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Finding home tutors in Jalan Semantan, Kuala Lumpur and in other cities in Malaysia is now easy with MyPrivateTutor. We also help you find tuition classes and coaching centers in Jalan Semantan, Kuala Lumpur as well as online tutors. Home tuition helps to get higher marks and increase confidence. Use our portal to find the best local tutors, tutorial centers and tuition classes in Jalan Semantan, Kuala Lumpur.

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Male, 35 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

(8 Reviews)



PhD in Arabic Literature and Linguistic(IIUM), MA Arabic Language (UniSZA) BA Arabic Language & Islamic Studies, (Al Azhar University, Egypt), Arabic Teaching for Non-Arabic Speakers (OIC), Administrative Teaching Diploma (Cairo University), Al Azhar Amba


Arabic & Quran Tutor in Kuala Lumpur & researcher in Arabic literature field. I am Abdullah (+6011 3659 3651 whtsap), I was a Cairo based Arabic Teacher and a couple of years ago I moved to KL. I am an expert in Arabic and teach all subjects related to the Quran memorize and Arabic Language.

Tutoring Approach

I can teach Quran in the easiest way and I have my own method for letting students memorize Quran easily without pressure, basically, I am an Arabic language teacher for non-Arabic speakers and I am following the most recent method and books. (011 3659 3651 whtsap)



He is a dedicated teacher and most experienced person ever I mate in Arabic Language and Quran Lesson.

Unaiza Ahlam

Excellent tutor Mr Abdullah is a great tutor. Knows what he's doing, kind, and intent on building self-confidence of the Arabic language learner (which is important but often overlooked). Very recommended.


Sheikh Abdullah has taught my son since this summer. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging and fun. My son is able to stay focus and overcome his fear of Arabic language. We definitely plan to keep working with Sheikh Abdullah.

Tanvir Yasin

Sheikh Abdullah Rashid teaches my kids (6-12) for the last two years and he has a wide knowledge of Islamic studies and very punctual with commitment, He got him Well experienced and as a very good tutor also He is very good with children.

Hamada Al Azzazy

Dr. Abdullah Mumtaz is skilled in the Arabic language and he used to teach my children the Arabic language with perfect mastery. It is difficult to imagine that he is not an authentic Arab. I thank him for his time with us.

Rakibul Islam Azhari

Shaikh Abdullah teaches my son Quran and Arabic Language. My son memorized part 30 and I am very happy by his way of teaching and I would like to recommend him to others.

Wasim Begh

Shaikh Abdullah is very good Teacher in Quran Memorizing and Arabic teaching for Non-Arabic Speakers, It's tough to guess that he's actually non Arab and root from one of South Asian Country, I am happy with his way of teaching and way of delivery the lesson for my daughter.


His way of teaching impress me and I suggest others to take his lesson.


Female, 44 Yrs

12 Years of Teaching Experience

(1 Review)



Bachelor degree


Began tutoring Chinese Learning since 18 years ago. Coached  for presentation skills for sevaral years to go on stage in working life. Now, I am a teacher in an International School and enjoyed tutoring young students and children with genuine heart and love.

Tutoring Approach

We teach to learn. Children loves to: 1. Listen to stories apropriate to their age. 2. sing songs and have rhymes as tunes in memory. 3. move with gestures for fun and for creating memory through body. 4. work with words, speech and other artistic works. 5.  Have consistent rhythm in learning. Learning is a happy, enjoyable process when you meet with a right person. Get a right one and your learning journey will change. To begins, let's get a free trial class - for Evelyn and your loving child or you. 


Sabrina Halim

Evelyn has been a wonderful tutor to my daughter. She keeps the lesson exciting by incorporating different methods to help with words recognition and memory building. Her methods include arts & craft, songs, play, poems, sensory, apart from writing and oral practice. My daughter is able to recognize the words and also answer in Mandarin bit by bit.



Female, 24 Yrs

1 Years of Teaching Experience

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Degree in TESL


I have private tutored twenty high school students in English. I have studied in Help University for three years (2017-2020) in Bachelors in Teaching English as Second Language) course. I have done a major role in English Theatre Arts subject hence, I am willing to teach my students English Literature as well. 

Tutoring Approach

My approach to tutoring is that I tailor my tuition to the needs of the student. I will tutor in my own home (online teaching) or that of the student. I will vary my style depending on the ability and needs of the student considering their emotional intelligence. I am also willing to progress more slowly and focus on particularly weak areas if the student so desires. I will also offer pre-exam revision sessions for all exams including modular resits and conduct end of topic tests and mock exams should the student desire. I expect students to maintain regular contact in regards to their subject progressions and their individual needs. I expect students to arrive at tuition sessions with a clear idea of what it is they hope to get from the sessions (a habit of planning their lessons and questions). I will provide each student with a progress log and detailed feedback on how they are performing and areas where they need to improve, I may also set work for my students to complete outside of sessions and for this set work I will offer a marking service. I am happy to meet with the parents or guardians of my students to ascertain what they wish their child to gain from classes. I am also happy to meet with parents and guardians regularly during the tuition period to discuss their child's progress and if required I am happy to provide parents with written reports on their child's progress.


