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Royliza (MYT 9403)

Female, 42 Years Pro/ (MYT 9403)

22 Years of Teaching Experience

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Setiawangsa, Keramat, Melawati, Taman Permata, Wangsa Maju
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (DipEd), Cambridge Teaching Certificate
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Bachelor of Science (BSc), Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (DipEd), Cambridge Teaching Certificate

I have been teaching since 1999 as a part time tutor and I have been teaching for more than 20 years to-date. I am now a full-time teacher in a secondary international school teaching the British syllabus (IGCSE) but I am also very well-versed with the Malaysian national syllabus KSSR and KBSM syllabus. My passion has always been teaching Maths, hence I have helped many weak and below average students to attain an A for this subject.

I Can Manage Both

I will first assess the students capability as well as their strength and weakness, from there, I will be able to tackle them to enhance their strength and to reduce their weakness eventually. I am also very approachable and open to any suggestion for self-improvement. I believe that not only that the students learn something from me, but I will eventually learn something from my students too throughout every lessons. Thus, I am very flexible and will adjust to needs of both the student and parent, in shaa Allah.

Fees (MYR)
Fees (MYR)h:


Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR)
Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR):
English, Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia
Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR)
Form 1 - 3 (PT3 / PMR):
Mathematics, Additional Math, Bahasa Melayu
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level
Form 4 - 5 (SPM) / O-Level:
Bahasa Malaysia, Modern Maths, Additional Math

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2pm - 7pm
4pm - 10pm
4pm - 10pm
4pm - 10pm
4pm -10pm
1.30pm - 10pm
8am - 3pm


Setiawangsa, Keramat, Melawati, Taman Permata, Wangsa Maju

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Note Written by: Royliza Faudzi Joshua

Prepared by: Royliza Faudzi Joshua

Written by: Royliza Faudzi Joshua

Kattie Hoo

I ‘found’ Roy when I was desperately looking for a private Maths Tutor for my daughter who was not doing so great in most of her subjects. She was in Form Four when Roy took her on and it was such a relief for me. Roy was most patient in tutoring my daughter. In fact, my daughter said she understood Roy’s teaching better than the teacher in her school. And through Roy’s tutoring my daughter’s results began to pick up slowly but surely, from single-digit to low double and gradually work its way up. Her Form 5 SPM results were a surprise…a good one; an A. And this is all thanks to Roy and for this, I am grateful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Roy. We owe you much.

Dayana Batrisya

I really like Cikgu Royliza’s patience in teaching me. Before I attend her class, I was really bad and failed in every Math exam. However, three months before SPM 2018, I decided to have a tutor, which is Cikgu Royliza. During those time, I was scared that three months are not enough to help me obtain an A in Math as I always failed in my exam. However, due to Cikgu Royliza’s patience in teaching me, I was able to score straight As including Math for my SPM 2018 result. Thank you Cikgu Royliza for always believe in me!


She is a very committed tutor and has shown great passion in teaching her student. Her teaching delivery method is very structured and clear thus creating positive learning experience for the student.

Nurul Fathma

Teacher Roy is a dedicated teacher, she took in my son few months before UPSR. He got an A for maths. My son isn't exactly an easy child, however, Teacher Roy managed to tackle him and got him interested to follow the class. Patience and dedication, excellent combination that she has.


Her classes are very informative and easy to understand. It is also very enjoyable !

Nadhrah Mohd Maidin

Royliza is a teacher who is patient with kids. She has helped my kids improve the understanding in KSSR syllabus.


Her method of teaching has increased my sister's skills in solving mathematical questions,

S. S. Puvanes

She is a very dedicated, good and patient teacher. I saw good improvements in my son's understanding in Maths. He also achieved excellent grade in his final test.

Siti Zamrood Sheikh Musa

Very caring and motherly teacher. Will definitely try her level best to help your children. Both of my sons did very well in their English subject, PKSR 2 exam. My son managed to score 94 (second highest in his class) while my other son who is in standard 4 son managed to get 84 (previously was 65 for PKSR 2)


She is a very strict and dedicated teacher who will do her best to make sure you can understand maths. She's also funny at times.


