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Joven (MYT 62873)

Male, 23 Years Pro/ (MYT 62873)

5 Years of Teaching Experience

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Klang Valley
Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical)(Hons), University of Malaya
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Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical)(Hons), University of Malaya

I am a Biomedical Engineer (First Class Honours with Distinction) (University of Malaya) and a tutor at tuition centres. I have 5+ years of experience in teaching PT3, SPM (English, Bahasa Malaysia, Science, Sejarah) and IGCSE Cambridge IGCSE & Checkpoint (English, Science(s)) syllabuses. Prioritise teaching students effective studying techniques, e.g., active recall, memorization and spaced repetition techniques. Able to gauge students' learning speed and tailor classes accordingly to help them improve. Adept at helping students improve their English language proficiency, with a heavy focus on grammar and vocabulary, which would help them in essay writing and sentence structuring. Proficient in English, Malay and Mandarin, thus able to explain academic materials using any of the three languages. Past Academic Qualifications: UPSR (7As), PT3 (9As), SPM (10As), Cambridge CIE AS & A-Levels, Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (First Class Honours with Distinction) from University of Malaya. English Language Qualifications: IELTS (Band: 8.5), MUET (Band 5), Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (A*), GCE ‘O’ Level English Language 1119 (A), SPM English (A), SPM English Literature (A), GCE AS & A Level First Language English (A).

I Can Manage Both

Focus on having students understand why they are studying a certain topic. Going through lots of questions with students (Past Year Questions, MRSM Questions, SBP Questions) and familiarise them with marking schemes in order to score better grades.  Regular assessments and fun quizzes (Kahoot, Quizizz). Interactive and impactful classes. (E.g., I encourage students to summarise and present what they have learned.) Classes are tailored to strengthen students’ weaknesses and prepare them to score better grades in school examinations. Preparations for exams: Attempt past year questions and familiarise students with marking schemes in order to score better grades.  Languages (English, BM): Emphasis placed on improving students’ grammar, extending vocabulary, essay writing, proper pronunciation and language fluency. Science(s): Prioritise students’ understanding. Teach students memorization and spaced repetition techniques to help them remember key points better. Sejarah: Explaining topics to students in an interesting and story-telling manner. Attempt regular quizzes and 'esei' questions with students.

Fees (MYR)
Fees (MYR)h:


Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR)
Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR):
English, Science, Sejarah, Bahasa Melayu
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
English, Biology, Chemistry, Sejarah
Test Preparation
Test Preparation:
English, Science


Klang Valley

Online Tutoring

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Note Written by: Joven Wong

Prepared by: Joven Wong

Written by: Joven Wong

Adam See

The classes are interactive and chill. This helps me better understand the challenging subject that I find difficult. Joven is also approachable, thus I am not afraid to ask him questions to help clarify my understanding of the subject topic. All in all, his a well-educated teacher who is able to give assistance to those who want to ace their subjects.

Jia Yee

Mr. Joven's teaching in IGCSE Physics is exceptional—blending theory with hands-on examples, making complex concepts easy to understand. His dedication to ensuring every student grasps fundamental principles is commendable. In Biology, his contagious enthusiasm for life sciences makes learning enjoyable, even in virtual classes. His innovative teaching methods keep me engaged, and his availability for questions outside class hours shows his dedication to our success. Thanks to Mr. Joven, my grades in Biology and Physics have significantly improved, and my appreciation for these subjects has deepened. His passion, expertise, and commitment make him an invaluable educator.


I had an amazing experience with Teacher Joven for IGCSE Chemistry. His engaging style, personalised approach, and passion for the subject made learning enjoyable and effective, even in online classes. He ensures I stay on track, encourages questions, and fosters two-way interaction, making lessons engaging. Under his guidance, my understanding improved significantly, boosting my grades. I highly recommend Teacher Joven as an exceptional IGCSE Chemistry tutor.

Wen Kin

Teacher Joven makes the Sejarah content not boring and tells it like a story also taught me how to remember the points better, overall my Sejarah results went from C to A

Vincent Choo

Highly recommended teacher, very committed and good at understanding my kid’s learning speed. He also helps him when my kid finds difficult questions from his homework. My kid has been joining his class for a year now and he is getting very good grades for English, Science and BM.


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