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Seeking experienced IGCSE Exam tutors in Kuala Lumpur to elevate your learning experience? Look no further! Our platform allows you to not only find these knowledgeable tutors but also delve into their full profiles, enabling you to make informed choices about your educational journey. Take your IGCSE Exam studies to the next level and achieve your academic goals with the guidance of these proficient educators. Start your journey towards success today!



Female Pro

12 Years of Teaching Experience

(45 Reviews)


Masters in International Business, Bachelors in Finance


I am an accomplished subject expert specializing in Principles of Accounting, Mathematics, and Additional Maths. My teaching proficiency extends across diverse exam boards, encompassing SPM (Prinsip Perakaunan, Modern Maths, Add Maths), IGCSE (Accounting, Core/Extended Maths, Add Maths), A-Levels (Accounting), Edexcel GCSE (Accounting and Maths), and STPM (Perakaunan). Possessing a valid teaching permit, I am thoroughly acquainted with the latest KSSM/KBSM syllabi for SPM, IGCSE, and A-Levels. With a commendable track record, I have successfully developed students who attained high distinctions in their respective exam boards. Additionally, I offer short-term tutoring for university students facing challenges in finance, accounting, and business-related subjects. As an educator, I deliver exceptional and tailored learning experiences that effectively address the specific challenges students currently encounter.

Tutoring Approach

I employ a student-centric teaching approach, adapting my guidance to suit the individual skillset of each student. I utilize various methods tailored to the student's level and personally create all teaching materials in a simplified form. Ensuring the success of my students is my primary responsibility, whether through one-on-one sessions or small group classes (with a maximum of 5 students). Additionally, I offer online tutoring for those residing at a distance or preferring the convenience of their own space. In online sessions, I utilize a digital board, providing a similar interactive experience as face-to-face instruction.


Lim Ern Tong

Teacher Jay is a very patient and friendly teacher. I didn't understand anything about accounting at first, but she guided me step by step. She made accounting easy to understand. I managed to score A in accounting thanks to her. Teacher is always there to help me even though I ask about things other than exercises such as case study. I am very grateful to have her as my tuition teacher.

Aina Nazurah

I love how teacher Jay makes me feel like its okay to ask questions openly. With my previous tutor, I often had anxiety and was scared to ask questions for fear of looking dumb but with teacher Jay that was not a problem. The way teacher Jay kindly and attentively taught me made me excited to attend classes with her. I would’ve found it hard to have intensive classes before the papers but because teacher Jay tutors so well, it didn’t feel overwhelming and i wasn't dreading the classes!


She is a very friendly, kind and open teacher. She always helps me to understand more about the subject. She also has a whole database full of old classes, so it's easier for me to back track to previous classes that I've missed. I am very grateful to have had her as my tuition teacher for SPM.


Teacher jay have been a great help to me for akaun subject ! She very helpful in helping me with all the akaun question. It was very comfortable having a class with her and she always reply my question thru WhatsApp. She also help me a lot to prepare for my SPM akaun. Im very thankful to teacher jay.


Teacher Jay is a very patience tutor even if I ask the same question 100 times she will explain it to me until I totally understand it. She’s very friendly too and a very committed tutor to ensure a great result. Always looking forward for her classes everyday. She help me understand Prinsip Perakaunan from A-Z and make it simple to understand. Suitable for any students and strongly recommended.


I understood accounts better with teacher’s method of teaching. She was patient enough to answer all my questions to make sure I better understood things. Was a great experience learning with her. Trully recommended !

Mysha Yusni

It was a very fun experience learning with teacher. She is very flexible with our timetable and help us a lot in understanding the concepts of Ekonomi. She was a great help to us in understanding any questions that were presented. She helped us prepared for our SPM entirely and pointed out the spot on questions that might come out on SPM which is so helpful to us!


I love her method of teaching! Economy is a complicated subject but the way MS. Jay taught made it more interesting and she will make sure her students understand the topics deeply. I was really lucky to be her student.


Teacher Jay is a very patient person as I was so weak with accounts and economy but she managed to make me understand bit by bit. Her teaching style is amazing! The notes, the exercises were great. I've never understood accounts and economy better till I found teacher Jay ! Thanks Teacher Jay !!

Crystania Almeera

She was very friendly which made it comfortable. Her teaching was very detailed. She would always remind me what she had thought if I had ever forgotten it. She also focused on the topics that were more likely to come out in the exams.


As a student, my online class has been interesting. What I like about this class is the schedule is very systematic and Ms. Jay is totally coolest teacher I have ever seen before this and is really caring too. She do motivate us. Before I joining the class I was not really good in economics but after join the class I can see the difference my grades are increased from C to A. Thats really good. All together the teacher is super friendly and she will repeat the lesson until you understand. In the end of everything this class is really worth and you can trust our teacher. Good results is guarantee !


Teacher Jay is the best teacher that I have ever seen. I used to hate accounts but since I join her accounts class I started loving it. She will teach each and everything very carefully and until we understand it.

