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Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR) Science Courses in Klang


Explore a comprehensive array of Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR) Science courses in Klang meticulously crafted to cater to your educational requirements. Delve into accredited programs, guided by expert instructors, and take advantage of flexible learning solutions to excel in your chosen field. Enroll today and commence a transformative educational journey

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Pusat Tuisyen Nadi Sarjana

By:   Pusat Tuisyen Nadi Sarjana

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    Standard 1 - 6 (UPSR)
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Course Details

Science coaching is provided here to the students of standard 1 - 6 (UPSR). Daily homework is given and checked thoroughly.

Special care and attention are levied on the weaker students. Each lesson has concepts, illustrations, objective solved examples, subjective solved examples and exercises to help the student grasp the fundamental concepts. Regular tests in scheduled time are taken.

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