Ms Roy is really one of the greatest teachers that has ever taught me. I've grown to enjoy math under her teaching. She is a teacher that really strives for excellence. Her teaching ways are really simple yet effective. She will always try her best to make her students understand formulas or methods. If a student or students do not understand, she will repeat what she has taught, making sure it is understandable to them . Ms Roy is truly a great teacher.

Pheng Wai Han

To be honest, Ms Royliza is one of the best teacher I've met in my life. She explains in detail and not only that, she is very loud and clear! She's strict in a good way because I find that she also can make students work really hard for their maths and science, and she's very special because she has her own way to maintain discipline which I find it really great about Ms Royliza.

Lynn Whea

She is dedicated and passionate about teaching and is willing to help students understand and achieve good results.

Nicholas Lim

She makes her student understand her teachings because her teaching is very understandable . Shes really kind , whenever a student doesn't understand she would try her best to help that student .She doesn't give up on her students.


Ms Roy has been the the best teacher teacher I ever met. She makes sure that everything goes well and that she makes sure that we understand well about what we are going to do. My math has improved a lot and she has made Mathematics much easier for us.

Arjun Sandhu

Ms Roy is the type of teacher that pushes you to your limits. She makes sure all her students get best for the subjects she teaches. Her ways of teaching are simple, and she will happily repeat whatever she has taught multiple times until her students understand. The amount of work she hands out might be a bit more than what students want, but trust me, it's worth it. From feeling like I could barely pass my IGCSE's, I now feel like I will be able to get an A! In short , Ms Roy is basically one of the best Math teacher.


The way Ms. Roy teaches is amazing. I am so thankful to Miss Roy for helping me obtain high grades. The best Maths teacher I've ever met.

Sandrine Chai

Ms Roy's style of teaching is very clear and easily understandable. She gives great notes and shares excellent exam techniques. I am a slow learner but Ms Roy has always been very patient and understanding with me. She is a very dedicated teacher

Chayanne Chan

Her teachings are comprehensible and interesting. She'll always ensure that every single student understand her teachings.

Karuna Goh Su Lin

Ms Roy is a very passionate teacher. She is very helpful and patient. Ms Roy is also a joyful teacher, and never keeps the atmosphere of the class down. What I like the most about Ms Roy is that she is willing to help other students although they are not from the her class. She is also very hardworking.

Michelle Chow

Ms Roy has been one of my favorite Maths teacher so far. Ever since joining secondary school, in my opinion she has been the most helpful maths teacher. I enjoy her lessons and she makes effort to make them interesting. She has always motivated us to do well in exams.Now I genuinely feel that I am more hardworking and I am able to make improvement. Although sometimes strict, she is very friendly and is willing to explain and shed light on problems we may face.

Vi Ann

She is a very passionate teacher and hard working tutor. She made me understand and like mathematics. I used to be very weak in Mathematics. But after I got Ms Roy as my teacher, she taught me well and I improved a lot. I am now at the border of getting an A, which is a pretty big transformation for me.


Ms. Roy is an experienced teacher who is able to explain the topics clearly. She knows how to get her point across and her determination to help us learn is strong. With ample amount of work and firm behavior, she keeps us disciplined and helps us to improve in every way possible. She wants the best for us and works hard to get us somewhere, which I really appreciate. An impressive teacher with a powerful drive to teach, she has helped me improve in many ways.

Jeevanjit Singh

She is an amazing teacher and is extremely caring,passionate and dedicated. She always tries her best to help all her students. The explanations given by her are very simple to understand and very effective. Ms Roy can adapt to teach any kind of students. Other than being a very good teacher she is also easy to talk. All this aspects makes her irreplaceable to many of her students.