Sharmilla Arasu

Teacher Jay is an excellent teacher. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging her students to try. She’s very detailed and passionate about teaching. No matter what level you are at,she will work with you to ensure you are digesting the lessons as you go. Thank you so MCH teacher, u are amazing at what you do ❤️

Priyangaa Thamotharan

Teacher Jay always patience and kind. She always explain again if I cant understand specially add maths and accounting! She always teach technique to score in exams. I'm so lucky to be your student. In one I say is She best teacher in my life! Thank you so much Cher Jay.

Celia Lee Kl

She was very patient in teaching, even though I may not understand certain topics or made any mistakes, she always patiently teach me step by step until I understand and master those topics. -Jamie F5 2021

Amanda Mirza

-easy and comfortable learning environment -easy to ask questions -response to questions are detailed and can understood easily -provides a lot of useful and detailed study materials

Geoffrey Kan

All and all, I think she is an excellent tutor as my results in the economy subject increases drastically. Besides, if I have any questions, I will not hesitate to ask as she will explain a certain topics until I have a better understanding.

Rania Raffiq

I like how Ms Jay is patient, hardworking tutor i have ever met.She will make the time and show me the workings in a more detail way until i understood the workings and all.Ms Jay is very dedicated to her students.She is very nice and understand her students feelings and thoughts with maths.Every online lesson with her is never a dull moment.

Gladys Rodgers

When we selected Cambridge Accounting as one of my son's A-level Options in January 2020 at his college, we didn't realise that Accounting is one of those subjects where basics in GCSE is preferred. My son had not done Accounting at GCSE. Having just returned to Malaysia after a decade overseas, he had a challenge in his hands from the get-go with adapting to teaching styles here. In spite of being a straight As student at GCSE, he struggled to decode what the lecturer was saying. It soon became obvious that we needed to source someone who could teach Accounting well. We tried one tutor initially but after two lessons my son said it wasn't a good fit. By the time Jay was recommended to is it was already early- April .2020 and my son's ALevel exams were scheduled for October. Jay and my son could not even meet because of all the lockdowns. The entire tutorial sessions were done online. From the very first lesson my son greatly appreciated her practical, exam-orientated style. She certainly had the double task of ensuring his basics were solid plus ensure he had a good grasp of the A-level syllabus. Additionally, with time being scarce, she also had to ensure enough practice and past year practice was done. My son scored a high B at Cambridge's A-Levels. That is truly a lot to cheer about when you take into account the lack of basics he had and learning something totally new online in a very short space of time. He is on his way to University in UK and is very grateful to have had Miss Jay take him through ALevel Accounting. I have no doubt in my mind that they could have hit an 'A' if we had met Jay sooner. Jay has an exam-orientated approach, she covered the Cambridge A-Level Specifications on time, she stuck to her time -table (and if she can't, she informs and replaces the lesson) and she is very familiar with the Cambridge papers. She was also very accomodating with all the queries I had as a parent and took the time to answer the many questions I had. Highly recommended for Accounting.

Arjun Thanabalan

I studied A-levels and had no prior knowledge to accounting. Ms jay helped me understand all the subject matter very efficiently as she is very knowledgeable on the topic. Very determined and pro-active to giving and marking questions.


Teacher Jay is patient and strongly believes in all her students to do well in their exams. She's not only a teacher to me but also like a mentor that always motivates me to do better. She's an excellent teacher. She taught me carefully as well as what I should concentrate more to get extra marks. She gives out state trial papers and past year paper so that we can prepare ourselves and give us a rough idea of questions that may come out. She is also very flexible with tuition timings, due to the Covid 19 pandemic she understood how hard it is for students to study online especially for me so she breaks down the usual 2 hour physical class to 1 hour per class online. So I had classes twice in a week. She's a very hardworking teacher as well , not only teach us by topics but help to brush up our basics through modules.


Learning Acc with Teacher Jay so much easier and fun. She teaches you from A-Z and she'll give you some great new tips and techniques that definitely can help you score on your examination. If you have problem on a question, just ask her and she'll teach you how to find the answer right away. She also help me with my mathematics months before SPM. Overall,we did cover all the important topics within the short time. We did most of our classes through Zoom and time management with her was easy.You can also cover the class that you missed by telling her what day you prefer to have it. I definitely 100% satisfied with her tutoring. She's the best!


It was hard for me to understand maths and accounts, but then teacher Jay taught me very well and it was easy to understand both of the subject. She has always been a good teacher, she is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material, even when the pandemic hits. She has her own way to teach... I taught online studying was hard, but teacher Jay has her own materials. She put all her effort to make her students comfortable with online classes. She has been very supportive and motivating me. Thanks teacher!!!