Female, 24 Yrs

7 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • Qualification: Freelance Dancer
  • Location:
    Kuala Lumpur
  • Mobile:
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Freelance Dancer


  *PLEASE EMAIL ME AT melissarhmn @ gmail . com IF INTERESTED AND FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING PAYMENT FEES ETC* I have been dancing since the age of 9 and am currently a 24-year old part time dance instructor/freelance dancer. I have performed for plenty of events and television programmes with some of Malaysia's top choreographers and dance companies, namely Linda Jasmine, Ahmad Kassan and OnStage Productions. I have taught dance at Forte Dance School Malaysia in Ampang Jaya to students aged 7-16 yrs old, and am currently a dance fitness instructor at gyms to various age groups of adults. I am able to teach modern jazz, street style, bollywood as well as basic hip hop! I enjoy teaching dance covers as well . Punctual and Energetic, Fun, Funky and Groovy, I love sharing my passion to those who are interested to dance! Do drop me an email if you are interested (:

Tutoring Approach

I am offering group classes (male/female/mixed group) as well as individual classes for females only. Lessons are to be taken place depending on where the student prefers. Lessons will be carried out for an hour. We would begin with warm ups, followed by choreography, and end with cool downs. Don't be shy! Just bring out all your energy, commitment, style and passion and you'll be good to go! Most importantly, I would love my students to have fun and come back with some killer dance moves. PAYMENT RATINGS : Payment includes choreography, number of students, hours of lessons, studio rentals, travelling, etc . Please leave me an email for further information regarding ratings at melissarhmn @ gmail.com .     


Female, 34 Yrs

16 Years of Teaching Experience

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Degree in Early Childhood Education With Honours


I am a Montessori Teacher and these are my duties: Observing, guiding, supervising, and assessing children while they learn in the classroom environment. Developing lesson plans, independent learning exercises, curricula, and methods that cater to the needs of the individual child.

Tutoring Approach

I structure my lesson plan according to what each student wishes to gain from my lessons and  use a lot of online materials besides any preference the student might have. I normally plan my lessons based on the students' need and interest.


Female, 37 Yrs

15 Years of Teaching Experience

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Diploma in Early Childhood Education


I was a pre-school teacher for 15 years hence, my vast experience in phonics and early reading. I have also been tutoring for almost 10 years, ranging from early years up to primary level and adults. Besides that, I am well read in Japanese exam guidelines particularly EIKEN as most of my students are Japanese. 

Tutoring Approach

An individualized lesson plan will be drawn based on the student's level of development which covers all learning areas such as; reading, speaking, writing and comprehension and grammar. I incorporate wide range of learning resources; text books, home-made materials, educational toys (for early years level), educational videos and also hands on activities and projects e.g. baking, role playing and planting.   


Female, 29 Yrs

3 Years of Teaching Experience

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I have been tutoring for the past 3 years. I mainly teach Law subjects.

Tutoring Approach

I will ensure students understands and repeat to me what I have thought them. This method proves that they understood what has been thought to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How can students improve their knowledge?

Students can improve their knowledge and skills in a number of ways like:

  • Practicing solutions regularly.
  • Understand the underlying concepts/formulas clearly.
  • Solving additional exercises.
  • Sharing a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How can tutors help students improve their score and skills?

There are many ways students can improve their skills. But experienced tutors in Kuala Lumpur can help to:

  • Build confidence in the student.
  • Encourage questioning and make space for curiosity.
  • Emphasize conceptual understanding over procedure.
  • Provide authentic problems that increase students’ drive to engage with the subject.
  • Share a positive attitude about the subject.

⭐ How many private tutors are available in Kuala Lumpur to teach?

We have a massive database of 7 verified and experienced tutors in Kuala Lumpur. You can view their profiles with their qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates and availability. Post your requirement for free to find the best tutors in Kuala Lumpur.

⭐ What is the tuition fee charged by home tutors in Kuala Lumpur?

Tuition fees of tutors in Kuala Lumpur depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, experience and qualifications. You can find out the tutor from our list as per your estimated fee with your preferred location.

⭐ Do home tutors in Kuala Lumpur provide training for competitive examinations?

Yes, most of them do. However, we would request you to discuss the same with the tutor of your choice for clarification of any extra hours, fees, etc.

⭐ What's the normal duration of tuition classes hosted by tutors in Kuala Lumpur?

Usually, tutors on MyPrivateTutor conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day. But it can vary depending on the arrangements made between the student and the tutor at the time of hiring.

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