Ms Roy is hands down the best maths teacher I've had the privilege of having. I've never liked maths before this but with Ms Roy's efficient and interesting way of teaching, I now enjoy doing practices & participating in discussions a lot. It is also the fact that she never minds when you do not understand something ; as long as you put in effort to ask & understand it in the end. I think that's very important for a student's learning process as it does not demotivate students, instead pushes them to do better. Ms Roy is also one of the most hardworking & dedicated teachers I've known, she makes it seem so easy to juggle so many classes that sometimes I really wonder how she does it! I've also definitely learnt how to be a more disciplined student as being in Ms Roy's class requires you to be on time to all her classes and complete homework & projects by the dateline. I'm glad that Ms Roy has instilled this in all of her students because I know for sure that it will help us all later in life. Lastly, I admire Ms Roy for her relentless effort & motivation when it comes to her students. She has never given up on us, regardless of our results and capabilities. I can honestly say that if you are as lucky as I am to be in her class, you're already halfway there to scoring the A or A* you want.

Rachel Yap

She was the sole reason I started loving Mathematics again.

Chee Jean

She is a very determined teacher who is hardworking and consistently checking on our progress. I was bad in maths, but now I personally think that I have improved a lot, as Miss Roy always makes everything easy to understand.

Edward Ong

The way of teaching Maths by Miss Roy was really amazing. I am so thankful of getting good grade for maths by the help of Miss Roy. Miss Roy was full of patient when teaching Maths.


Ms Royliza is a very good teacher, who is always there to lend a helping hand. Whenever I have a doubt about a concept she'll always help me until I completely understand it. I wasn't very fond of Maths, however I like Ms Royliza's teaching methods since they have helped me develop an interest and understanding of the subject.

Jeevanjit Singh

She is a very passionate, caring and dedicated teacher. She does all she can in her ability to help students that do not understand certain topics. Her explanations are very simple to understand and very effective.


What I like most about Ms. Royliza is that she really knows how to teach students the subjects she is teaching her students. Ms. Royliza's teaching methods are clear, efficient and makes the topic very understandable to any student including under achievers. She shows much concern about her students and makes sure they will get it right. My maths has been much easier under the teachings of Ms. Royliza.

Kai Yin

Ms. Roy is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher which is passionate in teaching. She is friendly and has an excellent knowledge in the subjects. When I'm facing any difficulties with the questions, she will explain it to me patiently and breaks down the difficult areas of the questions. Ms. Roy has different teaching styles to suit the student's need. Thank you very much Ms Roy!

Chua Wei Liang

Friendly and yet strict ^_^

Melissa Ilyas

Her teaching methods. It makes me more understand. She does a lot of examples and makes me understand what is actually happening. She also makes us do corrections which is a good thing because we can learn from our mistakes. Furthermore, even though she is strict, she is a nice and funny teacher and I'm glad to have her as a teacher.

Tan Jia Xi

Her style of teaching

Her Yin

She's really hardworking and patient


Her teaching method ,she teach very well on the working and discussing questions.

Goh Su Lin

Her passion in teaching, and her willingness of helping more students

Lydia Sim

Miss Roy is an amazing Maths teacher and shes made it easy for me to comprehend. I personally dislike math very much, but having her as my teacher has made me like math a lot more. She explains the everything step by step and finds ways to help me comprehend the material better :)

Aradhna Kaur

Ms Royliza was incredibly patient throughout the course of my mathematics classes with her. No matter how many times I asked her to explain the same thing to me she always did so to ensure I understood it. She managed to help me bring my grade up by about 40 marks within the course of around 4 weeks and I will always be grateful for that. Hands down one of the best Maths teachers I have ever had :)

Irmaliza Bt Ruslle

Experience and capabilities in a very easy way to understand is the power of Teacher Royliza Faudzi Joshua.

Nadhirah Naim

I love her attitude, and she is very patient and understanding towards my level of mathematics. She can be strict when she wants to, but overall she is very soft-spoken and very easy to click with.


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