She’s very good at the subject that she teaches and explains very well. I took accounting with her and she explained every little details until I understand. I also took Mathematics with teacher Jay one week before SPM and she even managed to cover up all the topic for paper 2 in just a week time for me(i had almost 0 knowledge about most ofthe topics) A very dedicated and caring teacher, I would say :). The best teacher i’ve met throughout my whole highschool, even better than private schools teacher. :DD Would recommend teacher Jay for anyone who’s struggling with their studies and there won’t be any regrets.

Rhad Priyaa

As an SPM student at the time, addmaths was indeed a difficult subject for me to grasp. Therefore, it was important to have a tutor who's patient. Lucky for me, mrs jay is not only patient with me but is also willing to explain concepts and questions that I cant understand over and over again until I got the hang of it. Other than that, I personally liked how mrs Jay enforces each lesson with questions to do either as homework or to do on the spot just to make sure I understood the sub topic at hand through and through before moving on to the next. Besides that, I'm really glad that she drilled me with past year papers and state trial papers to make sure I got maximum exposure to all sorts of questions before my SPM examination. Her friendly and approachable persona also makes it really easy for me to ask her questions without a second of hesitation, whether if its regarding the homework tht she had given me during previous lessons or even occasional questions from my school homework which mainly consisted of questions from the textbook. Unlike a few teachers who've I had in the past that had zero faith in my abilities in addmths and had discouraged me over my previous bad grades in tests and exams, mrs Jay actually motivates me to do better after each practice test and blatantly points out my flaws and mistakes and how to overcome them so that I could work on them. The highest grade I got after having mrs Jay as my tutor was 89% which I'd say is a huge improvement for me. I advocate students to not expect overnight magic to happen and do their part by putting in the effort such as making sure their homework is done and doing additional questions in their own time for optimum results.

Darshwana Davida

She's very patient with me and she makesures that I understand whatever she teaches


A teacher who does very well in making her students feel comfortable in the learning environment. Does her best in understanding her students' weaknesses and work from there to make sure they understand and excel.

Xin-e Liew

Before attending miss Jay's accounting online classes last September, I knew only about 30% of what I've learnt in school since form 4. Miss Jay went through all the syllabuses with me even though time was short. She's always patient and I can easily understand her teaching as she explains well. Before attending her classes I was barely passing my accounts but now I am confident to score well in SPM. I highly recommend miss Jay to anyone who's looking for an accounting tutor. With her teaching and a little bit of hard work, there's no way you can't improve.


Ms Jay give her full commitment to teaches and guide my daughter in principal of accounting. My daughter is enjoyed every class with ms Jay. Her result improved tremendously from D in form 4 to A in SPM result 2019.


Ms. Jay has given me the best tutoring experience for 3 months. She's very patient and she is excellent at summarizing chapters to make me understand. If there was any regret I'd have, it would be for not having her as a tutor earlier on.


She's a really nice person & she teaches you step-by-step until you understand.


She is very pleasant and patient with her teaching and takes time to explain until the topic or unit is well understood.

Nur Insyirah

Her teaching techniques and how she will explain in the simplest way for me to understand.


Miss Jay is a good tutor, she able to teach me due to my short period of exam for accounting. She explained to me clearly and also assist me through whatsapp after finish the tuition session. She had a fever that time and still proceed to teach me the account.


She is very patient with teaching and takes time to explain properly.


She cares about her students. She is really comfortable to ask questions and very open.

Siti Nur Aisyah Bt Mahadi

I'm having fun learning with her for 1 year. She's great in tutoring, explaining, helping and being such a very kind person and a good listener. She helped me in Kerja Kursus Prinsip Perakaunan and thanks to God and her I got full marks for my kerja kursus. I love you teacher and thanks for the gifts that you gave me :)


I started with zero knowledge of Additional Mathematics and Accounting and now I’ve improved a lot in these two subjects. Ms Jay is an awesome tutor throughout my study with her. I like her explanation. It’s clear and understandable. She gave a lot of homework which actually helps me a lot. She is friendly and caring. I’m glad that I have her as my tutor.


Ms.Jay is a friendly person. She is well experienced and likes to share many information. She gives a lot of examples regarding the topic so that I can get a clear picture of what I am learning. She always encourages me every time I feel down and gives many homework which is very helpful. Thank you for helping me out in this short time.

Shaarmethaa Jayaprakash

Because of Ms.Jay I start to like my STPM Accounts. She will teach the simplest way of understanding the accounts subject. She never felt bored to explain the same thing until we understand. She will give a lot of tips and techniques to score well in exam. Her class is always full of joy and happy. Thank you so much Ms Jay.

Shaarmethaa Jayaprakash

Because of Ms.Jay I like my STPM Accounts. She not makes me love the subject only but she make me loves the way she teach. Even tough many times I ask her to explain the same question is never felt bored to answer it and she will really patience to answer it. She will teach the simplest way of understanding the accounts. She have also give lots of techniques and tips to score well. Thanks Ms.Jay.


