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Minda Ikhsan Tutor

Minda Ikhsan Tutor

Why Mind Counseling (MIT) is the best option for parents and students: 1) The Mind of the Tutor is offering educators consisting of school teachers, lecturers, engineers, doctors, full-time and part-time tutors. They also have extensive experience in education and qualified undergraduate and doctoral dissertation leading many parents to choose our services. 2) We offer private and small group home tuition services at a lower cost than the more expensive individual tutors, short-term and temporary classes due to regular job offers, inexperienced tutors and part-time work. 3) Our tutor guides students using MIT modules and materials based on research and student background questionnaires and potential students with various learning and teaching methods since 2007. 4) We focus on the development and development of the student mind (Mind) and the emotional awareness of students and tutors (Ikhsan) which are sincere, sincere and compassionate. 5) We offer cheaper home tuition services with a package of all core and non-core subjects, safe, conducive, flexible classroom hours and classes available anywhere.

SA 1-11-16, Vista Alam, Jalan Ikhtisas, Section 14,40000 Shah Alam,

City: Shah Alam