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TESOL, University of Hertfordshire
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TESOL, University of Hertfordshire

My coaching journey has so far taken me to various challenges in meeting the learning needs of English users among schoolchildren, undergraduates and professionals. Over the years, I have coached English learners of all ages, local and expatriate professionals, business undergraduates, international school students, and IELTS and MUET candidates to help develop their:

  • American English 
  • British English 
  • General English 
  • Conversational English 
  • Spoken English 
  • Written English 
  • Business English 
  • Academic English
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With 25 years of English learning experience, my approach covers all the essentials and principles that are integral to fulfilling one’s linguistic potential. As my English was extremely poor at the initial stage of my development, I had to take on countless challenges in learning the language from scratch. Knowing how to make this journey a success has empowered me to inspire those looking to make a similar leap. 

Using learning materials that are mostly sourced from the Internet, every lesson aims to address what the students lack fundamentally and subsequently help them acquire the skills required to use the language effectively. Unlike conventional classes that focus on students’ short-term needs, the objective here is basically to make students better users of the language in the long run. For example, the discussion that follows the completion of a Cambridge Primary Checkpoint or KS2 SATs reading comprehension worksheet is not a simple Q and A session where the correct answer to each question is given. To strengthen students’ competence in tackling any reading comprehension questions, I offer constructive feedback on their work, explain the right approach to answering these questions, and make key suggestions for improving their word choice and sentence construction. Such extensive input invariably helps students improve their grammar, vocabulary, and listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. 

But the biggest difference between my approach and others' is probably the sole focus on promoting an organic and holistic acquisition of the language. This mindset is reflected in each and every learning activity that my coaching covers. The best part is, most of these activities are actually done before or after the weekly lesson. That means when you pay for one session, you are essentially getting a week's worth of learning. 

Ultimately, no matter what your initial purpose of taking my lessons might be, the end goal is to reinforce your language foundations so that in the foreseeable future you can use the language effectively in any situation—whether for exam, coursework or business purposes. And perhaps more importantly, you can continue to work on your command of the language through self-study once you have grasped the basics and developed the right attitude to learning—saving you a large sum of fees in the long term.

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Note Written by: Jion Louis

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Written by: Jion Louis


I’m so happy that I took Jion’s lessons. The tips that he shared with me were really useful. He were very helpful in answering my questions too. Overall, I truly appreciate what he taught me.

Mr. Cheung

Jion is very thoughtful. Even after the lesson is over, he still gives Joanne suggestions on how to improve. His concern for the student's learning progress is great to see.


Jion's grammar and writing skills are very good. His advice helped me a lot and he was willing to explain everything in detail. I'm so glad that I can now write with confidence!

Ms. Aoki

I like Jion’s approach. He always shares with me his opinions on my daughter’s work. For each essay, he also shows her what she must do to improve. His comments are very useful!


Jion is so fluent and confident with the English language. He helped improve my grammar with patience, teaching me how to change the sentence structure to make it more native-like. Also, he gave me many useful tips on academic writing. It was an excellent learning experience for me. I really appreciate his work.


Jion is a great English language coach. I like how he makes everything easy for me to understand. The detailed explanation also shows his dedication to teaching. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an experienced English speaker.


With so many websites giving free English learning tips these days, I thought it wouldn't be necessary to get a tutor. But after taking Jion’s one-on-one lessons, I changed my mind. For a busy working professional like me, I always wanted to improve my English without filling my schedule with too many lessons. His approach was really helpful in that regard. He shared with me plenty of tips on how to practice my English skills by myself. Wherever I go, I'm now able to use every opportunity I have to improve my English further.

Dr. Ng

Jion's excellent command of the language and willingness to share his knowledge are evident in his approach to language coaching. Regardless of the difficulty of the topic, he has a canny ability to explain it in a comprehensible and compelling way. When coaching undergraduates in academic writing, showing them how to present a logical and convincing argument, his grasp of linguistic nuances and attention to detail are particularly impressive.


Whether it's face-to-face or online, Jion puts a great amount of effort into coaching his students. His passion for the English language is inspiring. When I first approached him for guidance on my IELTS, I was hoping to get some quick tips on how to improve my writing. To be honest, due to the heavy workload I was dealing with, I was looking for something that could make my preparations easier. Surprisingly, Jion told me from the start that we wouldn't focus on the answering techniques. I thought that wasn't a good idea because I was struggling a bit in the previous writing paper. But I gave it a try anyway. Thank God it turned out to be the right decision. Instead of spoon-feeding me with things that I already knew, he made me see the whole picture of how to write better. For example, he showed me how to convey and organize my ideas, and explained a few ways that I could use to make the writing more interesting. All that was really helpful. Without his input, I might not have achieved the score I wished for. And I'm really grateful to Jion for making me realize that there's no shortcut to improving my writing skills. It's something that I need to continuously work on. Thank you so much for your time and effort, Jion!


No matter where you are in your English learning journey, Jion will definitely be able to help you improve. Thanks to his friendly personality and fluent English, the lessons are fun, interesting and easy to follow. But what I like most about him is his ability to inspire you to keep learning and growing.


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