Without Ms Jay. I would have been lost. Thank you teacher for guiding me, inspire me and make me what I am today. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your class. Your class was fun and I learned a lot from you. My future is brighter because of you. Thanks for all that you’ve sacrificed throughout more than a year to become a better student and person. Thank you for always pushing me to try my best. I’ll remember both the academic and life lessons that you have taught me.

Priyatharshini Kanagamuthu

I like most about Ms. Jay. She will teach me until I can understand that subject and give explanation one by one. Ms. Jay is very caring person.

Minahal Khan

She is awesome, very detail oriented and made sure I understood ever step. She helped me prepare for everything I needed to know for my GCSE exams in a short period of time. Would highly recommend her.

Kamalleshwary Baskaran

I used to be a very weak student in maths and accounting subjects. Ms Jay's tutoring method helped me a lot to achieve A. Extremely happy with her tutoring method !!



Male Pro

20 Years of Teaching Experience

(32 Reviews)


PhD Arabic literature, Master's degree Quran & Islamic studies and Bachelor's degree in English literature.


A Full time professional native Arabic language teacher with more than 17 years of experience teaching the Arabic language to non-Arabic speakers. English is my second language for more than 40 years. I have a PhD degree in Arabic language literature, a Master's degree in Quran and Islamic studies, a Bachelor's degree in English literature, and a diploma in social science. Courses and classes offered are comprehensive and integrated that include all skills required for the student to achieve maximum use of the class/ course from reading, writing, listening, conversing and comprehension skills. The student should be able to read, write and converse in a 2-month time if an intensive course is chosen.

Tutoring Approach

Unconventional teaching methods in teaching  Modern Standard Arabic are used in teaching the Arabic language. Classes are prepared carefully to suit each student level from beginners to advanced. Each class contains a different type of learning skills, starting with flashcards for kids, printed materials and interactive videos for adults. Courses are comprehensive and integrated to teach writing, reading, spelling skills and conversing in Arabic, in addition to listening and comprehension. Teaching methods are an integrated interactive way to achieve the maximum benefit of each class and the course overall. Quran and Islamic studies are taught separately as the Quran requires correct reciting, reading and tajweed while Islamic studies topics vary from Fiqh, Tafseer, Ibadat, etc.   Arabic Language classes will be based on an open syllabus book with modern communication skills, writing, reading, and listening.



Found Uztaz Ayman on myprivatetutor. Decided to reach out to him based on the excellent reviews given. Uztaz Ayman has been teaching my 10 year old from the beginning of this year. My daughter loves his teaching approach and finds his learning method easy to understand. My personal observation on him is that he is an avid teacher and knows how to ensure his student grasp the subject effectively while making the learning fun at the same time.


Ustaz is efficient and meticulous in his methodology. He is patient but at the same time his lessons are always enlightening. My son is not an easy student but ustaz Ayman tries his best to motivate and encourage him.

Aliyah Baharuddin

I got to know Ustaz Ayman through myprivate tutor and I must say he is a wonderful influencer as teacher and educator to my 2 teen-agers. Knowledgeable, competent, well mannered, trustworthy and reliable teacher. Kids nowadays needs a firm strict teacher with a friendly approach and he is one. Fluent in English he conducts his classes professionally and nurtures the kids the right way when he teaches them Qur'an and Islamic studies. My 2 boys used to take online classes during the pandemic and now it's one to one home tuition and I usually listen to most of the classes, surprisingly the kids manage to learn how to read Qur'an by themselves after learning the Arabic language foundation classes (I am so proud of them) and that is thanks to Ustaz Ayman. I highly recommend him as an Arabic language, Islamic studies and Qur'an teacher. I have to mention that he treats the kids with brithday cakes when one of the kids birthday comes . Thumbs up and 5 stars rating is well deserved for him. May Allah bless him.


Lessons are engaging. Both the micro and macro aspects of learning are sequentially blended in each unit taught.


Teacher Ayman loves teaching very much and have passion for teaching. He's competent and highly qualified. He also make sure to teach the students about the culture in order to understand about the Arabic language. He gives extra time in class as he's a responsible teacher to make sure we understand things well. He's always punctual and very recommended. I enjoy open topic, stress free and fun classes with Mr Ayman.


A passionate and experienced tutor, who is engaging and provides in depth explanation of concepts. He tutors my 4 children ages between 5 and 14. They come out of their lessons excited, and able to apply knowledge learnt. They look forward to their lessons each week, and have fun recounting their lessons after each one. That to me is a sign of a great tutor! Highly recommended.


Ustaz Ayman is a a very excellent and dedicated teacher. His method of teaching is the best and easy to understand. I can write in arabic within a month using his method of teaching. I highly recommended Ustaz ayman if u want to learn Arabic in the correct way and fun way.


Mr Ayman is a very dedicated and excellent teacher. He is quite punctual and takes his duties very seriously. I have two kids (17 and 15 years old) taking Arabic classes for a month now and I hope this will be a continuous process that will end up with both kids speaking fluent Arabic in the near future. I am sure, like my kids, there will be many more students that will get the benefit of having Mr Ayman as their teacher. Thank you, Mr Ayman!


