i can say good progress for me. I feel there is so much improvement week after week. this has been useful in my daily working life. Online lessons from Mr Kwan are very effective. Mr Kwan’s passion, commitment, dedication, patience, flexibility in lesson rescheduling, communication (clarity in lesson delivery), organization (notes/learning material given to me), professionalism (manners in speaking, answering my doubts and replies; timeliness in starting lessons), generosity in extra lesson time given to me in his teaching is way up to the standard and unexpected. His styles of teaching i.e. friendliness, engagement, hands-on & practical approach are very straightforward and easy to communicate. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mr Kwan to be your Cantonese teacher. I believe his other lessons will definitely be the same standard and teaching style as well.

Fadzillah Ab Rashid

My 13 years old son, Adam is learning Mandarin with Mr Kwan. Adam is from Chinese mixed family who doesn't speak Chinese. That is why I went trough FB and found Mr Kwan. Mr Kwan makes Adam feels so comfortable and focus on what his teaching. I was impressed with the quality of his tutoring sessions. After the 5 -10 lessons from Mr Kwan finally now Adam can watch Chinese show with me and he understands and can speak Chinese in a very proper way. Adam really enjoy his Chinese class with Mr Kwan. He is really good to make someone focus on his class yet fun to learn!


Very thorough in preparation of teaching materials and very attentive to details. I'm currently a student of Master's degree in MBA, studying English with Kwan. The teaching materials prepared are highly useful and relevant to my MBA Course. I can easily understand the teacher's teaching, the teacher communicated clearly and effectively to me. My 3 children, including a secondary school student, are currently learning with Kwan too. He is very patient with them. Lessons are fun and inspiring. Kwan also give me and my children much extra lesson time for each lesson. I and my children can easily understand the teacher's teaching very well. Teacher is able to pinpoint weaknesses, give advices and improve them. Thus, from my point of view, Kwan is very qualified and experience in teaching English to varied English levels of various learners. He is very dedicated and responsible educator who genuinely care about students' learning. I highly recommend Kwan for almost any level of English learning. Bravo!


He is very dedicated to the teachings. He allots extra time on all lessons to make sure the student really grasps the weeks lesson, making it easy to practice over the week till the next lesson. I am an adult residing in Kuching , Sarawak and he is from KL, yet his online classes are so good that it is like having a real teacher beside you. He uses excellent audio visual equipment for his teachings so all online classes have been extremely smooth and with no communication disruptions. His years of experience serves well as he is able to render the lesson and acknowledge the mistakes instantly and provide immediate rectification. I enjoy my classes with him and hope to learn the piano in record time under his tutelage.

Syuhaini Ab Rahman

I'm a student of Master's degree in MBA, studying English with Mr. Kwan. Mr. Kwan is very authentic and experienced, he communicates clearly and responded attentively to my needs. His teaching material is useful for my MBA. Mr. Kwan also teaches my 3 children. There's a significant improvement on their English skills since taken the courses. He is patient and generous (in terms of time). If you are looking for a genuine, dedicated and skillful teacher, he is your guy.

Adibah Maryam

Prompt replies, Clear and effective communication, Provided extra leeson time during lessons, Can easily understand teacher's teaching, Suited study materials provided with current level Vast experience in teaching and able to pinpoint cause of problem thus making teaching session effective


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