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Nexsus Education Service

Nexsus Education Service

Nexus Education Services(NES) is here to support for your University and College admission and career counseling needs while it can also provide your professional training requirements. The strive for excellence is a continual process, therefore, we at Nexus Education Services(NES) endeavors to be an innovative, dynamic educational recruitment and consultancy institution which offers various educational programmes to both students within the UK and also to International students from all parts of the World who wish to study in the United Kingdom or in our affiliations elsewhere. The NES is committed to direct students to a high-quality of educational services for the mental uplift for the undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates in their professional programmes at various top universities and for those pursuing specific career preparations in their professional life. We enable to a broad spectrum range of students prepare for a wide range of life pursuits, while fostering a passion and quest for knowledge. The understanding of cultural values with a view of themselves as independent thinkers and life long learners, plus contributors to knowledge and service to an ever-changing world in the new millennium. Since we are located in London which itself is unique and the head quarters of a country which has been exporting education for two and half centuries.

112-116 Whitechapel Road. 2nd Floor, London, E1 1je.

City: Klang