A few moths back, I was looking for an Arabic Language tutor as my 9 year old son was losing interest and confidence in learning Arabic Language. And amazingly, Mr Ayman within a few weeks has restored my son's confidence and interest in the language. Within a few classes too, my son started to construct Arabic sentences which was amazing for me to hear! Mr Ayman's method is comprehensive and fun. He teaches reading, writing, speaking - all at the same time. He is a super dedicated teacher who really gives 100% in his class and expects his students to give 100% too. I have no doubt that Insha Allah my son would be able to master this language under the guidance and tutorship of Mr Ayman!

Rafidah Bt Atan

Ayman is an excellent arabic teacher. He is passionate about the subject and seems highly experienced. He tactfully combines reasonable expectations and supportive nature when it comes to ensuring student progress. Ayman is very professional in his dealings with us and takes his role as tutor seriously. He is punctual and reliable which is excellent role modelling for our child. I'm very happy with our decision to appoint him as Arabic tutor for our 8 year old son. Thank you Ayman.


Ustaz Ayman has a friendly approach specially towards kids, he is a professional, competent and knowledgeable teacher. Speaks English very well with no slang or accent. My kids (a boy and a girl) are happy learning Arabic language and Qur'an from a native speaker like ustaz Ayman, he makes them know how to recite , speak, read and write properly. From my observation during the class his translation ( tafseer) for the ayat is simple and understandable by the kids as he is using English. Finally, he changes reasonable fees, he gives more than what he is paid for. Highly recommended. Thanks for myprivate tutor to introduce me to such an excellent teacher.


First and foremost i signed up with Arabic language classes with Mr. Ayman before Covid 19 pandemic based on the reviews written here, and to be completely honest i wasn't disappointed at all, i was very impressed how professional, knowledgeable and structured he is. I am still learning with Ayman online nowadays and his online lessons as much efficient as the home one to one classes, he makes sure that i receive the learning material by email or WhatsApp and answers any question i ask him outside the learning sessions. I must say that during this 4 or 5 months duration i am able to read, write and speak Arabic way better than many of my friends who have been learning since few years. Mr. Ayman is very punctual and on time when he comes to my house or online . I have to mention also that the classes fees are very reasonable as he charges RM 80/ hour for home tuition, and online he charges RM 60 which is very cheap. Highly recommended teacher with such friendly approachable personality.


Professional and has a structured method of teaching.


His commitment. Can be seen through his punctuality(he is never late) and by his preparedness for each lesson.

Nur Farah

Well experience and a very good tutor. Very professional and punctual. Speaks well English and a very considerate person. He take pride and enjoys teaching also helps me to understand better.


My tuition class with Mr. Ayman was excellent, he encouraged active participation which I found very conducive to learning. Mr. Ayman was always early to our classes which were held at my apartment. Mr. Ayman is a very conscientious teacher always concerned about his students progress and always willing to help his students at anytime. I truly enjoyed my classes with him and look forward to more classes with him in the near future.

Melwinder Gill

He’s very structured and manages to handle a class of 3 people really well - especially since all 3 of us have varying degrees of understanding and experience with the language. I’m really impressed at the pace that I’ve managed to pick up the basics of the language since I’ve had no prior experience whatsoever.


I initially signed up for classes with Ayman to learn Arabic and Quran. After 12 sessions (3x a week), I have the basic grasp of the Arabic language with my vocabulary bank expanding at an unprecedented rate. Ayman has also helped me with my quran reciting and tajwid which has allowed me to recite the Quran smoother. Ayman has also helped me pronounce the different Ha, Haa, Kha better... A problem I have always had. Now on my second month, we are starting to create useful sentences to use in everyday life. Utilizing the vocabulary, verbs, and grammar. Having experienced the first 12 lessons and seeing results, I have also started lessons for my daughter to learn arabic. I studied arabic for 3 years many years ago in highschool but never managed to grasp the language at all. I am impressed at what Ayman is able to do for me in the first month. He is very passionate, punctual and patient. He will have an answer to all questions you may have. The cost of the class is very reasonable and justified from the results that is seen. I highly recommend for those who intends to learn or relearn Arabic and for those who wants to read the Quran and understand. He bakes a fantastic moist chocolate cake too. What else could you ask for?


He is very good with children and you can see that he enjoys teaching kids. Mirabelle likes Ayman very much and she is comfortable with him. sometimes he gives her chocolates as incentive.


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate My 5-year old daughter started with Mr Ayman early June 2019. I found him via this website after my first quick search and I am very glad I found him. I was looking for an Arabic native tutor who has years of experience teaching young non-native children as it requires a lot of patience and different sets of teaching skills in handling young children. He is very organized, punctual for the sessions, honest and take pride in his teaching. He knows how to teach children as young as 5 years old and he is straight forward in his approach. He comes prepared for every session with teaching notes and homework. He has his own sets of teaching materials and I find his teaching materials better than the official teaching materials for the local students in Saudi Arabia where my daughter goes to school. He speaks English very well. So it makes teaching easy for my daughter as English is her first language. His fee is very reasonable considering the fact that he is a native speaker and he comes to my house for the sessions.


