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Rozan (MYT 53784)

Female, 27 Years Pro/ (MYT 53784)

9 Years of Teaching Experience

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Masters of Law in Legal Practice Course
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Masters of Law in Legal Practice Course

  Hi everyone ! My name is Ms.Rozan !I have got in total 9 years of experiences of teaching ! ( 5 years towards primary school students and another   4 years towards college/universities students ) . 

Currently I am more focused on teaching college and universities students with their law subjects. I started my journey of education from pursuing A levels right up to holding a Masters Double Major Law Degree .  

I have experienced working in law firms as paralegal gaining practical exposure in the legal field. My task includes drafting documents, contracts , preparing court documents, conducting legal research etc. I also have gained wide range of experience  in guiding students towards their coursework writing in academic style  which includes proof reading ,editting, content checks etc.  On top of that , I also guide students with their coursework including content writing and proof reading. 

 I am very much familiar with various area of law including  Australian Commercial Law , Malaysian Legal System, CLP subjects ( Evidence , Criminal, Civil Procedure , General Paper - Contract /  Tort ) , UK and Malaysian Law in general including elective modules such as Mergers Acquisition , Intellectual Property Rights, International Commercial Law, European Union Law, Employment Law, Company Law etc.  


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In teaching the law subjects , I usually prepare charts to allow my students to see the overview of the chapter first in hand. This would help them to analyse what are the relevant headings in a particular chapter. The chart method also usually help the students I teach with condensing all the information in one piece of paper so that no textbook is needed one day before exams ! Not only preparing the charts is helpful , but of course I tend to explain how and what are all the other relevant information that should go into it in preparing the students for their examination !

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Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level
Form 6 / Pre-U (STPM) / A-Level:
MUET (English Test), Business Studies, Law
MUET (English Test), Law, Contract law, Bahasa Inggeris
Academic Enrichment
Academic Enrichment:
Communicative English



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Note Written by: Rozan Darling

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Written by: Rozan Darling


Ms. Rozan has helped me prepare for my a-levels law exams within a few weeks before them. I wasn't sure i'd be able to learn everything with so little time left, but ms. Rozan and I managed to fully cover 10+ topics. I entered and left the exam venues fully confident in my skills and knowledge. Ms. Rozan's teaching style suited me perfectly and will likely suit everyone. she teaches both the law and the exam structure. She's open to suggestions regarding the studying process and is a highly likeable and professional tutor. I'd recommend ms. Rozan to anyone looking for a great and helpful law tutor!


I like Ms Rozan’s style of teaching as she doesn’t just lecture non stop. She stops and ensures that I truly understand the topic. She also asks me questions and quiz me to help me remember and understand.

Yeon Arina

She helped me with my A-levels and did pretty well. Totally recommended.

Mavvin Gobi Krishnan

I liked that she had vast knowledge on the points of law and that shes also had experience working in firms to back up her knowledge. Which made believing in her way easier.


She’s amazing and knowledgeable. Very helpful. Really helped me ace my contract exam.

Emily Gxy

Ms Rozan is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Her method of teaching really helps student understand clearly and makes everything easier. She provides interactive lessons which make student feel involved and understand better. I will recommend her to others who need guidance in law subjects.

Shanmughipriya Nagarajan

Lessons with Ms Rozan is very interactive in nature with lots of question-and-answer sessions. I truly appreciate her making it absolutely comfortable for me to ask her any questions. She's very committed and puts a lot of effort into preparing for lessons which have helped me immensely in understanding the topics. Highly recommended.

Thiya Raj

Rozan, her teaching skills are really clear and easy to understood each every single point. I got good marks in my all my law subjects after I getting started class with her

Rekha Raventheran

Friendly and very understanding. Skills of writing essays are so good and the quality of her essays are very high and fluent. Easy to understand. Always recommend to others.


I am a working adult and taking A levels tuition from her. Trust me, from my working experience in dealing with various types of people, I know that Rozan is very suitable to tutor in Law subjects as she is not just teaching so that I can understand the topics but also guiding me how to read judgments, how to spot whats needed to answer from essay questions, and most importantly, she knows how to assist me revising previous topics so that I dont feel burden too much as I am already too busy with work. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a lecturer who has 30 years experience as she is so systematic and handles my lessons so professionally. ps :If you think that Im exaggerating, go try it yourself just for a few lessons and you will agree with me. Her fee is reasonable (actually very cheap compare that what she contributes) and her commitment is so high. Very recommended.

Joel Tong

Very experienced and caring. She’s perfect, all she need to do is keeping her standard.

Anura Jeffery

Ms Rozan is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge of complex material in a method easily understandable. She also demands your full focus and intensity to learn to the greatest extent possible during the lessons. She's phenomenal would recommend to anyone.


Strict, precise, humble, helpful and also someone who you could communicate without feeling intimidating. Immediate reply when I have questions to ask. Glad that I found someone who teaches me with her best. She is someone who would give her all for a student no matter where she is. I felt like a big sister of mine is teaching me haha. Keep up with your work, Ms.

Tarsh Andy

Very informative, experienced tutor. Prepares outline of notes before hand, which literally makes a law student life easier. Great guidance, recommended for students tat really needs assistance with law studies.

Mohit Madhwani

She very kind, always ready for helping me. The way of teach and explaining concepts well. She motivates us and she is friendly with students. My teacher conducts regular question answer session which helps students a lot.

Trixie Ng

She’s very attentive and helpful. She helped me with my assignment and gave me a better understanding in Law. Recommended tutor for anyone pursuing law.


She is very knowledgeable and educated in her area of teaching. She is also very engaging and competent.


She is a very nice, patient, friendly, hardworking, understandable teacher. During the class, she always make sure that I really know and understand the topics. She always use interesting examples to make me understands more easily. I really enjoyed her class and I do learned a lot of things in her class !!

Amir Haziq

Ms Roxan is a very hardworking and patience teacher.! I had so much trouble with some of the difficult parts of class this year, but she stuck by me and had faith that I’ll get there in the end. Thank you so much for all your good deeds. Highly recommended


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