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I am an Early Years Educator in an International school. I have more than 8 years of teaching experience in early years. I am trained in phonics and phonetics and multisensory teaching methods. I specialize in teaching children between the 3-6 age group.

Home Tuition Only

As a phonics instructor, I tailor my classes to match the child's level and use fun learning experiences such as play, games, songs, and rhymes to engage them. My approach focuses on identifying and working around children's strengths and weaknesses, fostering a love for learning and building confidence.

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English, Maths, Phonics



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Yuko Mae

My son just started learning English. My son is learning phonics through play and games and he really enjoys her lesson. Thanks to her. He is able to read words that he doesn't know and gradually started speaking English. I would like him to continue her lessons.

Yuko Mae

My son enjoys her lesson.


My daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia. We have gone through a few dyslexia centres but she did not show any progress at all. I’m glad that I met home tutor Ms. Yeoh. Ms Yeoh is kind, passionate and she is very good in interacting with kids. She made learning fun and she came prepared with lots of content/materials. She encouraged me to join in the class so that I can shadow, observe and reapply the same methods. Though it has only been a short period of time, I am very pleased to see my daughter’s progress. I cannot thank Ms Yeoh enough for showing us that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I look forward to the day that my daughter could overcome her learning difficulties.

Hanh Galstukov

Ms Yun adopts personalised approach to our son, taking into account his personality and preferences. She is very creative, well prepared and introduces new activities every time. For every class she brings a lot of toys and props needed for each specific activity, and our son is well engaged throughout her lesson. Ms Yun is also good in explaining parents the benefits of particular activities. Overall, we are very happy to work with her.

Ken Ito

Xiao Yun is really professional in her teaching phonics to children. In her lesson with my 5 years old daughter in past two months, she has conduct a quick assessment to understand what need to be delivered in tutoring and she has been providing very effective and productive lessons. Her strength is not only in her experience and knowledge in language and teaching backed by her 8 years teaching experience in international schools but her personality to nurture friendly relationship with children. She is also willing to help us as parents to learn how to guide children's study at home. I definitely recommend Xiao Yun if you are looking for a professional tutor in phonics.

Au Hooi Boon

Ms. Yeoh (Tutor ID: MYT 60581) is an exceptional phonics teacher. Her teaching style, which actively involves parents, has made a profound impact on my child's educational journey. Through her guidance, we have been equipped to teach phonics effectively, while also strengthening our bond with our children. Ms. Yeoh's passion and dedication to teaching phonics are truly commendable. She encourages parental involvement during each session, providing us with the necessary tools and knowledge to support phonics learning at home. This collaborative approach not only reinforces the lessons but also establishes a solid foundation for continuous progress. With engaging and tailored teaching methods, Ms. Yeoh creates a warm and inclusive learning environment. Her ability to simplify complex concepts is remarkable, and she genuinely cares about her students' development. By adapting to individual learning styles, she ensures that each student can advance at their own pace. Thanks to Ms. Yeoh's expertise, my child's phonics skills have significantly improved, fostering a love for reading and language.


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