He is definately professional in his approach to the subject and committed to the tutorship. He ensures understanding of the student during lessons and is always punctual. Easily approachable during or after lessons and does responds fast to any questions posed.

Nizam N Rabia Makdum

He is a very professional teacher, punctual, reliable, explains well, very good knowledge and has excellent teaching methods. I went from Australia to receive lessons from him and was thoroughly worth it. And I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Arabic and general about Islam.


Mr Ayman is a passionate educator. He is an experienced, provides clarity to the lessons’ objectives and utilities multiple teaching methods that suit his student’s needs. There is a remarkable improvement to the learning progress of my son’s Arabic Language under the tutorial of Mr Ayman. He is very organized and professional, setting good vibes for his students to emulate.


Ayman has been tutoring my boys (12 & 8) Arabic and Quran (with Tafseer) for over 1 month, now and Alhamdulillah they have shown much progress, especially in their pronunciation. Most importantly, they enjoy their lessons! The boys will start reading & writing in Arabic soon and we look forward to their continued progress under Ayman.


From my experience with my kid, he is very gentle and understanding, my daughter loves Arabic now because of the way he is teaching her.


He is punctual, professional and the lessons are always filled with new things to learn. He also encourages you to have a discipline of reviewing the lessons and self-study in order for you to move forward and to improve quickly. He doesn't hesitate to encourage the student to ask questions.


I would say that Mr Ayman is a very professional, highly qualified, friendly and knowledgeable person. He always gives more than he suppose to, regarding time and information, and he will go hand by hand till he makes sure the student fully understands the class. Either it's Arabic language or Quran and Islamic studies, he has been teaching to my kids, he makes sure that they digested all the information, in a simple easy way by going to their level ( he is very kind with kids). Trust me on that, kids are more difficult to teach than adults. I would also like to add that the fees paid for the classes are worth it and the charges are very reasonable compared to other subjects. Sadly we are leaving Malaysia soon as my husband has been reassigned, else he will our permanent private tutor for the kids.

Abby Abdul Aziz

His explanation on Islamic Studies is comprehensive and clear. Everything is done in English, similar to a classroom learning. He is good in keeping my young children focused and entertained by using different approach of learning ie listening, writing, memorizing, practical, telling stories etc. Uztaz Ayman is also punctual and flexible on the tuition program.


Mr. Ayman is a friendly, professional, and first-grade A+ teacher who follows unconventional teaching methods, bringing Arabic language learning process in an easy way to the student. Wide knowledge of Islamic studies when a topic pops up during the class. Highly recommended as a native speaker.


I found Mr. Ayman to be very professional and dedicated individual. He has a passion for teaching and has a way with kids - which is exactly what I am looking for. With patience, Ayman was able to guide my kids well and now they are able to read, speak and write fluently. They are now able to understand and have grown to love the language (which they had always dreaded in the past). Found his unconventional ways of teaching to be a breath of fresh air compared to what I was accustomed to (other tutors are just blindly following the school syllabus). Would highly recommend him if you are looking to learn the language.


If you're looking to learn Arabic, and what more, from a native speaker, you're search is over. Mr.Ayman is the teacher you're looking for. Mr Ayman is punctual, patient, conscientious, and cares deeply for his students. He will make sure you grasp what he's teaching. He stresses on the big 3: writing, speaking and listening. The grammar he can teach you later. Language, being a skill, is something you have to do over and over, and Mr.Ayman is the best guide for you in your Arabic journey. Learning a language, I would imagine could be a very dry endeavour, but Mr.Ayman will make you fall in love with the Arabic language. He also throws in Quranic lessons for free if you're interested. I cannot recommend him enough. You will get your money's worth, I can guarantee you that. I'm proud to not only call him my teacher, but also a friend and someone I look up to.

Nor Afiqah Abdullah

Mr. Ayman is a good teacher. The way that he teached is easy to understand for a beginner like me. I am learning much more than just Arabic. He always on time and never late to our tutor session. He always dedicated to make sure I can learn the language well. His knowledge in Arabic is very good, considered that he is a native speaker. For me I think if someone want to learn Arabic, they should see a native speaker who have teaching experience. Rather than local teacher who only copy paste what they have learned. The fee is reasonable with the service given. Within an hour I can learn so much and it is worth the money. He also give more than what I paid for. He also very nice and respectful towards others. Which a must characteristic for private tutors. In conclusion, he is one of the best Arabic teacher that I have that actually do what he said. Very recommended for beginners.



