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Siva (MYT 49862)

Male, 40 Years Pro/ (MYT 49862)

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Pj And Kl
Master International Business, York St John, UK

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Master International Business, York St John, UK

My previous working experience as a banker very much helping me to give best out of it as International school teacher.  Mainly, when working experience adapted together with theory the level understanding of students about the subject is better. Moreover, being Cambridge examiner for business studies and economic very much experience teacher how to score A* not just an A. 
Add on to all of that, i am also one of the online teacher for ITTV(online education TV) for malaysian syllabus (history and economic). 

I Can Manage Both

I do offer classes at my own learning centre to teach your children as one to one basis or small group classes. Mostly by February all my slot for whole year will be fully booked.

Fees (MYR)
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Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Economics, Sejarah, Business Studies, Ekonomi Asas
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:
Economics, Business Studies
Economics, Business Studies


Pj And Kl

Online Tutoring

Prior Online Tutoring Experience:

Note Written by: Siva Ramana

Prepared by: Siva Ramana

Written by: Siva Ramana


I have been taking online Business lessons with Siva from China. His lessons are very engaging, efficient and fun - he gives clear explanations which make the concepts easy to understand (ps. he has a nice humour as well). He is also very encouraging and pushes you to achieve the highest level. He responds to messages very quickly if you have any questions. If you are looking for a teacher to help you ace your exams (he knows exactly what examiners look for); or someone who can bring your grades and knowledge to the next level, Siva is the teacher for you. Amazing teacher, 1000/10


According to what Mr. Siva has taught me over the last few years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge from him, including not only business studies but also how to apply business knowledge in the real world. He is also a responsible and entertaining instructor, where he give his very best to teach with all his heart.

Jagdaenish Singh

Mr. Siva is great and helpful. He is quick and responsive. Provided me with essential knowledge about the subject. Also provided effective study tips and tactics to ensure studying smart is maximized.


He was very helpful in explaining topics that I previously had very little to no understanding of. He was willing to slow down and explain things for me even when exams were around the corner.


Mr Siva is a well experienced teacher who is equipped with sufficient and relevant techniques to help achieve good grades for your IGCSE business studies exam.


Mr. Siva’s classes were definitely one of my favorites. I liked how he made learning fun and exciting. However, he also knew the boundary when it came to professionalism in the classroom. He knew when to be serious and when it’s okay to be more laid back, and that’s something i really applaud him for.

Lim Qi Yang

His style of teaching is very different but it is very engaging. He has a wonderful personality and he makes classes very fun and entertaining while still being educational


He is a very patient teacher. He explains very well and he also explain it in great detail so that the students can actually understand them. Would reply to our questions at any time of the day, a very punctual teacher. I can easily understand what he is teaching. He gives certain students extra attention if needed, he certainly care about his student’s progress as he would constantly ask about our exam results. Effective teaching skill that lead me to understand the the topic very well. He would usually explain the topics using mind map which is makes it easier for us student to understand. He is able to use both english and malay if we don’t understand either of the language. Gave us examples and tips based on his experience and is often useful.

Shah Walid

Sir Siva Ramana was a good teacher and good at teaching in economics and business. He taught his students in a way that was simple and easy to understand. He is also a teacher, who does not easily give up in teaching his students to get excellent marks in exams. I am very grateful to have Sir Siva Ramana as my economics teacher.


In-depth explanation of the topics.


Mr Siva is a very committed and dedicated tutor. His teaching style had enabled me to understand the ways to tackle examination style questions. There are rules to follow when you answer exam questions which Mr Siva had guided me fully. I was much more confident when I went in to sit for my IGCSE Business Studies exam. More confident than I was during my earlier school term exams. He followed up closely on my progress too. He is spot on! Thank you Mr Siva.


Mr Siva is an extremely dedicated teacher who incorporates his vast knowledge of real businesses into our tuition to make the subject relatable and fun. He is able to analyse each topic in detail, outlining the pros and cons of the points where possible. Mr Siva is also an experienced IGCSE examiner, so this allows us to gain an insight on how to write ideal answers.


His way of teaching is extremely clear, detailed and straight to the point. He provides formats to help ease the understanding of the subject. He is overall a kind patient teacher who would try to help you with the best of his abilities. Personally, I truly believe that my understanding in his subject improved tremendously through his teaching


Mr Siva is an extremely dedicated teacher who incorporates his vast knowledge of real businesses into our tuition to make the subject relatable and fun. He is able to analyse each topic in detail, outlining the pros and cons of the points where possible. Mr Siva is also an experienced IGCSE examiner, so this allows us to gain an insight on how to write impactful answers.

Ahmed Usaid

Easy to understand his teaching and very open to questions and discussions about topics

Simran Gill

Mr Siva is a dedicated teacher, who truly goes above and beyond for his students. He is passionate about teaching and his lessons are engaging and easy to follow. He not only motivates his students but genuinely cares about them, making sure they understand the subject material. Mr Siva was always there to answer any question I had and to clear all my doubts. With his coaching, I was confident when I sat for my papers as I knew he prepared me well.


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