Female Pro

10 Years of Teaching Experience

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Master Degree in Information System


I graduated from the National University of Malaysia in Master's Degree in Information System. I teach in Klang Valley area. I have 8 years experience in teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. I can teach in Mandarine, Malay or English. I can use different approaches to handle different types of students, no matter weak students or fast learner students.

Tutoring Approach

I have 8 years experience in teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. I can teach in Mandarine, Malay or English. I can use different approaches to handle different types of students, no matter weak students or fast learner students.

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5 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in English Education


Tutoring experience: 3.5 years Subjects taught: English(Including MUET,IELTS,PTE),Additional Mathematics, Mathematics and Chemistry  Levels and syllabus taught:  CIMP(Canadian syllabus),IGCSE, private candidate SPM, MUET, PT3 ,Pearson English Test, English Speaking enhancement.

Tutoring Approach

An ardent believer of the quote , "Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think " - Albert Einstein- I educate students more than just to pass their exams, it should be a life long learning and of course fun instead of rote learning( memorization). Style of teaching is associated to holistic learning, where outdoor activities maybe included. Most of all, I believe education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think




8 Years of Teaching Experience

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computing


Hey there! 

I’m a lecturer at Asia Pacific University (APU) in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, teaching IT and multimedia subjects. I’ve got a Degree and a Master’s in Information Technology from Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya. Right now, I'm also working on my PhD in Information Technology.

With about 8 years of teaching experience, I've helped over 100 students with their SPM, IGCSE, and university computer science subjects. My mix of academic and hands-on experience means I can make lessons fun and easy to understand, tailored just for you! 

Tutoring Approach

Real-Life Learning - I love to sprinkle real-life examples into my lessons so students can say, “Hey, I get that!” Learning should be relatable and fun!

Customized Classes - I cater my lessons to match each student's unique learning style and preferences, making every session as personalized and engaging as possible. Let’s make learning your new favorite thing!




1 Year of Teaching Experience

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Second Year Aeronautical Engineering MEng


IGCSEs - 7A* 2A (English as a First Language, English Literature, Bahasa Malaysia, Spanish as a Foreign Language, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Double Science, History)

A Levels - 2A* 1A (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, History at AS Level)

Completed my First Year in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London, ranked 6th in the world. Currently on a gap year until September and willing to teach both IGCSE and A Levels students. 

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24 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor degree and 2 teaching diplomas


Throughout my 24 years of experience,I taught students from various levels, backgrounds and ages (from kindergarten till post graduates)using academic curriculums as well as language teaching courses(focusing on language skills:speaking, listening, reading and writing). I prepared students for IGCSE, SAT, IELTS and A levels exams. I have a bachelor' degree in English language, a two- years General Diploma in Education and a one year specialized diploma in English Methodology.

Tutoring Approach

Planning my lessons depends totally on the student's level and learning pace. Lessons are tailored to bridge any gaps and amend any deficiencies in the student's lingual knowledge. Additional worksheets are used so as to assess students reach the target goal. I sometimes provide the basic or elementary background knowledge when my students lack the basic knowledge. I usually make my lessons exam oriented (IGCSE, A Levels, SAT and IELTS students) to familiarize learners and relieve exam-stress.




3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Trained Tutor


With ample teaching experience spanning diverse subjects and student demographics, I specialize in an interactive, student-centered approach. My strengths lie in clear communication, patience, adaptability, and fostering a supportive learning environment. Backed by relevant qualifications and ongoing professional development, I am committed to facilitating academic excellence. Let's collaborate to achieve your educational goals effectively.

Tutoring Approach

My lesson planning revolves around personalized engagement. Before diving into the material, I prioritize understanding the student's goals, past performance in the subject, and their main motivations. Through open communication, I gauge their current proficiency level with a brief assessment to tailor the lesson accordingly. My tutoring techniques emphasize interactive learning, utilizing a mix of visual aids, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples to ensure comprehension. Specializing in adapting to individual learning styles, I foster a supportive environment where students feel empowered to excel.




More Than 25 Years of Teaching Experience

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Master of Arts in English Language Teaching


30 years of training bankers and professionals in specialised writing courses: audit reports, credit proposals, IT reports, equity research reports, SOP and policies, tender reports, editing skills, etc.

10 years IGCSE English first and second language, MUET, secondary school CEFR English, creative and expository writing

Writer of grammar, sentence crafting and business writing manuscripts

Tutoring Approach

I deliver clear language solutions and  provide effective writing and speaking techniques. During sessions I create slides in real time based on questions asked so that students can keep them. I collaborate with students to craft language style guides for their reference.  

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6 Years of Teaching Experience

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  • MA ELS, CELTA, BA (double major) English Literature & Linguistics, Diploma in Education Trends, Diploma in Applied Psychology, Certificate in TEFL
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MA ELS, CELTA, BA (double major) English Literature & Linguistics, Diploma in Education Trends, Diploma in Applied Psychology, Certificate in TEFL


Now that you have stumbled across my board, allow me to introduce myself. I am a qualified teacher for English and Biology.

In the realm of English, I aim to ignite your curiosity and foster your love for language, literature, and effective communication. Whether you're grappling with grammar, crafting compelling essays, or analyzing intricate literary works, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Similarly, in the fascinating world of biology and combined science, I'm committed to making complex biological concepts accessible and engaging. Together, we'll explore the wonders of life sciences, from dissecting cellular processes to unraveling the mysteries of ecosystems and human physiology.

I have been actively tutoring for the last six years! With me, you'll find a supportive and collaborative learning environment tailored to your individual needs.

I do not support any rote learning or traditional methods and my students are my utmost priority (sounds cliche, I know!) but they really are. To date, all my past students and I are still in contact, where we have fostered a very nurturing relationship.

My experience in teaching particularly includes students from international schools of the following classes, mainly:

Year 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 for the IGCSE and IB curriculums.

Just to give credit, I'd like to share a focus and goal of mine: Last year, I was entrusted with a weak student and managed to improve their grade from zero to 40% in just three months!

Tutoring Approach

For my tutoring approach, it varies from student to student and subject to subject. For English, depending on the academic domain, I use a blend of communicative, direct, guided discovery, etc. for the students.

For Biology and Combined Science, my approach is more focused on the practicality of learning rather than theorizing in detail.

My classes are highly interactive and tailored to each student's needs. In my typically one-hour classes, I teach for either 25 minutes with a 5-minute break or for 45 minutes with a 10-minute break.

Concept Checking Questions (CCQs) are an important part of my lessons, and being available and present in my class is crucial. I do not tolerate situations where class interaction is one-sided or where students are engaged in activities other than studying. Maintaining a consistent check and balance ensures harmony in my classes.

I assign homework when necessary and require students to review the material covered in the previous lesson.




7 Years of Teaching Experience

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MEd. (Biology)


I am a versatile tutor who teaches according to the student's needs and abilities. I have been teaching for 7 years, mainly students from Year 7 to Year 11, Primary, Secondary, and A-Level. I will use an easy approach and the simplest way for a topic to be well understood.

Tutoring Approach

Before any tutoring class takes place, I will ensure the student's needs are met first. Whether they require a clear explanation on a specific chapter or want to discuss exercises from past year's questions, I am flexible and accommodating to any demand.




2 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelors Of Software Engineering


I have experience teaching O Levels Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. I also provide English Speaking Practice Sessions.

Tutoring Approach

My approach to tutoring in Physics, Mathematics, and IELTS is tailored to each student's needs. For Physics and Mathematics, I assess their understanding and use real-life examples to break down complex concepts. Problem-solving exercises and hands-on experiments are incorporated for active engagement.

In IELTS tutoring, I familiarize students with the exam format, assess their proficiency levels, and develop a study plan with vocabulary development, grammar guidance, writing analysis, speaking practice sessions, and strategic techniques. Mock tests provide feedback for improvement. Communication is key in creating an interactive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and participating actively.

The goal is academic success while fostering a love for learning.

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11 Years of Teaching Experience

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As an experienced educator with over 11 years of teaching mathematics and science subjects to students of all ages, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Throughout my career, I have honed my ability to effectively communicate complex concepts, ensuring that even the most challenging material is accessible and engaging for my students.

Tutoring Approach

Whether I am working with young learners laying the foundations of scientific principles or guiding advanced students through the intricacies of higher-level mathematics, I approach each lesson with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication.
I provide worksheets and always plan my lessons ahead based on the students' level of understanding.




4 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


I have been tutoring for more than three years, providing personalized instruction in Math, Science, and English. My experience includes working with students of different ages and academic levels, from primary school to secondary school.

Tutoring Approach

I tailor my teaching methods to match students' individual learning styles and needs.

I use visual aids like pictures, diagrams, and videos to clarify complex concepts.

I incorporate mini-games into lessons to enhance engagement.

I continuously provide constructive feedback and encourage questions to ensure understanding.




3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bachelor's of Arts in Leadership


My teaching journey began at a Chinese High School and continued as a private tutor for students from different background, culture, educational needs and professional needs. Hence, managing students from any background is a plus for me.

Tutoring Approach

My teaching approach absolutely depends on each student's unique learning capability. I believe there is no one teaching method that is apt for all students. Perhaps catering to their specific learning needs enables them to not only have comprehensive learning but also a fun one.
I would rather have noisy students than passive ones because I highly encourage class participation both with the teacher and fellow students.

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3 Years of Teaching Experience

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Bsc Applied Psychology(HONS)


I have three years of experience tutoring English for international students while studying in Russia and the UK. Many of my past students have achieved excellent results in their exams, therefore, I am confident in my ability to teach students to a high level of understanding.

Tutoring Approach

I start from topics that the students are comfortable with and gradually move towards more complex areas as their confidence builds.

I am able to adjust my tutoring style to match a student's learning style. I know how important it is for a student to feel confident in their work and to know how to approach a problem from multiple angles.

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